The Milky Way from a Malibu Sea Cave

(via APOD; Image Credit & Copyright: Jack Fusco )

What’s happening outside this cave? Nothing unexpected – it’s just the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy passing by. As the Earth turns, the band of our Galaxy appears to rotate and shift along the horizon. The featured image was taken by a photographer who professes a passion for locating sea caves, and who found this spectacular grotto in Leo Carrillo State Park near Malibu, California, USA. After some planning, he timed this single shot image through the 10-meter high cave entrance to show the Milky Way far in the distance. In the foreground, several rocks about one meter across are visible. Visible in the background starscape are millions of stars including the relatively bright and orange Antares, situated just to the right of the image center.

Visitors to Versailles Palace this summer will be greeted by a new exhibition of sculptures by the British-Indian artist Anish Kapoor. From June to October, six of his works are on view in the Jeu de Paume room in Versailles and the gardens, where they are already sparking debate. This is because one of his creations is a 197 foot long tunnel of steel symbolizing “the vagina of the queen who takes power”. Some say the piece is a disfigurement to history, however it has nothing to do with Marie Antoinette. In fact, it was first realized in 2011 for the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. Kapoor’s bravado should come as no surprise. Known for his bold and large scale works, he is perhaps most recognized for his “Cloud Gate” in Chicago’s Millennium Park and “Sky Mirror,” exhibited at the Rockefeller Center in New York. Reinterpreted here, they are ambitious manipulations of form using reflective surfaces to being evocative of flesh and blood.

Anish Kapoor Shows 6 of His Most Evocative Works at Versailles

Iris Caldwell in the early 1960’s (Photo: Mirror)


Fiction: George Harrison ran after a fan at the Cavern and kissed her after her brother had made fun of her in front of everyone for putting cotton in her bra.

Fact: “[After Rory Storm’s ‘announcement’ from the stage of The Morgue that his sister Iris had cotton stuffed in her bra, Iris took off down the street, very upset, hearing footsteps running behind her] And all the sudden, he caught up with me, turned me round, and it was George, and that was our first kiss. And nobody has ever - that was the best kiss ever in my life, and to this day, I remember that feeling in my tummy. Nobody ever kissed me like that. It was beautiful.” - Iris Caldwell, Beatles Stories: A Fab Four Fan’s Ultimate Road Trip [x]

Fact: Iris went on to date first George, and then some years later, Paul McCartney:

“My first girlfriend was Rory Storm’s sister, Iris Caldwell. She was really nice and had cotton wool in her bra. She probably didn’t ever think she was my girlfriend. You never know when you’re young; you just fancy somebody, or someone’s in the same room as you, and you end up thinking they’re your girlfriend. …I’d met Iris a couple of times and went round to her house and hung out. They had a little basement that they were trying to turn into a coffee club. That seemed to be the craze in the Fifties.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]

“'George,’ she says with a smile. 'He gave me my first kiss. He was lovely. Paul was charming. George had something else.’” - Iris Caldwell on who was the better kisser - George or Paul, The Mirror, 6 October 2012 [x]