mirrorverse idea: mirror!kirk and spock meet normal jim and spock, and mirrorkirk gets really close and traces his hand down spocks jaw really suggestively and murmurs “hmm where’s your beard” and spock is frozen because the only way that mirror!kirk would be comfortable enough to do that is if he was in a relationship with mirror!spock…… but that wouldnt be logical…….. would it?? and meanwhile jim is losing his goddamn mind with what he thinks is nervousness but is really jealousy

Shit Jo Says

It even has it’s own fucking header…

Below the line is a list of stuff that I’ve thought about, or headcanons I’ve contemplated, or other witty shit I’ve decided is worth saving.


Bones taking care of an exhausted crewmate
Bones’ wedding day
Bones retires from the ‘Fleet
How Bones feels about the dress uniforms
Jim and the 55 gallon drum of lube
Things Bones Isn’t
You look so much younger…
When Jo finds a particularly rough picture of Karl Urban online…
The truth about doggos
How the crew helps you unwind
Who calls Bones Bones?
Bones and tattoos
Bones and remarrying
The logdriver’s waltz…
The planet of the vikings
Tabletop game night
MirrorBones and MirrorKirk and the sexytimes
Kirk and the sexytimes
Kirk expresses interest
The patient high on pain meds
About the name Joanna
Chapel and Kinbaku

Other Shit I’ve Said:

Shitty poetry for a shitty anon
Shit I wrote to answer some questions once
The straight shit about depression
My fave FMK request
The straight shit about having kids, and “growing up”
“Does your husband know you’re planning on cheating?”
On medical jargon, disease and cures
“Are medical dramas accurate?”
“Do I have to take requests?”
Thoughts on the Blind soulmate trope
Thoughts on Chapel
McCoy’s Magic Pill