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Hiii did Harry and Louis interacted?glances or whatever

Anonymous said:August 1st 2015, 2:25:00 am · 15 minutes agoDid you see any larry moments?

There were some quick glances, and A FUCKTON OF MIRRORING!!  They all seemed very tired today, but happy over all :) (Liam or Niall that said they officially finished the album yesterday, so they probably were busting ass to get it done.)

ANYWAY YESSSS.  At the end of DFWYB they were standing together Louis/Niam and then Harry was on the lower part of the ramp and at the end of their little formation, Harry looked at Louis maybe to make sure he was watching?  Then tried to lift himself up on their level with one leg, and Louis was watching, and looked at Harry with raised eyebrows as he tried it and stumbled a little and Louis continued watching him until he landed safely :)

I got good video oh my god I am going through everything and will upload this one first!!!!

Stripping ESO 137-001


Spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 hurtles through massive galaxy cluster Abell 3627 some 220 million light years away. The distant galaxy is seen in this colorful Hubble/Chandra composite image through a foreground of the Milky Way’s stars toward the southern constellation Triangulum Australe. As the spiral speeds along at nearly 7 million kilometers per hour, its gas and dust are stripped away when ram pressure with the cluster’s own hot, tenuous intracluster medium overcomes the galaxy’s gravity. Evident in Hubble’s near visible light data, bright star clusters have formed in the stripped material along the short, trailing blue streaks. Chandra’s X-ray data shows off the enormous extent of the heated, stripped gas as diffuse, darker blue trails stretching over 400,000 light-years toward the bottom right. The significant loss of dust and gas will make new star formation difficult for this galaxy. A yellowish elliptical galaxy, lacking in star forming dust and gas, is just to the right of ESO 137-001 in the frame.

If ever life is getting me down I think about my Rod Stewart mirror and suddenly it’s all ok  {x}

Smoke and Mirrors - Anonymous - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Smoke and Mirrors for burythegods

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Louis and Harry meet on a night out and find they can help each other out by pretending to be a couple. It just might get Louis’ mum off his back and Harry’s maybe-ex to want him back. Simple plan, right? Wrong.