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Jim going to Iowa with Bones after Khan because of the fact he needs to recover and his nephew (he actually has one) thinking that he has the coolest job in the world

If there’s one good thing about dying that Jim Kirk can find, it’s that it draws out the compassion from even the most estranged family members.  He’s still in the hospital when he gets the letter from Sam.  Sam Kirk, his brother, with whom he is estranged.

He supposes dying has made him a little soft, too, because he doesn’t have the heart or energy to fight this one.  Sam couldn’t make it out to see him, but he hopes Jim will be able to visit once he’s feeling better, so the letter says.  Jim had hoped Sam was living anywhere but Iowa, but no.  His stomach sinks at that, but he isn’t the same scared kid he’d been all those years ago.

“You wanna go?”  Bones, who’s sitting with him as he reads, asks.  “We don’t have to…”

Jim shakes his head.  “Of course I’ll go.  I have a nephew, and he really wants to meet me.”  He smiles.

Once Jim has as clean a bill of health as he can get, Bones gets him checked out and they start packing. Starfleet grants Jim the time for shore leave, and he rests a little easier before the trip.   

When they finally pull up to Sam’s house, a familiar face is waiting for them on the steps, as promised.  Jim and Sam share a gentle hug, and Sam whispers in Jim’s ear, “Captain.  I should have known.”

“All right, enough gush,” Jim laughs.  “Where’s my nephew?”

Sam leads them in, and in the living room is a tiny, mirror version of Sam, waiting with his mother.  The brown-haired boy perks up and gasps, and he watches as Jim walks up to him.  Jim lowers down in front of the couch and smiles, and extends his hand.  “Hello.  I’m James Kirk, your Uncle.”

The boy looks at his father, who nods.  He clasps his small hand in Jim’s and mumbles, “I’m Peter James Kirk, sir.  Um, can I give you a big hug?  Because I’ve always wanted to meet you, a-and you have like the coolest job in the world, and I can’t believe I’m meeting Captain Kirk!”

Jim laughs, but he realizes it’s more of a short sob.  He extends both arms and Peter flings himself into the embrace.  Jim thinks that dying has also made him incredibly emotional, and blinks back the tears as he rocks his nephew gently.

Of course, by the end of the trip, both Sam and Bones are exhausted from the Kirk twins, who play and laugh and cause good-natured havoc for their loved ones.  

“I knew it,” Sam laughs to the doctor.  “He’s exactly like his Uncle.”

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Imagine Jim hiring someone to be his third wheel as pretending to be the fiance he though was lost at sea (you know that Jim would want something dramatic). He hires the third wheel because Spock and Nyota force him into a blind date to get over his-ex. When the third wheel shows up it turns out to be Bones and both of them are just flabbergasted and somehow mange to pretend they don't know each other and get rid of Jim's blind date within a few minutes. (1/?)

Then Jim and Bones eat dinner together as to not waste the dinner Spock and Nyota paid for. At the end they realize that they still love each other and start dating again.


Teacher AUs
  • My kids is the troublemaker in the class so I’m always called in for meetings with you but you’re so good looking and patient that part of me doesn’t want to actually stop them messing around because it means I get to see you more often
  • You’re in the science teacher clique and I hang with the English teachers. I’d say our love is like Romeo and Juliet but I don’t think you’d like that much
  • You’re the coach of the school’s most losing sports team ever but I still go to every game because you look adorable in your whistle and hat
  • You keep me company and I keep you company when either of us is supervising lunch
  • Our classrooms are next to each other and all the war movies you play for your class distract mine from the lesson
  • I used to be the cool teacher until you arrived and I want to hate you for taking that away but I really want to just be like you

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Jim cuddles in his sleep and it's adorable. Bones has woken up with Jim's arms around his chest a lot and Jim has a death grip

Finding Jim Kirk cuddled up on the couch with a pillow is adorable.  Finding Jim Kirk wrapped up under their blankets cuddling Bones’ pillow is adorable.  

Finding Jim Kirk’s arms - the arms that have fought aliens and strongmen alike and won - wrapped around Bones’ chest takes his breath away.  Literally.

“Darlin’,” Bones grunts, and Jim shifts lightly.  “I’m your husband, not a damn Gorn.”

