mirrorworlddoppelgangers replied to your post: Shadow: Magooooloooor~ are you there poyo?

Shadow: I do poyo~! Watermelon’s the best though! *He smiles, hands behind his back as he holds the Star Rod. You can see one of the corners just shy out of hiding.* Guess what I have~

Magolor: Watermelon? Oh! I …hm. I don’t think I have any of that particular fruit. Do you know any others that might work just as well?

*tilts head, then looks over to the puff from his counter top* Hm? What do you have?

mirrorworlddoppelgangers replied to your post: Shadow: Magolor! Magolor you show your face this instant poyo!!

Shadow: Don’t play the fool! It’s me, Shadow poyo; I’ve come back for the Star Rod!!

Magolor laughed just under his breath, but loud enough to be heard as a wispy noise through the door. He leaned back against it and crossed his arms, then gave a long sigh.

“Ohh? You, then. I’m sorry. I do get confused so much with all of you pesky star warriors.” He knocked on the door just to annoy the child. “Hmm. The door seems to be locked. Sorry about that. You can’t take it back today, it seems like.”

With that, he floated back to his console and went back to entertaining himself.

mirrorworlddoppelgangers replied to your post: Shadow: You’re stronger, a lot stronger than me poyo. I could try to win but you’d probably shrug my attacks off like nothing. Plus you have a self consious ship poyo…if I attacked he’d have your back and that’s now two against one…

((The intimidation ask meme)) Shadow: Y-yes it is…

((Ohh okay…?))

Magolor: *raises eyebrows* Is there any chance I can take that star rod and put it in the fountain myself, then? I’ve been… interested in doing it for so long. I do so love the Ancient crafts, you know.