anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your blog so much! I want to know... All these apartments looks full of sunshine. Do you know any method makes a room more lightened? Cause my room is so poor about sunlight.

Hi! First of all, most of the homes that I post are professionally photographed so that means that they probably used artificial lighting ánd they photoshop a bit afterwards to make it look even brighter. 

There are some things you can do if you room doesn’t get much natural light such as:

- pay attention to the lighting you put in your room

- avoid dark and bulky furniture

- use mirrors, not only do they reflect light but they also make a room look bigger

- painting your room white isn’t always the best option if you have a dark room. If there isn’t much sun coming through your window white can make your room look bland and cold instead of bright and sunny. 

Just a few tips here, I might do a proper post about it one day and then I will obviously post a link to it ♥