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Break-up Novella.



I’m not 100% on this specific part of the Break-Up Novella bit I felt like I needed a filler part in between Parts 3 and 5. I promise you, Part 5 will be filled and it’ll be better and we’ll see their relationship really get better. There may or may not be a cheeky smut scene at the end, as well as the cutest scene I think I’ve ever written in my life. 

I’m really iffy on this part, so, I apologise in the horrendous flow. I really tried to work through it, I can promise you, haha. Chances are, I will come back to this a really re-do it to fit the novella properly. I lost all inspiration for this section and I’m so unsure as to why. I think I’ve just been SO excited to write the final part because I hate it when the missus and Harry fight because I just love them and I’m rooting for them SO hard… :(((

Enjoy! xx

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The Mirage by Doug Aitken

American artist Doug Aitken has built a small house-shaped structure, clad top-to-bottom in mirrors, in the desert outside Palm Springs. The Mirage sculpture is modeled on a ranch-style suburban American house. But it is composed of mirrored surfaces, which reflect the surroundings and camouflage the structure.

“Mirage distills the recognizable and repetitious suburban home into the essence of its lines, reflecting and disappearing into the vast western landscape,” said Aitken. The artists created the installation for the Desert X art festival, for which 16 artworks have been installed across the arid landscape of the Coachella Valley.

Follow the Source Link for image sources and more information.

White Lace | [S]

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MusclePig™ [12:27] : Are you free yet?

The obnoxious vibrations of your phone distract you from the splatter of paint that had you preoccupied for the past couple of hours.

You picked up your phone from your table, the light from it seemingly unpleasant as you typed in a quick response.

You [12:30] : Do you really want to go out that bad?

MusclePig™ [12:30]: I haven’t seen you in a week, my heart and dick are throbbing for you.

You threw your phone down on to your bed beside the hardwood table that you were seated on, silently laughing to yourself as you read his last message.

That’s definitely something Jungkook would say. Over the past couple of months you had gotten to know him better, the both of you often bonding over anime or stupid memes; sometimes just listening to each other as he babbled on about a new plot he had thought of.

You’d been avoiding going out with him over the past week, trying to focus on classes and the projects at hand. But Jungkook wouldn’t let you stay in this hermit hole that you had created for yourself.

MusclePig™ [12:31]: Pleasee~

You [12:33]: Pick me up in an hour.

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  • horror film: oooooh haunted/cursed mirror oooooo
  • me, who has to see my own reflection in every mirror/reflective surface, every damn day: nothing new bud
Kanej – Hades and Persephone

- she weaves flowers in her braid, she draws the light amidst the darkness he created

- he walks past her in her silks, peacock feathers in her hair, as she turns around, her eyes searching for his, but all he can watch is the pomegranate in her hand and its juice dripping to the floor like blood

- she sees the world from above and below, from the depths of the Barrel and the spires of Ghezen’s Hand; half of each year spent on either side of life

- she is the daughter of life, of sweeping fields of yellow wheat, the sweetest fruits, the coast of Ravka, etched into her memory alongside her mother’s scent and father’s voice

- he lives in fog and smoke, in alleys buried between houses that rise so high they squeeze out the sky between them; he sees a world painted in black and red, thrives on other people’s agony and despair

- he makes her a queen – his Wraith queen and he the king who built their court 

- there was never a more fearsome thing: the girl who chose to stay in his underworld, all the more threatening because of how kind she was, how hardened she had become, how capable she was of cruelty, yet of love at the same time

- she took him for what he was, she understood the need for the Lord of Death – their world might be worse for him, but he had made Ketterdam a city in which she could fight her way out of her humiliation and hate and that was all she cared about

- he was their king, but nobody was as feared as she, nobody drew everybody’s eye like the little Suli acrobat, ruthless captain of her death-ship, fearless in lofty heights, every other Barrel boss’ envy

- she took death from him, he life from her; they complemented each other, they had to be together, join together to defy the rest of the world

- he didn’t want to be bare, to let everyone see what his life in the underworld had made of him, what death had supposedly done to him. She saw him and cradled his hands in hers, as she realised he was still human, still had a heart beating in his chest.

- her lips spoke of the summer, dripping with honey, drew him towards her, but repulsed him at the same time. Her words spoke of darkness, her eyes of revenge. They drew him towards her, too. 

- she was a cracked mirror like him. Her surface gleamed silver with the moon enchanting him, but she didn’t make a secret of her past. Not to him. 

- they lived in the shadows, they lived in the secret alleys of a city which was home to ghosts floating along the streets, hiding what they were, forgetting it. But they were as happy as anyone can be under those conditions. They were fighting day to day, but fighting the battles they lived for. 

Andrea Dworkin | Our Blood

i’m subjective but you’re a hoax

the fake as more

deepest at its surface



“I,” as a woman?

