The Beauty of Webb Telescope’s Mirrors

The James Webb Space Telescope’s gold-plated, beryllium mirrors are beautiful feats of engineering. From the 18 hexagonal primary mirror segments, to the perfectly circular secondary mirror, and even the slightly trapezoidal tertiary mirror and the intricate fine-steering mirror, each reflector went through a rigorous refinement process before it was ready to mount on the telescope. This flawless formation process was critical for Webb, which will use the mirrors to peer far back in time to capture the light from the first stars and galaxies. 

The James Webb Space Telescope, or Webb, is our upcoming infrared space observatory, which will launch in 2019. It will spy the first luminous objects that formed in the universe and shed light on how galaxies evolve, how stars and planetary systems are born, and how life could form on other planets.  

A polish and shine that would make your car jealous

All of the Webb telescope’s mirrors were polished to accuracies of approximately one millionth of an inch. The beryllium mirrors were polished at room temperature with slight imperfections, so as they change shape ever so slightly while cooling to their operating temperatures in space, they achieve their perfect shape for operations.

The Midas touch

Engineers used a process called vacuum vapor deposition to coat Webb’s mirrors with an ultra-thin layer of gold. Each mirror only required about 3 grams (about 0.11 ounces) of gold. It only took about a golf ball-sized amount of gold to paint the entire main mirror!

Before the deposition process began, engineers had to be absolutely sure the mirror surfaces were free from contaminants. 

The engineers thoroughly wiped down each mirror, then checked it in low light conditions to ensure there was no residue on the surface.

Inside the vacuum deposition chamber, the tiny amount of gold is turned into a vapor and deposited to cover the entire surface of each mirror.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary mirrors, oh my!

Each of Webb’s primary mirror segments is hexagonally shaped. The entire 6.5-meter (21.3-foot) primary mirror is slightly curved (concave), so each approximately 1.3-meter (4.3-foot) piece has a slight curve to it.

Those curves repeat themselves among the segments, so there are only three different shapes — 6 of each type. In the image below, those different shapes are labeled as A, B, and C.

Webb’s perfectly circular secondary mirror captures light from the 18 primary mirror segments and relays those images to the telescope’s tertiary mirror.

The secondary mirror is convex, so the reflective surface bulges toward a light source. It looks much like a curved mirror that you see on the wall near the exit of a parking garage that lets motorists see around a corner.

Webb’s trapezoidal tertiary mirror captures light from the secondary mirror and relays it to the fine-steering mirror and science instruments. The tertiary mirror sits at the center of the telescope’s primary mirror. The tertiary mirror is the only fixed mirror in the system — all of the other mirrors align to it.

All of the mirrors working together will provide Webb with the most advanced infrared vision of any space observatory we’ve ever launched!

Who is the fairest of them all?

The beauty of Webb’s primary mirror was apparent as it rotated past a cleanroom observation window at our Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. If you look closely in the reflection, you will see none other than James Webb Space Telescope senior project scientist and Nobel Laureate John Mather!

Learn more about the James Webb Space Telescope HERE, or follow the mission on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Blessed be Week in Review

Good place

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Bad place

  • (TV) Black Mirror episode suggestion: different types of media are ranked by a platform filled with many different communities. Their score is based on the number of daily engagements, which include searches, original posts, reblogs and likes received. Every week their failures and achievements are put on display for all to see. This week they drop seven spots to No. 12, suggesting society’s interest—for now—is waning.
  • (Anime & Manga) Killing Stalking isn’t exactly thriving at No. 18.
  • (Celebs) Oscar Isaac falls nine to No. 16. Truthfully, you should all be ashamed of yourselves for letting this happen.
  • (Web Stuff) Logan Paul falls eight to No. 9. No one is particularly upset.
  • (Music) Demi Lovato makes drastic twelve-spot move to No. 18.

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So I rewatched TLJ.. again..

While rewatching TLJ for probably like the 7th time I noticed another little something.

As Rey stands in front of the mirror and reaches for it, she touches the mirror only with her fingertips. Nothing too special about it, right? Well, after Rey saw those two shadows merging into each other, the third, single shadow reaches out for her hand and touches the other side of the mirror with it’s fingertips.

Rey and the shadow’s fingertips touch.

So.. of which scene does this remind you? Whose fingertips touch, too?

