Caught in the crossfire ► Mir & Yongguk

The only reason the male was even bothering in rushing to the so called important practice was because the respect he had for his captain and the fear of the repercussions. Struggling to get his sweats on, he bounced around the room as he searched for the basket ball shorts that he normally wore when he went to practice. His gloves and wraps were at the school in his locker already so that was one less thing to carry. Once the grey sweat pants were on, he pulled on loose long sleeved shirt. An annoyed sound came from the tired males mouth before seeing his phone light up. Shoving all he could into the bag, he moved towards the lit up phone.

Moving quickly to his bed, he opened the text.

From; Captain - Yongguk


Sneering, he nearly wanted to toss the phone across the room but he made a face as he shoved it into his pocket and collected the rest of his things in the bag. What the hell had he done to get called to practice on the day he had requested not to go to practice? He had never been a problem before. But, there was one factor. One little blonde factor. Himchan. A pesky, annoying little thing that had caused more trouble than he actually knew.

Slipping out of his apartment, stumbling somewhat as he quickly locked the door he couldn’t help but become annoyed. Running fast down the stairs, instead of waiting for the dinosaur of an elevator to actually come to him. Down the street in the freezing ass cold the male ran. It had been longer than four minutes, he knew it and he almost just wanted to turn around and say fuck it but that would be worse than just going there, right? Besides, that would probably piss the Captain off more.

Finally making it onto campus, he slowed to a jog and thank god that he was in good shape otherwise he would be a heaving mess. It didn’t mean his breath was completely perfect as he pushed through the doors of the gym but he wasn’t a mess. Glancing around the gym, he stood up from his leaning position as he looked around. “Yongguk-ssi?” He called out, slightly afraid of what he, no, HIMCHAN, had gotten him into. Why did he have such bad luck? Why?