JIm chuckles sleepily, and nestles his face deeper into Bones’ sleep shirt.  “C’mon, Bones, you’re so easy to cuddle.”  To his credit, he does loosen his grip just a bit.  He starts rubbing circles over his lover’s stomach and chest, and then his hand slips up under the fabric before continuing.  

Bones mewls happily, and finally shifts onto his back so his lips meet with Jim’s.  Jim’s hands roam over Bones’ torso,, and together they debate the necessity of coming into work as their lips dance.

guys. GUYS. joyfulsqrrrl just had an amazing idea.

the slash calendar/photobook.

we get the actors who portray the members of the popular slash ships. your destiel, your stucky, your sterek, your spirk.

we get them to dress as their characters and do a sexy photoshoot. nothing too explicit, nothing that would make them uncomfortable to do in any other photoshoot. we’re talking hard PG-13 at most. some intense eye contact, a little close touching. a kiss if they’re comfortable with that.

(let’s be real; they’re actors. most of them would probably be comfortable with that)

then, we sell the finished product FOR CHARITY. The charity of their choice! Whatever their portion of the proceeds would be, depending on how many ships/shoots they’re involved in, goes directly to their favorite organization.

it’s GENIUS. they get to do something that will raise money/awareness, and at the same time do something for their most…er, ardent fans. 

isn’t it time we did something productive with all the time and energy we expend on these stupid gay idiots?????

Kirk sat motionless on the edge of his desk, legs firmly on the ground, arms clutching the edge. He’s been staring at the body for hours now, arranged neatly, as neatly as a corpse can be, on the ground a few paces away. If it wasn’t for the blood he could almost say he was sleeping. But Bones was never going to wake up. 

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mirrorverse daemon au Jim's is a fUCKING TIGER but Bones' is a poison dart frog and they aren't as lovey dovey as regular Jim and Bones' but they show their 'affection' in various other ways, like how Bones' frog sits on Jim's tiger's head or snout like 24/7 and all you see is this giant fucking tiger with a tiny little blue-black frog on its nose while it yawns and cleans its face. they're also totally chill when their humans fuck like rabbits in public and pretty much just ignore them tbh


and imagine that they roll their eyes when they see bones fucking jim against the wall, totally desensitised to it

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most days bones can glance at a porthole and keep walking, but sometimes his step falters and his chest tightens and he makes his way to somewhere bright and away from the windows and turns on some music or listens to people talk, because the first thing to creep in is the silence and then, the darkness (jim is ever thankful for his ability to talk for hours, then)

He walks past portholes and the darkness threatens to swallow him with just the one glance he allows himself. The floor tilts roughly beneath his feet and Leonard is lost to the ocean waves that choke his throat and he stumbles from the porthole, seeing shining stars and drowning blackness.

He turns tail and runs.

Space is not something he was for; he is not made from the glistening nebulas, or the sun shining quasars. He’s not like Jim, who he’s sure was borne from space and so will be dead by the hand of it, was borne from the constellations that little his skin and the depthless blues of there constellations he dare call eyes.

But no, Leonard is made from the sturdiness of earth, his voice an earthquake that rattles the tree trunks that he’s moulded legs out of and the skies are his soul, spread out and protective and now-

He sees Jim and breathes ragged, luminous lights almost neon as his breath comes harder and harder, unable to breath and he wishes he was back on earth, oh god why did he even follow Jim up here, he’s not made to be here, he wants to go home-

(A little voice niggles that there is no home left)

Jim catches him by the shoulders, eyes wide and concern and Leonard can only gasp and he clutches Jim by the forearm and tries to gasp out his wishes but he can’t breathe and Jim is there, tugging him down the corridor and too the Captains Quaters, and then he’s being shoved on the bed and his head between his knees but all he can think of is that the darkness is spreading out beneath and around and above him and its a terrifying thought-

A slow voice disperses the mist, soft words and flattened vowels and Leonard only has time to think that he’s never knew Jim had such a good singing voice, before he’s turning his head into Jims shoulder and hiding his tears.