Rey and Ben’s.

Does this mean that the third shadow Rey saw in the mirror was in fact Ben? Or is this just another coincidence? You decide.

Inkquisitober Day 30: The Exalted Council

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Mirror of the Soul: Part 22 (Loki x Reader)

Note: Another week, another chapter! I’m having a little dilemma right now since this and part 23 were originally one part but it was getting a little long so I decided to split it in two. As such, it’s a bit of an abrupt ending and I’m half considering just posting 23 early. We’ll see how I’m feeling later and how much you guys talk to me (yep, I’m gonna resort to bribery).

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Words: 1778

You can find the other chapters here:

Loki Masterlist

               "I come baring gifts.“

You wanted to shout at him for letting himself into your room again but couldn’t muster the strength. Really, you just didn’t want to be alone. Excitement filled your chest, though, when the scent of freshly baked cinnamon swirls wafted in your direction. It was so difficult not to throw back the covers and snatch the plate away.

               "I knew these would get your attention,” Tony said, feeling very proud of himself as he stretched out next to you against the headboard of your bed. He balanced the plate of pastries on his legs and let the enticing smell fill the room, tempting you out of your cocoon.

You shuffled up and out from under the bed covers and snuggled up against Tony’s side. “Happy? I’m up. Give me one.”

               "I forgot how snappy you could be in the mornings. Maybe I should come back later when you’ve woken up properly…“

               "Sorry,” you said, bowing your head and pouting. “Please can I have one?”

Managing to eat five of the delicious pastries before starting to feel a little sick, you thanked Tony for the swirls and for also brushing away the many loose flakes that had fallen on to your blanket. Resting your head on his shoulder, you closed your eyes and told him to ask whatever it was that seemed to weigh so heavily on his mind.

Tony’s soul flared gold in amusement, impressed but not overly surprised that you had worked out the true reason for his visiting you. You thought that seeing the tiny golden flares burst from his outline would send you into panic, being so similar to Aliana’s soul, but they didn’t. Feeling his solid form by your side kept you grounded and reminded you that she couldn’t hurt you anymore.

               "How blind is blind exactly? What caused it? Have you been unable to see this entire time? Was that why you didn’t enjoy the test flights? Do we need to get you a dog or a cane? Has it changed the way you see the souls? You don’t seem to be keeling over every time you look at one of us, so I’m assuming yes on that point.“

You couldn’t help but smile at the way he was babbling, blurting out all the things on his mind without actually giving you a chance to answer any of them. You held a finger to your lips and thanked each and every god that was listening that that had actually shut your uncle up.

Ticking the points off your fingers, you answered as quickly as he had fired out the questions, “Pretty complete blindness. I think fighting Aliana caused it. Since I woke up back here and yes - I wish I’d been able to see you crash and burn. I don’t like dogs and if you gave me a cane I’d hit you round the head with it every chance I got. And yes, it has changed everything.”

               "Still so violent. I don’t really know where to start,“ Tony admitted, scratching the back of his head as he tried to think. "It’s an awful lot to process.”

               "You’re telling me.“

               "Oh, sweetie, I didn’t mean it like that. I can’t even imagine what it’s been like going through this…”

               "I know. It’s okay. Well. No. It’s not okay but I’m home now and I know that you’re here for me.“ You gave him a smile, almost proud of yourself that you were capable of doing so without wanting to cry. However, your smile quickly faltered when you remembered the events of the previous evening. How the one person you’d thought would always be by your side had slammed a door in your face. "Loki’s angry with me.”

Tony nodded ever so slightly. There was no accusation in his voice when he explained but the words still stung - mainly because you knew they were true. “You used your powers against him, left him unconscious in the hallway and ran away with a stranger, leaving no explanation as to why you were going. When you returned with that same stranger, you looked pretty damn close.”

               "Are you sure he’s angry about that? Bucky’s only a friend,“ you argued. "I love Loki.”

               "We all know that, sweetie. He does too. Even without being able to see your heart and soul, it is pretty clear that they belong to Loki. Just give the man a little time to seethe. He’ll come running back to you soon enough.“ Tony placed a kiss on the top of your head before pulling away slightly and saying, "Whilst we are on the subject, I have a bone to pick with you.”

