mirrors's edge gifs

This is one of my favorite parts of Mirror’s Edge. It’s the part where they introduce a new named, voiced, animated character, and he gets literally this gif’s worth of screen time in the entire game and is never seen or heard from again. Mirror’s Edge is absolutely full of stuff like this, parts where you can see the stubs where huge features and characters and slabs of game had to be cut for whatever reason. I like this stuff because it feels like a little bit of insight into the development of a AAA game, which is a rare thing because of the industry’s idiotic propensity to shroud everything in secrecy. It also adds some feeling of depth by alluding to things existing in the world other than for the player’s benefit, though that’s probably a happy accident rather than a deliberate thing. 

I don’t have the scoop on how the development went down, but it feels very much like it got rushed out and the team had to figure out how to make a decent game while throwing 90% of their work out, and if that’s what happened they did a great job. The reboot they’re doing now looks like them getting to take a second run at the same ideas they had before, presumably with more time and money, and apparently much more successfully. I can dig.

Also, I dived into the editor and some decompiled source code a while back, and it turns out there were a bunch of cut multiplayer modes where you’d play as various different classes of runners and cops: cops and robbers, package delivery, stuff like that. Hot scoops.

“sayy whaaat??” Oh I love that snotty/smug guy already. I wonder why he wears that hood. To look cool I guess …. or maybe he watched too much assassin’s creed…well, as long he doesn’t try to land in a haystack and ends up dead… fine XD also, with his glasses on, he looks like a 90′s rave star.

Raise your hand if you have ever walked into a building and immediately started planning your escape route. Now, keep your hand raised if it was a bank and you were working out a heist. Well, nice job, suckers, because the Cracked interns who monitor all of our readers through their webcams have already alerted the police.

For those of you who haven’t run off to barricade the door or stuff wads of bills into a duffel bag, this is a habit that’s been instilled by stealth, survival, and free-running games. For weeks after I played Mirror’s Edge, I walked around my university campus, plotting ways to climb up the buildings and run and jump between them. I guess I could have just actually taken up parkour, but, if I had the energy to do that, I wouldn’t be writing an article about how video games have changed my thought process.

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