headcanon that bones is ace, but spock and jim are not. and of course he’s totally fine with it, and they still work as a polyamorous relationship really well. he’ll sit on the couch filling out med paperwork while his boyfriends get nasty in the other room, and he doesn’t mind at all, not one dang single diddly bit.

except maybe sometimes he does care a teeny tiny bit because he feels left out and like he can’t share in this important bonding experience and even though they never pressure him, he feels like it’d make them all closer and he wishes he could. of course, spock finds out (because of all three of them, he’s the most emotionally intelligent, and doesn’t that say something?) and realizes his mate is hurting, so he and jim start calling bones into the room the minute after they’ve come and they squish him between them and cuddle him up and lie with him, all sweaty and sated and sleepy and happy, and they always remind him how in love with him they are, because of all the people in their relationship, their curmudgeonly doctor is the most vulnerable after sex, even when he’s not involved.

and he wouldn’t admit it, but having jim and spock so pliant and tender and loving all over him helps ease the jealousy a little (a lot)

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Jim being really good with kids, despite his own shitty childhood and reading to them and playing with them and taking their tiny hands in his own big ones and Bones thinking it's really cute

Bones watched from one of the park benches, torn between bringing out his phone to record the moment, or cherish it internally.  For Joanna’s birthday, he worked things out with Joce in order to see his baby girl.  Joanna desperately wanted to see Jim, too, and invited as many of her friends as possible.  Their faces upon meeting Captain Kirk were fantastic, but the familiar love shown on Joanna and Jim’s face was priceless.

It was a group of nearly ten kids and one big kid - Jim.  He was helping a small boy across the monkey bars, his encouragement carrying over to Bones’ ears.  Bones watched as they reached the other side, how securely Jim’s hand clasped over the boy’s in order to help him onto the raised platform.  Such big, strong hands, so gentle at the same time.

Jim’s crinkly eyed smile was constant, not something new.  Bones was also used to the physical contact Jim gave his crew members - a smart clap on the shoulder, a firm pat on the back.  It was enchanting, watching Jim be so damn gentle.  He would stoop down and rest his hands on another child’s shoulder, thumbs brushing lightly as he listened with nothing less than genuine interest to the chattering kid.  He held their hands as he walked them over to the swings, or up to the slide, especially across the rope bridge tied low off the ground.  

Bones’ favorite part - he couldn’t help it - was watching Joanna cup Jim’s face, their noses inches apart, and Jim’s hands encasing hers lovingly as they talked.  Jim’s eyes flickered to Bones’, then he whispered something to Joanna.  She looked over at her father, then nodded and hurried up to him.  

“You havin’ fun, sweet pea?”

“Best birthday ever, Daddy!”  She replied happily.  She snuggled him a moment before the kids and Jim were suddenly laughing and shrieking; a dog-pile of tiny aliens overpowering the Captain. 

“Better save him, Jo,” Bones laughed.

Jim finally conceded defeat a few minutes later, and he was breathless by the time he managed to escape and use Bones as his protector.  “This is the best day ever,” he laughed wheezily.  

Bones looked at him a moment.  “You’re so good with them.  I never knew…I mean with Jo, of course….”

Jim paused, then leaned into his embrace, and rested his head on Bone’s shoulder.  “Yeah.  I mean, I thought about it years ago.  I never had what these kids had; my playground was a dusty corner on our driveway, and after Sam left….”  He shook his head, and softly cleared his throat.  “It’s important to give kids the attention they deserve.  The love and kindness I never had growing up.”

“…Jim,” Bones whispered. His fingers laced in with Jim’s, and it was a tight grip once again.  

TW Rewatch 3x01: Mirror verse, water, Deucalion’s objective and more

I have finally managed to drag myself out of season 2 and into season 3. I feel like there should be fanfares and confetti. Today is the Norwegian national day and it will end with fireworks. I’m going to pretend it’s for me… 

So where to begin? I think I’ll start with mirror verse, because yes, it’s still part of the show. 

Mirror verse

We spend a bit of time at the hospital this episode. I want to draw your attention to the part where Melissa has called for Scott to come to help get Isaac out of there. 

We get a lot of shots of them walking through the corridors where we easily can spot the floor numbers. Scott arrives at floor 1 West. 

