Concept roughs of a comic project I’m playing around with. Druid and his dog form, also crow in one corner too. And soldier concept. 

Need to think up names for these two hmm. 

Best viewed on DA, can really look closely. http://mutedmirth.deviantart.com/art/Character-Concepts-dog-druid-and-warrior-506810259?ga_submit_new=10%253A1421172814&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1

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Mirff's Origins: Part two

A continuation from Prologue: A Name.

Forenote: This story still isn’t finished, but I thought I’d give you some of the beginning and may add the second scene in a day or two after. I’m still working on scene 3. :)


Act One; Scene One: Tragedy is the “In Thing”

After lurking in the edge of the city for an hour and observing the mortal culture and appearances, The Mirth took on the form of a young man with an olive complexion and dark, long hair to blend in with the majority of humans. He wore what seemed fashionable with the other men, a knee length golden yellow and white chiton with bronze clasps on each shoulder. The sandals were something he’d have to get used to, usually he went bare footed or used wraps, but he had never walked on stone floors before either. This was going to be the first of many new experiences.

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So I made a fox tail :D (I couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs and get it for an individual shot, so you’ll have to suffer looking at my glorious booty.) 

This is a complete botch job, learnt so much with what NOT to do |D

Darts don’t like working for me, or at least I didn’t do them correctly, so next one won’t have them and we’ll see how it looks. Darts are what makes the tail have a more natural curve, or least supposedly. Mine has a weird bulge in it instead… 

Also the top had to have some hand sewn parts as I didn’t do a very good job with the darts so it messed up the end. Hug hole with now a lot of thread patching it up.

The next one hopefully should be suitable for selling. 

I thought I made this too big, but it doesn’t look too bad. 

Got enough fabric to make another two fox tails and I think two more blue cat tails. Hopefully it shouldn’t take me 5 hours to do the next one x_x though that was mostly due to the thread not going through the machine properly and snapping.