When your shadow has something it needs to communicate, it will sometimes knock on the inside of a mirror.

It is dark there and very accessible.

Unfortunately for some, the accessibility means other things can knock to get your attention.

ok but like the more I look at this pic the angrier I get

why is his ahoge on that side. it makes no sense. it literally makes no sense that’s a ¾ view facing left that piece of hair should flow w the rest of his turned body but instead its on the right side facing the right direction. why. why is his hair trying to incite revolution what has phoenix done that it would betray him like this

It’s 2:20am and I just thought of something that everyone seems to be overlooking.

“They don’t care about other gems. All they care about is the Earth.”

This might sound crazy but I think to some extent, Lapis is right.
The Crystal Gems might not care about other gems as much as we assume. My reason for thinking this is simple. When Pearl gave Steven the mirror containing Lapis Lazuli, she said:
“This gem powered mirror…”
Gem powered.
Pearl knew there was a gem in there. A gem, just like her, and she didn’t care at all.
Who knows how long Lapis was in there in Pearl’s gem?
In the next episode she says: “Who knew that the gem contained in that mirror would be so powerful?”
This line is especially important because it tells us two things.
1. The gems thought that the gem in the mirror wasn’t strong or important at all. They didn’t care.
2. This is the most important point.
They didn’t know it was Lapis Lazuli. They just knew it was a gem, but not who it was.

Lapis also says “You three knew I was in there” which you could argue disproves my second point. But I think she just means that the gems knew a gem was in there. But this tells us something else. “You three.” Lapis recognised Amethyst too. Meaning whatever happened happened after the war.

The gems all knew that there was a gem trapped in that mirror. Cracked as well. In pain, lost, confused, scared. They didn’t care at all.
Even when they realised the gem in the mirror was active when Lapis was communicating with Steven, they just wanted him to give them the mirror so they could get rid of it before Lapis got out.

The Crystal Gems are hiding something in regards to that mirror, and Lapis. I think Rose was definitely involved.
“We found this gem powered mirror at the galaxy warp”
Bullshit, that’s no way how they got the mirror.
They’re hiding something.