Another AU (cuz I luv them)

Jim and Bones meeting when they both jump into the same taxi while running from the altar on their wedding days. Neither want to shove the other out, especially with two angry looking women in white running toward them so they just tell the driver to drive them to the airport…

It makes sense for them to fly to the same place, safety in numbers and Jim’s uncle has a cabin in the middle of nowhere that they can hide out in together. Unfortunately it gets cold at night and there’s only one bed, so they have to sleep together and due to the fact that they only had their tuxes on them, they have to sleep in their boxers. It pretty much inevitable that there’s gonna be a lot of snuggling as they spend day after day, waiting on the heat to die down…

After a month of so, they almost don’t want to leave

Wetsuits and Stuff

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by Lovefushsia

Jim and Bones struggle out of their wetsuits together.

Words: 1969, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Kl0Hty

Jim finds a secret study room on campus his freshman year. It’s tucked away in the corner so no one else knows about— or so he thought. Slowly he starts noticing things that tell him someone else knows about it. Anatomy lecture handouts left on the study table. Biology notes that can still be seen even though they were erased from the board. Red bull cans and granola bar wrappers in the trash can. One day he comes in to find writing left on the board “If the human heart is so tough and strong, why is it easily broken into pieces? Dammit all.” Jim in a fit of excitement at real, tangible proof of the unknown person he shares a study room with (who he is getting oddly invested in) decides to write back: “Like a glass mosaic, if you put the broken pieces of a heart back together it will be all the more beautiful and function just fine”. Thus begins the messaging back and forth between strangers. At first it’s mostly “who the fuck asked you anyway,” then after a few weeks it’s more like, “I’m studying to be a doctor dammit. I don’t know shit about astrophysics.” Until finally Jim walks in to study one day, and finds his well known stranger smiling at Jim’s last reply.

Jim/Bones AU for harvydnt

Leonard McCoy is a bounty hunter hired to hunt down James Tiberius Kirk, son of decease national hero George Kirk, who is wanted for crimes against the state. Once he catches up to Kirk, rather than bring him in to be charged, he’s told to wait. To keep tabs on him until he’s given further orders. Instead of watching him from afar to make sure he doesn’t take off, as Leonard intends, Kirk approaches him on the street with a flirty smile and introduces himself. He says he figures if he’s gong to be riding his ass he might as well introduce himself.
Kirk - or Jim as he insists Leonard call him - seems content to hang around Leonard, despite being well aware of what he knows Leonard has been hired to do. Jim also suggests they share a hotel room to make it easier for Leonard to keep track of him and Leonard, reluctantly, agrees.
Leonard is hesitant to go to sleep the next few nights, despite the fact that he has Jim securely handcuffed to a radiator. But Jim is there every time he wakes up. (Suspiciously free of the cuffs after the first morning.) Eventually he asks Jim why he doesn’t run, or at least try, and Jim simply shrugs it off, says he enjoys Leonard’s company.
They get to know each other a little as the days go by. Leonard knows better than to get attached to his mark, but he can’t seem to help himself in this case. Something about Jim’s wide blue eyes and dazzling smile has Leonard trusting him more than he probably should. As Jim tells him more and more about himself, he starts to wonder if the crime he’s supposed to bring Jim in for is really as bad as the people who hired him are making it out to be.