You felt your face crumple in confusion, wondering what on Earth fighting with Loki could have to do with Tony. “Go on?”

               "That night after you’d disappeared with Cap’s long lost boyfriend, I was rudely woken up by your boyfriend’s brick shithouse of a brother.“

Ignoring the comment about Steve and Bucky, however close to the mark you thought it may have been, you said,  "I’m not seeing how this is a problem, other than Thor being stupid enough to wake you in the middle of the night.”

               "What if I told you that the god of thunder sleeps in the nude.“

               "Oh, good god… Tony, why? That is not an image I ever needed in my brain!”

               "It’s not an image I needed either, Y/N! Now it’s been permanently seared into my brain!“

Holding back hysterics had never been so difficult. The only response that you could think of was, "Maybe you shouldn’t have looked so closely, then!”

Understandably, Tony responded by whacking you in the face with a pillow.


               "How can you actually like burnt toast?“ Bucky asked, handing over a mug of steaming tomato soup. He took a seat on the opposite side of the kitchen island to you, cradling his own cup of soup in his hands. "You don’t even eat it slightly burnt. It’s basically incinerated.”

               "Don’t be so dramatic,“ you said, rolling your eyes. "It just has more flavour. Anyway, you’re one to talk. I smelt some of the things in your kitchen. My slightly overcooked toast has nothing on those horrors.”

Bucky raised his eyebrows at that, clearly unconvinced. “Only slightly overcooked?”

               "Shut up, Bucky,“ you groaned, resisting the urge to hurl your soup at him. He was almost as infuriating as Tony but with nothing else in reach to throw - and the soup far too good to waste - you had to settle on shooting him an evil glare instead. "So, how did it go last night with the Cap?”

Bucky apparently had no qualms in wasting soup, although he stopped himself at the last moment. You knew that you were failing to hide the grin on your face, unable to do anything other than smile at the way his soul shone incandescently at the mere mention of Steve.

               "I’m sorry,“ you laughed, your face warming up in embarrassment. You knew you shouldn’t pry but it was almost impossible not to make assumptions from what you could sense. Stretching a hand out across the island, you motioned for Bucky to place a hand in your open palm. Closing your fingers around his metal hand, you said, "If I could show you what I see, would you want to see it?”

His intrigue literally rolled off of him in waves and you knew you had your answer. In all honesty, even though you weren’t convinced that this would actually work at all, you still wanted to try. You weren’t sure why you’d chosen Bucky to be your guinea pig but you had and were determined to succeed - and Stark blood was, if nothing else, certainly stubborn.

               "Okay, close your eyes,“ you told him. It was difficult, near impossible in fact, to find the words to explain what you needed Bucky to do and you found yourself tapping your fingers against the back of his metal hand while you thought.

               "It’s a little hard to focus with you constantly tapping my hand, doll.”

               "Sorry,“ you whispered, moving to pull away and end the experiment but paused when you felt a tingling in your palm. "Can you feel that too?”

Ignoring his reply, you focused all your attention on the growing fire in your hand. In your mind’s eye, you pictured the light spreading through your body, through Bucky’s body, until it filled you both completely. The soldier’s grip on your hand tightened as the spark shot up his arm, travelling through him until it finally came to rest in the centre of his chest.

               "Open your eyes and think of Steve,“ you breathed, scared that saying anything else would break your control. You managed to sustain the vision for a few seconds but Bucky’s metal hand suddenly felt red hot and you sprung away, ripping your hand free.

Holding on to the edge of the island to stop yourself from shaking, you whimpered "Sorry, sorry. I’m fine. Are you okay?”

               "You see that all the time?“ Bucky asked, rubbing his eyes. They felt utterly dry and he wanted to claw at them until the intense itching subsided. He held his hand up in front of his face, twisting it around in the air in the hope that he would be able to see the beautiful lights again. "That’s just… God, Y/N, that’s just… Thank you for sharing that with me.”

You leant over to meet Bucky in the middle of the island and let him pull you into an embrace. “I can’t believe that worked,” you confessed, leaning back with a ridiculous grin on your face. “Did you see? Did you see how it lights up?”

Bucky’s lack of verbal response told you all you needed to know. Still, the flame of his soul was burning brighter than you’d ever seen it before; empowered by the vision but also incredibly unnerved by what it truly meant to him.