Melissa gives him directions to Isaac’s room - telling him it’s room 215. 

Melissa: Okay. He’s in room 215 if he isn’t already in surgery.

He then steps into the elevator where he clearly hits the button to level 2. Deucalion enters and even verbally asks for the second floor. I think we can safely say we have established what floor we’re going to. 

Deucalion: Would you hit the button for the second floor, please?

Scott and Deucalion walk down the corridor on 2nd West. 

After ditching D, Scott then goes to Isaac’s room but it’s empty. He searches the corridors…still on 2 west…

…and finally finds Ennis wheeling an unconscious Isaac into the elevator. You guessed it, they’re on 2nd West. 

Then out comes the claws on Scott and he runs for the elevator as the door closes. And would you look at that - suddenly we’re on the 3rd floor. 

Curiously how that happened as soon as Ennis and Scott went into werewolf mode… 

Ennis does hit the button for floor 3 just before Scott throws himself into it.

There is a tussle in the elevator as they fight while it’s going up, the door opens again and Derek comes to the rescue. Now we’re on the 3rd floor for reals. 

So yeah, a weird shift with floor numbers. This reminds me a bit of the time in season 1 when Scott and Derek were running around in a parking garage. And I know there will be weird things going on with the floors and sections of the hospital later this season as well. 

Below the cut is more about the animals gone mad, Jennfier’s possible misjudgment, water, Deucalion’s objective and a other bits and pieces.

Heart of Darkness - going full circle 

I just have to comment on it, because I adore things that play on each other and come full circle. And the fact that the season started with the reference to the book “A Heart of Darkness” and the season ends with Deaton telling the trio they’ll get a darkness around their hearts, makes me smile. 

And not only that - in the very first episode of the season we do get a visual clue towards this, with the book title on the blackboard and the Attitude poster to the right of it with a drop hitting water, which is not good at all, creating concentric circles, something that is definitely symbolic for the nemeton. 

Water and concentric circle hints

Which segues nicely into my next topic - water. The image above with the book title which connects directly to the ice bath sacrifices that opened them up to the nemeton, and the circle + water symbolism next to it, is telling.

Broadly speaking the pattern seem to indicate a) running water - transformations, b) still water = death and damnation (unless stiles is there, then it’s no death, just damnation) and c) mist = ?

I’m inclined to group rain drops and mist in the same category and so far I’m labelling it “danger”. All I know is that the mist tend to appear in scenes where danger is afoot, but doesn’t necessarily lead to transformations or death/damnation. 

In this episode the entire car scene that ends with the deer is in this kind of mist, the same for Isaac being chased by the twins. Dangerous situations that involves or is on the fringe of something supernatural. We also have some scenes where raindrops appear on windows, sometimes only seen from one angle as well, which I tend to view as the same. Warnings that danger is imminent - like Peter chasing Kate’s car, Lydia and jackson in the car outside the video store, Melissa in the car with Peter, Jackson, Allison and Lydia going to the school where Peter trapped them inside

The sheriff delivers this classic line

Sheriff: We’ve had 15 calls in the past hour. I got a suicidal deer, birds flying through windows, pets behaving aggressively. I gotta tell you, I’m starting to think there’s something in the water.

Lots of references to water, swimming, life guard training and swim team on the board right behind Stiles. I see this as a subtle callback to his conversation with Morrell in 2x11 about feeling like he’s drowning, and her cautioning him not to let the water in. That whole conversation is foreshadowing the evens of 3b, and here we get another small hint that Stiles should indeed learn how to swim and not be dragged under. 

And in relation to concentric circles, which does seem to tie back to the Nemeton, we also have Scott getting the two bands tattooed on his arm. 

Curiously he’s in a form of ringer shirt when he gets the tattoo. 

And Stiles, well he hates it. Is that your gut feeling talking again, buddy?

Information about the future.. 

Braeden seem to have information about things to come. Where is she getting it? And Deucalion seem to have a source as well. I suspect the source is the same, and the name is Morrell. 

Braeden: Find him. I have to find him. 
Melissa: What are you saying? 
Braeden: I have to… I have to tell him. 
Melissa: Who? 
Braeden: The Alpha. Find the Alpha. 
Melissa: What do you want with Derek Hale? 
Braeden: No. 
Melissa: What? 
Hospital Guy: Okay, let’s get her out of here. 
Braeden: Not Hale. McCall. Scott McCall.


