• Yoosung:Hey Seven, why does Zen look so depressed?
  • 707:Oh, he’s just heart broken because his other half left him.
  • Yoosung:Huh?? MC left him?! Why??
  • 707:No, the mirror in his room broke.


Saturn from Above

(via APOD; Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Space Science Institute )

This image of Saturn could not have been taken from Earth. No Earth based picture could possibly view the night side of Saturn and the corresponding shadow cast across Saturn’s rings. Since Earth is much closer to the Sun than Saturn, only the day side of the ringed planet is visible from the Earth. In fact, this image mosaic was taken earlier this year by the robotic Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn, just before filming a 44-hour video of Saturn rotating. The beautiful rings of Saturn are seen in full expanse, while cloud details are visible including the polar hexagon surrounding the north pole. The Cassini mission is now in its final year as the spacecraft is scheduled to be programmed to dive into Saturn’s atmosphere next September.

The Music and the Mirror (6/?), Cat/Kara


In which Kara starts to deal with Cat’s preferential treatment, and meets a strikingly familiar place. Winn shows why he actually makes a pretty decent friend. And it’s time for a real rehearsal. 

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“You must have been young then,” Winn says, counting in his head. “I mean, it’s 11 years since Cat retired.”

“12,” Kara corrects. “Yeah, it was before that. I did see Cat, just not with my mom.”

“Lucky you,” Winn answers, getting restless and throwing his phone back in his backpack. “I mean, I’ve seen the videos. It’s kinda something, working for a living legend. People still rave about her, even now that the memories are getting kinda dusty.”

“Does she ever talk about it?” Kara asks. “Why she stopped, I mean? Because I followed her career like… well, it’s embarrassing how closely I followed it. Only there was never a clear answer. Just people implying things, and there were rumors of course. I just… does she tell you guys about it?”

“About why she stopped dancing?” Winn drains the rest of his juice. “Oh sure. Was it my first month? No, my second. Cat comes in, hugs each of us individually, and invites us into this circle of trust, sitting on the studio floor. Told us the whole story, start to finish.”

“Really?” Kara gasps.

“No!” Winn bursts out laughing. “Kara, she wouldn’t waste her breath telling us the choreography if she didn’t have to. We’re all just so many dancing puppets to her, until we do something special or useful. Like you must have.”

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Leela's first day as a cryogenics counselor and getting a tour of the building. They go into the room Fry's frozen in and he's the first person she notices. Seeing how scared he is, she quickly realizes he didn't choose to be frozen and she questions the ethics of a company that rips people away from their lives like this. And she's going to be working for them. How she much she's going to hate working for them. So Fry was already affecting her life before their even met.

ok first i’m gonna print this and hang it above my firepLACE BECAUSE IT IS BEAUTIFUL

and second, I once had a similar headcanon and I actually wanted to do a fan art about it… don’t know why i never did… anyway you’re making me realize that this is more important than I thought…

and all I can think about now is a young Leela finally free form the Orphanarium, seeing Fry for the first time and wondering if that wasn’t just a different kind of prison

because yes Leela must have seen him. Must have wondered how he got there. Must have checked out the countdown on his clock slowly approaching!!! Must have been curious of meeting him !!!!!!!! MUST HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT HER YOUNG SELF AS SHE RUN AWAY WITH HIM FINALLY FREE FROM HER PRISON !!!!!!!!!andsdghs!!dgh!! O M G IT’S BEEN 17 YEARS I SHOULDn’T HAVE THIS KIND OF FEELSSS

Hi! I’m a new blog, but not new to tumblr :) I follow like 60 ppl and would like to give my dash more life

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IDK if that’s a long list i havent needed to make a list like this in years! anyways thank you have a nice day!