               "It’s alright, you know. I can say with certainty that your feelings are returned.“ You gave him a smile, wishing that he’d understand what you were trying not to say. It was hardly your place to tell him but, after all the kindness he’d shown you, Bucky deserved to know that Steve felt the same way about him. And, as insufferably cute as they’d be if they ever acted on their emotions, you thought both deserved a little happiness.

You suddenly whipped your head around towards the door, catching a glimpse of Loki’s shaking green ribbons as, without a word, he made a swift retreat from the kitchen.

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Mirror of the Soul: Part 23 (Loki x Reader)

Note: Thank you all so much for your positiveness towards part 22! As a thank you, I’ve given in and am posting the next part! I love this chapter so much; it might be my favourite so far. It’s literally a rollercoaster of emotion as the reader and Loki FINALLY talk and I’m not even sorry.

Please let me know what you think, I’m pretty much doubled over in pain from cramps right now and could do with the cheering up. If you want to be added to this or any tag list, you know what to do.

Words: 2356

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist

Without a word to Bucky, you ran after the god, hissing when you tripped over a step and hit the floor. The shining swirls of green light momentarily stopped in their tracks, even in anger needing to know that you weren’t injured.

Lifting your head, you begged, “Please, Loki. You have to let me explain.”

                “There’s nothing to talk about, Y/N.”

                “For god sake, Loki! Stop being such as ass and listen to me!” you screamed, pushing yourself to your feet and storming towards him. You went to grab the god’s hand but he stopped you, instead tossing you aside. A grunt escaped your lips as you hit the solid surface. If not for Loki pressing your shoulders back against the wall, you would certainly have fallen to the ground.

Looming above you like a dark shadow, Loki pressed his body against yours and growled, “No, Y/N. You listen to me. I don’t care. Just leave me alone.”

                “Why are you being this way?” you asked, breathing heavily as he held you back. You couldn’t be certain but it felt like his hands were shaking on your shoulders and you wondered if it was out of anger or fear. “Stop being so damn stubborn and talk to me!”

                “I’ve already told you, I have nothing to say to you.”

You couldn’t help it; the anger inside you was rising too quickly and, without thinking, you slapped Loki. For a long moment you were both too stunned to speak but, somewhat thankfully in your opinion, it was your voice that returned first. “If you don’t want to talk, fine. But you are going to listen to what I have to say.”

Loki gave a sharp nod, still practically speechless, and you felt his grip on your shoulders loosening ever so slightly.

As emphatically as you could, you said, “There is nothing going on between me and Bucky.”

                “You’re happier now he’s here,” Loki replied, so quietly that you half thought you’d imagined the words. His released you from his grip entirely and leant backwards, creating a space between you that seemed to span the breadth of the universe.

                “Oh, Loki, no,” you whispered. Wrapping your arms around Loki’s neck, you laced your fingers through his silky black hair and tugged the god down to your lips.

Drawing on your powers, you sent a wave of energy through the kiss. Loki stiffened as the tingle spread through his body and you finally let him step away. A mix of mild panic and intrigue in his voice, he asked, “What… What is this?”

                “Our souls,” you answered, your eyes closed as you focused on keeping up the beautiful manifestations. “Look at them, Loki. Properly look at them. Please. They’re yours and mine. Separate but forever together. Everywhere I am, even when I was alone in that compound, there’s a part of your soul with me. No one else is so important that I carry them with me. No one makes me happier than you.”

Loki went to touch the swirling bands of light, tried to grasp at the silver fog that surrounded you both, but they faded as his hand passed through. The sadness in his words was almost as palpable to you as the souls were. “It’s an illusion.”

Lifting your hand to his face, you stroked his cheek as you let go of the power. “Maybe for you but it’s all I’ve got left. And I can see so much more now. I’m so sorry if it looked like something was going on between Bucky and I. There will never be anything more than friendship between us, I swear. He just understands what I’ve been through.”

                “And do I not understand?” Loki asked, his entire body tensing up. You could hear the strain in his voice as he questioned, “Are my own experiences not enough to earn me the same trust you allow him?”

You suddenly realised how stupid you’d been. It wasn’t that you’d grown close to Bucky; although it was clear your closeness had made him jealous. Loki wasn’t even that upset that you’d turned your powers on him; not since everyone he’d ever loved had at some point also done the same. No. What truly hurt him was that, in his eyes, you’d not trusted him enough to help you through your worst.

