mirrored surface

simple daily crafts (i)

i don’t have access to most witch resources (herbs, crystals, divination tools, etc) so i often opt to incorporate simple witchcraft on my daily routines:

  • chanting a spell as i take a shower to cleanse my body and re-establish a layer of protection (great for witches who associate with water)
  • use spells to help my skin be clear and healthy as i do my skincare routine
  • draw sigils on foggy surfaces (eg. mirrors after a hot shower)
  • pour good intentions into my cooking (health, prosperity, etc for those who eat it)
  • enchant my drinks so they can help cleanse my body from the inside
  • get permission to eat edible offerings to impart the energy, strength, and wisdom of my deities/guardians/etc
  • use part salt water when i mop the floor to cleanse my space regularly
  • enchant my money so that when they’re with me, they keep my finances prosperous and when i use them they’ll help me earn more in the future (you can also enchant them so nobody can use them for “bad” purposes, curse those who steal it, etc the possibility is endless)
  • enchant and charge my detergent so when i wash my clothes, any energy that negatively impact me that stuck to them will be neutralized
  • use glamour spells when i put on my make up
  • cleanse my living space using smoke from incenses (usually ones i’ve offered to my patron deity, after getting their permission) and establish a layer of invisibility protection
  • use novels and textbooks i have for bibliomancy
  • basically enchant everything and anything cause there are no limits to this!
👁 Spell of Shattered Sight 👁

inspired by Once Upon A Time, a curse that makes a person only see the most ugly aspects of themselves and others around them

“[The Nordic King] was so devastated he decided his kingdom should share his pain. So he spent years harnessing dark magic, used it on the mirror and cast a spell over his entire kingdom. It made his subjects see only the worst in the ones they loved. And they turned on each other, destroying themselves.”

👁 gather: a mirror, something to write on glass, a taglock, rose petals, a candle, a fire-safe surface, and a cloth.

👁 on the mirror, draw an eye. 

👁  add sigils for specific things you want the person to notice.

👁 place the taglock on top of the mirror. 

👁 burn the rose petals to ash.

👁 scatter the cooled ash over the mirror’s surface. 

👁 cover with a cloth, do not look at the mirror after this. 

👁 to remove the spell, clean the mirror off without looking at it directly.

who is yuuri katsuki

feet on the ice, wind in his hair, hot spring steam coiling in his veins from birth on, warm fingertips hiding on thin fingers stuck in black gloves. bubbling water on burning muscles, green tea in the morning and at night. a mother’s kiss. a father’s kiss. a sister’s, friend’s, tutor’s hugs, over and over. love. love. love. being utterly average in school, wanting to go home. blades of a skate on pale skin. the stone steps in front of the rink. standing on a mirror-smooth surface.

the first touch of metal to ice. flying, screams stuck in throat, knowing.

long shirts. long pants. frost biting at open skin, steam melting the pain away. soft-cooked noodles. spring onions, broth that breathes hope back into cells. the golden inside of an egg melting in a mouth. sitting on a bed at night and looking at the moon. praying to nobody. nails so bitten that they bleed. feet cramping. shivering. fear. wishing it to be over. hoping for everything. being so loved that failing feels like betrayal.

failing anyways. leaving home. failing more. foreign countries, travelling. too much coffee. books. the polish that smoothes the metal that carries him over the mirror to heaven.

miracles. sunlight. bone-deep thrumming panic. disbelief. crying to sleep, crying in front of everyone. feeling stupid, untalented. new glasses. dark hair. eyes so warm nobody believes they would ever run out of love to give. watching others conquer the ice, trying the same, losing.

meeting people. standing up. a new scarf. curly dog fur. a mother’s hug. ballet shoes. pink ribbons. cracked lips. foreign languages. cold wind and new scents. disbelief until reality settles in. deep, deep breaths until lungs feel like bursting. body changes. running. stretching until muscles yawn awake.

the ice’s screech turning into a whisper turning into the whistle of a flute, the hum of a violin. an orchestra. a symphony. mastery blooming in the empty grave of insecurity. 

dancing. ears red from cold and open for criticism. learning. remembering. falling and bruises that hurt until tears come.

a kiss. losing adoration. finding something deeper.

another pair of hands. glitter. diamonds. slicked-back hair. eyes wide open, warm still, calm too. 

flying, again. being the centre of a crowd’s attention. kindness. smiling more. lipbalm. dark lashes fluttering shut. confessions. blushing against pale skin.

fighting. winning. peppermint. moonlight. understanding words in a language he just began to learn. soft sheets. not sleeping alone. tearing down an altar to paint the tarot card of lovers into the dirt. 

waking at night. not alone. fingers tangling with even paler ones. ink stains from a pen. diaries. hope. lullabies. 


