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Pocket Fi is portable AND practical!

Comic by @scribbly-z-raid
Zelda: @senom300
Fi/Mixing/Video Editing: @mirmirva

Music & SFX from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Thanks a ton for watching, and I hope you enjoyed! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


This is so long overdue! Thank you Mir for your patients! 
Comic belongs to http://scribbly-z-raid.tumblr.com/


I’ve launched a Patreon!

The goal is to devote as much time as possible into creating work for you guys. I know many of you want a fully illustrated clexa comic series and some of you are interested in my original work as well. This will be the starting point for creating even better content, products, and stories for you all. My ultimate goal is to create an entire collection of LGBT+ comics as well as support other artists with similar goals.

With your assistance and support I’ll be able to produce more work and post content more frequently including:

  • Step by step tutorials
  • sneak peeks of future projects
  • prints/ printed comics
  • apparel/merch

Love you all!

- Madison

** By no means should you feel obligated to become a patron, I won’t love you any less.**

Ubisoft really needs to finish the stories of Connor, Aveline, Arbaaz Mir (from the Brahman comic), Shay, and Arno. They also need to make a damn full game where you play as the main character (male/female) from their youth to their deaths. That way Ubisoft doesn’t leave the fans hanging and questioning future sequels. Because he I am asking myself DID CONNOR FIND LOVE??? HOW MANY CHILDREN DID HE HAVE??? AT WHAT AGE DID HE DIE??? The same thing for Aveline, Arbaaz Mir, Shay, and Arno. Just make a game that tells that characters full story from beginning to end so no sequel is needed. Thank you!!!!