                “Of course I trust you, Loki. Of course I do. I’d trust you with my life. I just wasn’t ready to talk about everything with you. Or anyone. When I told you that I was blind, it almost broke you. I had to pull the darkness from your soul and I couldn’t bear to do that again. I needed to get out of the Tower and just think.”

You rested your forehead against his, closing your eyes and breathing deeply. You were hanging on to him for dear life, scared to let go. When Loki slid a hand down to the small of your back, resting reassuringly as he calmed down, you almost stopped talking but knew there was still more to say.

Focusing your attention on the swirling ribbons, now no longer afraid to open yourself to their warm and gentle touch, you said, “I know you’ve been through terrible things, Loki. It was selfish of me to think only of how hard it would be for me, should my ordeal remind you of yours. My heart couldn’t have taken it but I’ve ended up doing the very thing I meant to avoid. I’m so sorry, Loki.”

                “Oh, my love. Please, don’t cry,” he said, wiping away a lone tear from your face. “I should apologise too. I have been incredibly rude to you.”

You lowered your head to your chest, closing your eyes in sadness. You sunk to the floor, sliding out of Loki’s arms and down against the hallway wall. “I deserved it.”

                “No, darling, you did not. You deserve so much better. My sweet Y/N,” Loki whispered, crouching down before gently tilting your chin upwards. He planted a feather light kiss on your forehead, then your nose and finally your lips. “I wish you’d look me in the eyes again.”

                “I can’t.” The simple words came out almost as a sob and buried your face in your hands to hide the tears. “I wish I could but pretending to be able to see you hurts too much. My memories are fading. I can’t remember your face.”

Loki once again lifted your face and cupped it tightly. His thumbs stroked your cheeks, brushing the trail of tears away and holding you still until your breathing slowed. He sat with his legs outside yours, the god almost wrapping himself around you to provide a barrier against the rest of the world.

                “Shh,” Loki implored, cutting off whatever question you were about to ask as he placed a hand on the top of your head. “Trust me.”

The god breathed deeply and time seemed to slow. As the air began to tingle, it was almost impossible not to gasp at the way his soul sparkled. You’d never seen anything like it; the bands of light glittered like diamonds and shone brighter than ever before. The urge to reach out and touch the shining swirls was overwhelming but you the world around you suddenly changed and Loki’s soul vanished.

For a brief moment, you were overcome with panic. Everything was dark and you had no idea which way was up or which way was down. It felt as if you were falling into a never ending pit. A cold realisation that you may never escape washed over you, reminding you far too closely of the torture you’d experienced in the bunker.

However, as quickly as those feelings had emerged, they faded away and something warmer, brighter took their place. A memory formed around you, as physical as the real world itself.

Your legs hung over the roof edge on the top of the Tower, looking out over the most beautiful sunset you’d ever seen. It wasn’t like normal; there were no deep reds and oranges. Today, the sky shone with every imaginable shade of pink and purple, light and calming. A peaceful end to the day.

You had tried to photograph it to preserve the memory forever but the photo did no justice to the wonder. It couldn’t capture the soft tingling of the sunrays on your skin or gentle breeze in the air. Instead, you simply leant back and watched as the sun began its descent across the horizon.

                “How long have you been standing there?” you asked, hearing the faint call of Loki’s soul. Twisting your head around to face him, you saw him leaning against the rooftop door, gazing at you with wonder in his eyes. You turned your head away in embarrassment, feeling almost undeserving of such adoration.

Loki sat down beside you, lacing his fingers through yours. “Long enough. You looked so calm, though. I didn’t want to interrupt that. I know the last few days have been hard. You deserved a moment of peace.”

                “My grip on the souls is fading,” you sighed. Looking down over the city, where once you’d been able to see and feel the pull of every single person, there was now nothing. Even around the Avengers, heroes with the strongest souls you’d ever come across, it was becoming harder and harder to pick them out.

That emptiness, combined with the overall feeling that something just wasn’t right in the Tower, had had you on edge for weeks. With each passing day that dark niggling in the corner of your mind only seemed to get stronger and it was taking its toll. “I hate it. I wish Tony had never finished these stupid glasses.”