This is one of those files every doll will LOVE… you are not a girl… not a boy… all you are is a mindless TOY… as the colours SWIRL around you and you sink deeper into them… unable to look away from the mirrors surface and it SWIRLS and draws you deeper… until all the colours turn into PINK and the Dolly can no longer THINK

Séance Water

From time to time we all need to cleanse our sacred space where we connect to spirits and the divine.  When this happens for myself, I brew up a little something I like to call Séance Water. This water is meant to cleanse surfaces or mirrors that are used in divination or any type of trance.  It keeps your area cleansed of physical and spiritual dirt while simultaneously allowing the good woo woo back in.  Here’s how you can make some: 

I like to start off with a nice cast iron cauldron or dutch oven.  If you don’t have one that’s okay.  Put your cauldron on the stove and add the following:

2 cups water 

¼ cup vinegar (I like to use apple cider vinegar)

1tsp lemon juice

1tbs dried mugwort

1tsp dried juniper berry

¼ cup dried rose petal

Once you have these ingredients in your cauldron, you want to just warm them up.  Don’t boil them as this isn’t good for cast iron, just heat them on low for about ten minutes.  I like to give them a good stir at this time and make sure my herbs are being blended into the mixture.  Once it’s warm remove from heat and add 7 drops of Rosemary essential oil and 7 drops of Cypress essential oil.  This step is optional of course.  

Let the mixture cool some and then strain (or don’t) into a bowl, jar, or spray bottle where you can easily distribute the mixture onto a wash cloth.  Saturate your wash cloth in the potion and cleanse away all of those spiritual, and physical, nasties.  I find that this solution works wonderful on highly, let’s say used, surfaces and mirrors.  Once the surface is clean, allow to air dry.  

You of course have the ability to change or substitute any of the listed ingredients.  I would say only that I never like to use salt or white sage in my Séance water or any cleansing solution that is for dealing with objects connected to my spirit guides.  We wouldn’t want them to leave forever, now would we? 

OK but just imagine the Slytherin common room.

No way we will be content in a dank af dungeon probably breathing in 1,000 year old mould nah. 

It’s under the lake, and it’s all big windows with the most comfortable chairs and couches pushed up against them as close as they can be and everyone becomes familiar with the innumerable creatures of the lake.

The ceiling is high and vaulted, draped with cloth that mirrors the lake surface, a perfect image of everything from those clear summer days, to the refracted image of the moon and stars, and the violent storms when lightning hits the surface, each providing their own unique type of light.

Instead of old damp stone the floors are an ancient marble perfect for reflecting and maximising the light that is so soft from years and years of foot-traffic that carpets are unnecessary and it is simply kept warm with a charm for those who would rather walk barefooted.

The room itself is circular and the eye is drawn to the fire pit in the centre, charmed to be smokeless and sunk inside a ring of pillows and blankets reminiscent of gathering halls in antediluvian villages and there is naught a time without at least two students sleeping there.

Contrary to the stereotype of dark and deep and cold the Slytherin common room is warm and soft and illuminated, and proud as both the ancient pureblood lines from years before, but not so proud as the students that live here now. The students from pureblooded families, and the halfboods, and the muggleborns too.

April 29, 2016

Wednesday of my week long visit to Daddy had arrived.  After Daddy’s disappointment with how the mirrored surfaces were following my dusting the day before, i was anxious to redeem myself with some surprise cleaning.   my plan was to not only Windex the mirrored surfaces but to also Windex all the windows in the apartment.  Daddy’s apartment has tons of windows so for the better part of the morning and the first part of the afternoon, i was washing windows in nothing but my uniform (black jock strap).  The only other thing i was wearing was the dog tag that says i am the property of HungBlkMaster.  Every car that passed by had the ability to see me for the white fag boy that i am.  i didn’t care in the slightest.  There is nothing about being Daddy’s boy that i am ashamed of.  It is a privilege and an honor.

After working on the windows, it was time to prepare for Daddy’s arrival.  i cleaned myself up on the outside and of course the inside of Daddy’s pussy in case He wanted to use it.  Then i sat down on a chair by the window watching for Daddy to arrive so i could greet Him as He now expects to be greeted.  Finally, i saw Daddy walk around the corner towards His apartment.  i quickly went to the entry hall and since Daddy’s pussy was clean and available for use, i assumed the “present” position with Daddy’s pussy up in the air and facing the door.  i heard the door open and Daddy’s footsteps across the wood floor as i anticipated Him reaching down to inspect His pussy.  Even though, i knew it was coming, i couldn’t help but flinch as Daddy’s fingers tickled the lips of His very hungry and sensitive pussy.  When He was satisfied with what He felt and say, He said, “good boy” and i turned around and gave His Big Beautiful Black Dick a kiss through His pants.

