9x04 “Slumber Party”
On Real Life vs. Fiction and Strong Female Characters

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

In an earlier meta part to this episode I talked about how one could read the Wicked Witch as an Amara parallel. That is not the only possible mirror character for Amara though. Dorothy too can be seen as  an Amara parallel imo. And I find this moment here, right after Dorothy tells Charlie that she died and was brought back, very fitting in this regard. Throughout the episode Dorothy talks about her father and his writings “as the ravings of a sad old man” and multiple times breaks down the fourth wall when she tells the true story of Oz opposed to the “watered down” or rather “more family friendly” version of her father’s books. And even though she doesn’t think very highly of her “old man” and his books it turns out that as Charlie puts it “he left clues for her in the books” to use to her advantage in the fight for Oz. This not only is a direct parallel to the Winchesters’ story and how their father left clues for them in his journal, moreover one can also put Chuck and his writing about the Winchesters into the equation as well as the the bible and the tablets he had Metatron write down. At the end of the episode that parallel is even head on explored when Dorothy tells Sam “that he has no idea how weird it is to have a series of books written about yourself” to which Sam just deadpans and says probably one of the most important lines that I think the characters yet have to really act upon and move from possibility to reality. Because what Sam says is this:

“But at the end of the day, this is our story, so we get to write it.“

And this aspect actually brings me to the parallel existing here between Amara and Dorothy and the Wicked Witch. As Dorothy notes after Charlie learnt that she died (Charlie as the Dean parallel, who would later return from Oz being split in two and that also serving as one of the biggest mirror episodes to Dean’s entire MoC arc, this very Charlie dies in the episode and not anywhere, but inside Dean’s room and she is resurrected (much like Prometheus’ son is put down in Dean’s bed when dead and comes back to life in his bed too - see meta here) when laying on Dean’s bed (the same bed in which Dean at the end of the season would rise from the dead). As pointed out in the earlier part Amara and the Wicked Witch can be loosely seen as mirrors. Amara, who was described as a “femme fatale wtih an acid tongue“, who was the original mark, who was one with Dean, who while bearing the mark served as lock and key to keep her sealed away. Likewise Dorothy - as she couldn’t find a way to kill the Wicked Witch cut out the Wicked Witch’s tongue and performed a binding spell that trapped the Wicked Witch and her away for eternity (which imo is still the scenario in which S11 was originally meant to end: with Dean sealing himself away with Amara in the Empty), until the Winchesters came along and when the Wicked Witch was freed she picked up where she left off, she looked for a key to be able to get her army into the real world and shape it to her liking.

This all imo feels very very similar and comparable to Amara after eons being released and wanting to seek revenge on what her brother did to her and reshape his creation to her liking - after all much like Dorothy couldn’t find a way to kill the Wicked Witch, Chuck couldn’t and didn’t want to kill his sister and so simply locked her away for eternity.

And this is where Dorothy’s line from above imo connects the character with Amara. I have written multiple times about it during S11 how S11 with the introduction of Amara as a female force in many ways was making a direct comment on the treatment of women throughout the decades in which they were simply erased from history. Imo S11 was a very feminist season (and I know many will flatout hate me saying this and hate me for stating it, but that’s simply how I saw the season) Amara was erased from the entire story of the world, Dorothy was stylized to be the typical girly girl cause that fit the time better in which her father published the books. Both characters were put down and belittled and Dorothy very decidey makes no fuss about how she thinks the Men of Letters is a sexist bunch of guys who think women can’t do these things like men can. Well, if I may sound rather snappish here, maybe one should ask the question if the MoL was extinct too if the order had in fact more womanpower. It seems to me there at least is possibility to explore this as the British MoL at least with Toni Bevell nad Mary obvioulsly seem to find women just as capable as any man.

I any case Dorothy saying that sometimes “real life is darker than fiction” (and that is certainly something her, the Winchsters and Amara can agree on) fits perfectly to the world’s story, it’s real story, which was a few shades darker than Chuck/God had made everyone believe.

So, I’ve seen this misconception around a lot recently, and I want to dispel it a little bit.

The reason that mirrors do not reflect vampires is not because of the silver content. That is a misconception propagated mostly by horror films trying to “scientify” vampires. They also mixed them up with werewolves. Silver has no effect on a vampire whatsoever.

Vampires do not reflect in mirrors because they have no soul, and in folklore, the mirror reflects one’s soul. That is all.


Oasis 21 - Nagoya, Japan (2002)

“The roof is a large oval glass structure that floats above ground level. It is filled with water to draw a pattern of uncountable ripples of light and to cool down the temperature of the shopping area and the public space for various events known as “Milky Way Square” below in the summer. A walking path surrounds the glass roof, allowing people to enjoy a stroll in the air 14 meters above ground. The axis of Spaceship-Aqua points toward the Nagoya Castle.”