Braeden: Because I know something. I know you’re afraid of him. 
Deucalion: Of a teenage boy? 
Braeden: Of the man he’ll become. 
Deucalion: I’m aware of a certain potential threat. But then someone once taught me a very smart way to eliminate threat… get someone else to do it for you. 
Braeden Derek.

Morrell’s conversation with Stiles in 2x11 also suggests she can see what’s coming. 

Deucalion’s objective

Why did D and his A-team come to Beacon Hills? We know the Kanima was originally supposed to be a part of it, but that is obviously out the window. Peter tells us in 2x12

Peter: Why do you think Derek was in such a hurry to build his pack? So eager to strengthen his power and his number? When there’s a new Alpha, people take notice. 
Isaac: People like who? What is this? What does this mean? 
Derek: It’s their symbol. And it means they’re coming. 
Isaac: Who? 
Derek: Alphas. 
Isaac: More than one? 
Derek: A pack of them. 
Peter: An Alpha pack. And they’re not coming. They’re already here. 

So new alpha=Derek attracts the alpha pack. But if they’re willing to skulk around for months before making a move, they are clearly planning something extraordinary. And Morrell who is their emissary and in the know, sends Braeden to warn the not yet alpha-Scott. 

The convo between Braeden and D also indicates that Scott is the target. But the fact of the matter is they never mention him by name. That doesn’t mean it’s not scott, but whenever TW brings out the ambiguous dialogue my spidey senses tingle.  Whoever they are talking about  - it’s not Derek. Derek is the blunt instrument they want to use to eliminate the threat. But it is a he

Not concluding anything here, just saying that we think we know who they’re talking about here, but we don’t now for sure. 

Other stuff worth mentioning

The sheriff is seen next to this pawn image, which probably is to indicate he is about to become a player in the chess game. Foreshadowing his introduction to the supernatural. 

Making those kind of bruises - not something a mere mortal or mundane can do methinks. I stick by my previous notion that Braeden is more than meets the eye. She did heal awfully fast in season 4 for starters. 

A military mention - the sheriff comments on Braeden’s “military modified stun gun”

The date on Scott’s phone is very strange - it says 03/12/13 which, taking into account the American way of reading dates, means it’s March 12th 2013. When we left off in season 2 it was April 2011 at the lastest, and now it’s four months later and school is starting up after the summer. 

The topic of what did Stiles do this past summer have been covered before so I wont’ get into that again. 

I’ve also previously speculated that Stiles holding down Scott when he was going to experience “the worst pain you’ve ever felt” could be a sign of his somethingness. He does seem to be extraordinary strong for a human at times. And if so, Derek seems to be aware of it - perhaps even testing it here. 

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Bones loves the quiet nights the best, when neither he or Jim have anything to do but relax. He loves the warmth of his boyfriend's body pressed against his and the way he nuzzles Bones chest as Jim sprawls on top of him...

Jim’s got a habit of playing with Leonard’s chest hair, running his fingers through it, exhaling to see it stir, burying his face against Leonard’s sternum and mouthing lazily at his skin until Leonard huffs and rolls on top of him.

But tonight he just lies still and absently pets at Jim’s head, enjoying Jim’s sprawling weight over his torso and legs. The bedroom is quiet, and all he hears is the sound of Jim’s breathing, the faint ticking of the wall clock across the room. 

“Mm,” Jim hums drowsily, his cheek dragging across Leonard’s skin as he lifts his head to blink up at Leonard. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself.” Leonard raises his hand, cups Jim’s cheek, and Jim leans into the touch, his lips drawing into a sleepy smile before he kisses Leonard’s palm.

Something in Leonard’s chest throbs hard at the sight. He loves Jim more than anything at times like this, when all his guards are down and all that’s left is the softness that he rarely lets anyone else see.

Jim kisses his hand again, and glances up at him, his mouth quirking. “Love you.”

Leonard’s breath catches in his throat, and he smiles, stroking the short hair on the back of Jim’s head. “Love you more, darlin’.”