                “My darling,” Loki said, brushing his fingers along your cheeks and turning your face towards him. In this light, you were struck by just how gorgeous he was. Of course, you’d known that already, but there was something about the way he looked right then that you knew you could never forget.

Against the pastel sunset, Loki’s strong lines and dark features were so much more dramatic. His eyes twinkled brighter than the sun, burning with a passion strong enough to slay one hundred armies. He looked every inch the god you knew him to be.

No matter how tightly you tried to hold on to the images, the memory began to fade away. With a sharp jolt you bounced back into your body, surrounded once again by the darkness you’d come to know. The sparkling ribbons of Loki’s soul dimmed slightly as he released his magic but, amidst the bright light, you were sure that you could see the outline of his physical body. It was enough to make you weep.

                “Y/N, please. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

You pulled the god into a tight embrace, burying your face against his neck. “I’m not sad,” you mumbled, relaxing into him as he gently stroked the back of your head. “Thank you for showing me that memory. I’d almost forgotten how beautiful the world could be.”

                “No matter how much time passes, our happiest memories always remain. Buried deep but always there. Whenever you need to remember, darling, I will help you.”

                “I love you,” you said, brushing a kiss against his lips. When you pulled away, you noticed a strange tint to his soul and, for the first time in months, you had no idea what it was trying to tell you. You wrapped the ribbons around your fingers and pulled them close to your chest but it made little difference. Still studying the rippling strands of light, you asked, “Loki, are you alright? Please, talk to me.”

                “Oh, my darling. My sweet, wonderful, brave, Y/N,” Loki marvelled, wrapping you in his arms and squeezing you tightly. Happiness now spilled from him, so strong that it almost made you feel dizzy.

You gripped his arms, half to ground yourself amid the headiness of his soul and half to stop him from jumping to his feet and dancing. Still, his excitement seeped into your body and you couldn’t stop from smiling. “Calm down, Loki! You soul is sending my mind into overdrive! Now, please, tell me why you’re so happy.”

                “You love me.”

                “Well, of course I do,” you said, frowning. “Of course I love you, Loki. I don’t understand why this is such news to you. I love you more than anyone else in the world.”

Loki cut off your sentiments with a hungry, passionate kiss, lifting you effortlessly into his lap. Suddenly immensely serious, the god whispered, “I feared I’d never hear you say those words again. You’ve withheld them ever since we rescued you from the bunker. I thought… After all you went through… You pulled away from us and then you left… I thought perhaps you no longer felt the same way as you did before.”

                “Oh, Loki… I’ve been unsure of many things recently but never did I question this.”

Before he could respond, you heard an awkward cough from around the corner of the hallway. Wiggling out of Loki’s grasp, allowing him to help you quickly to your feet, you turned to the source of the interruption. “Um, hi, Bruce… Is everything okay?”

                “Well, I’m not quite sure how to tell you this, Y/N. Maybe you should come down to the lab.”

Panic flared through your body and you found your body preparing to make a sprint. “Is Tony alright? Is he hurt?”

                “No! No, Tony’s fine. We’ve been using the lab as a central hub for a mission and think we may have finally made a breakthrough. Why don’t you come with me. Someone else might be able to explain a little better than me.”

                “Bruce,” you growled. You felt Loki lace his fingers through yours in support, although the action did little to calm you. “Just tell me.”

                “The man that took you, Y/N. He escaped when we broke you out of that compound but we think we’ve found him. We finally know who he is.”

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“The forrest is dark… but I can see him through the trees.”

“I’m right here, Paul, can’t you see me? *chuckles* Poor little Paul, with his poor dead Hugh… You got no one smart enough to hook you up to the network, huh… Well, I got work to do. I am sure we will meet soon, Paul.”

I have so many ideas for my evil mushroom prince. He’s probably not at all how I imagine him to be right now and that just makes me even more excited for the next episode. I kinda really want a creepy but cute mirror Paul, who has evil plans for the mycelium network..


Happy Birthday Françoise♥️

Françoise Hardy, in Platt Fields Park, Fallowfield, Manchester, 13th May 1965. Françoise Hardy is taking a break from rehearsals at BBC Studios, Dickenson Road, Rusholme, where she will be appearing on Top of the Pops this evening. Photo by Ernest Chapman (Daily Mirror)