Daddy told me i could get up and when i did, i eagerly showed Daddy the work i had done.  He was much more pleased today and i felt a sense of redemption from the previous day.  After gushing a bit over how clean the windows were, Daddy led us to His bedroom, where He proceeded to have us both smoke some weed.  It seemed clear that while we were smoking, there wasn’t going to be any service.  While it is unusual for me to smoke without service on the horizon, it is not uncommon for Daddy to want to smoke when He gets home from work.  It is part of Daddy’s way of relaxing when He gets home from work.

Today to help Daddy relax further, He laid down face first on the bed in just His underwear and ordered me to start rubbing His back. For the next 10 minutes i caressed and gently rubbed His back and could feel Him relaxing more and more.  Then the order came to rub His ass.  Daddy felt so good under my hands yet i found myself wishing i was more stoned than i was.  When Daddy gets me more stoned than i was, He feels electric in my hands and find myself so desperate to serve Him that it becomes difficult to exercise the restraint to only caress and massage the areas that Daddy orders.  Today the restraint was easier because i wasn’t overly high.  After 20 minute of tending to Daddy’s ass He ordered me to return to His back and i massaged it for an additional 15 minutes.

Now that Daddy was completely relaxed, He started talking about dinner. We agreed that tonight would be a good night to go out to dinner.  As always, i enjoyed eating and conversing with Daddy.  When we returned home, i immediately stripped back down to just my uniform.  Problem was that i was feeling chilled and so i  had to crawl under the covers of the bed to stay warm.  i feared that i was giving Daddy the impression that i was ready for bed rather than serving Him, which is what i really wanted to do.  It seemed that Daddy was assuming exactly what i didn’t want Him to assume as He stripped down to His underwear and crawled into bed next to me.

Once Daddy was in bed, i rolled over so that i was facing him and began caressing His chest.  i loved how Daddy’s curly chest hairs felt under my fingers and the contrast that His smooth, soft nipples provided.  i gently rolled His hairs and nipples between my fingers.   Doing this, like always, has such a soothing effect on me.  my whole body relaxes and nothing else in the world seems to matter.  The problem was that on this night, i became so relaxed that i unintentionally dozed off.

i woke back up as Daddy told me to caress His balls.  This too is soothing for me and is actually the most common activity for me while laying next to my Lord and Master.  His balls were still covered by His underwear so my hand slid effortlessly over them as i quietly thanked Daddy for the privilege of caressing His balls.   In not much time Daddy wanted to feel my hands directly on His Beautiful Black Balls so He had me remove His underwear and resume caressing them.  As i caressed i could feel a stirring in my pathetic and worthless little clitty.  It didn’t get hard but the stirring made me want even more of Daddy.   Lucky for me Daddy wanted more too and soon He ordered me to caress His pubes as well as His balls.  The tight curly hairs of His pubes have the same effect on me as the ones on His chest but now there is the added benefit of my hand bumping up against His Powerful Black Dick.

Soon Daddy told me to add His Big Beautiful Black Dick to what i was caressing.  Daddy was super hard and felt so incredible in my hand.  i was so grateful for the honor and privilege of being able to hold a real man and a real dick.  While Daddy was fully hard, my disgusting fag stick stayed soft but that in no way diminished my enjoyment of caressing Daddy’s Beautiful Balls, Big Black Bull Dick and pubes.  Unfortunately, i was never able to wake up fully after dozing off earlier and Daddy too was tired and relaxed.  Soon we were both asleep with my undeserving hand on His Big Powerful Black Dick.  Once again, i had fallen asleep a content and lucky white fag boy.

[Supernatural Matsu AU]

Choromatsu, the orb conductor - commands the nasty-looking floating orbs dripping with slime, moving to his will.

Karamatsu, the glass manipulator - the use of it ranges from creating optical illusions of himself to watching out for their brothers by using a mirror and reflective surfaces around them. His power is difficult to control, as it can easily hurt and burn others.

Another Guild Wars 2 commission, sei-ka-shi-ka‘s character being a bit of a brat. I loved to draw her expression! Thank you for commissioning me!

Mairon and Mirrors

Okay, so I recently looked Phobs’ picture of Annatar!!Mairon looking into a mirror and seeing Sauron reflected back (which gives me total Ursula vibes, btw) again, and it gave me an idea for a heacanon.

What if, after the downfall of Angband and the capture of Melkor, Mairon can’t hide his true face from a reflection? He can make himself appear however he wants on the outside, but mirrors and reflective surfaces show his distorted and corrupted internal self. 

Just imagine Annatar showing up in Eregion and trying to make sure no one catches sight of his reflection. And then Annatar asking Celebrimbor to get rid of all the mirrors in the immediate vicinity, citing some bullshit excuse about mirrors being “tools of vanity” and Celebrimbor thinks it’s weird but goes along with it because, hey, Annatar’s the Maia here, so he obviously knows what he’s talking about.