The Arrangement (Part 4)

Summary: You spend the night at Dean’s place

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,000

Warnings: language, leering, smutty thoughts/implications/suggestions (PG13)

A/N: The next part is here EARLY because holidays suck and I have work to procrastinate, which makes me super productive with writing! Hope you guys like this part (side note: this GIF destroys me) (please check the tags, guys, a bunch aren’t working)

Need to catch up? Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Captain Phasma

As the First Order spreads its reign of fear across the galaxy, stormtroopers armed and armored for war lead the way. The sound of their marching feet is sometimes preceded by another steady gait. Next comes the sight of all of those troopers again, doubled by reflective chrome armor.

Supreme Leader Snoke’s master of ground troops, Captain Phasma, packs a punch on her own, too. Introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she joins Kylo Ren and General Hux as one of the newest icons of Star Wars villainy.

With an upcoming series bearing Phasma’s name, there’s more of the silver-armor-clad leader to come. For now, let’s take a look at the captain’s dossier.

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Bloomtale - Chapter 15 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 15 is up!!! Even if I’m on break, I keep updating things… Kaito, just go to sleep xD

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Mirrors (M)

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A/N: This is 100% pure, shameless, filth. I’m not even sorry about this, because it was fun as hell to write. Hoseok is a weakness and I’m proud of it.

Words: 3k.

Warnings: Rough smut, dirty talk, slight dominant themes, swearing.

With your hand clasped tightly around the brown paper bag, you walk through the sliding doors and into the BigHit building. Nodding politely at the guard at the desk, you flash your visitor’s badge and make your way to the elevator’s. With your back pressed to the railing perched on the wall, you hum quietly to yourself as you wait for it to reach the floor you need. It was late, almost one in the morning, and you knew that your boyfriend hadn’t eaten anything since earlier in the day, so you opted to pack him a few things to nibble on, worried that he’s overworking himself. Once the elevator reaches it’s destination, you quickly step out and walk to the last door on the right. Peering through the tiny window, you spot Hoseok sweeping across the floor, music vibrating from inside.

He had been working hard recently, trying to come up with a new choreography that was just right. He was rarely home, the dancer seemingly pushing himself further and further just so he can come up with something so precise and damn near perfect. He was stressed, you knew that all too well, and you were here to – hopefully – help take some of that stress away.

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Seth Clearwater Imagine: Date Night

Request 4: Reader is really short and gets teased from the others.

Music filled the small room we filled. It swept across the otherwise silent area. I was sitting on the counter while Kim and Emily towered over me. The girls gave inquisitive looks to one another as I gave them willing authoritative over my blank canvas. Kim points towards a colour in an eyeshadow pallet in Emily hands. Emily nods her head enthusiastically while she reaches for a brush. I close my eyes as I feel the smooth bristles of the brush dance back and forth across my eyelids. I feel like a doll that is being made; awaiting the finished masterpiece.

A knock forced it’s way into the room interrupting the music. The door nervously opened slowly. Sam poked in from the other side, “Seth is already here for (Y/N).” Emily went over to him and quickly peaked his lips and nodded her head. Both Kim and Emily returned to their unfinished work with vigorous determination. The mascara wand brush slowly across my eyelids, indicating that I was finally finished. I hoped off the counter and turned around to see myself on the other side of the mirror. I am fearfully excited.

Emily gripped my arm as I saw my reflection quickly drift away from the mirrors surface. The entire pack was crowded along the table eating various snacks that was left out for them. The ate in an effortless aggression that left the remains of their plates to vanish. Heads perked up from the sudden commotion of their imprints entering the scene. Seth got up from the table and stood there looking at with me with unwavering astonishment. The sight caused giggles to freely escape my mouth as I walk over to him. He instinctively wraps his arms around my waist and lens down and gentle kisses my lips.

“Wow Seth you have to lean over so much to get to your imprint that you turn into the Hunchback of Notre Dame,” Paul noted. Laugher barked loudly from all of the other pack members. My face was immediately invaded from the blush the spread across my cheeks.

“Literally anyone here but you would be able to reach the top shelf,” Jared countered back.

“How is the weather down there (Y/N),” Embry questioned?  I rolled my eyes at the hundred year old comment. Seth wraps his arms around me and starts to lead me towards the door.

“Hey, my imprint is just more down to Earth then of you here,” Seth joked back. The mouths of the pack members that made comments opened. Everyone else in the room shouted and oooed at his words. Seth’s hands entangled with him as he pulled me out of the house as we dashed towards the truck. We both got in a slammed the doors.

“I can’t believe you said that,” I gushed in between my laugher from the events that engraved in my member.

“Neither can I,” he replied.

“So where are you taking me?”  He started the truck and began to drive away from the shocked faces that were left inside.

“It’s a surprise.” I smiled a leaned back in my seat, awaiting for the next astonishing uncertainty the night would hold.


According to Yana-san’s twitter, she updated the top pic on her official site, yanatoboso.com. So, I went there to see it.

We have this new pic of the earl with a mirror image. With the upsurge in (mirror) twin theory support, this pic is quite telling. I can’t even count how many times she has decided to have the earl reflected in mirrors or other shiny surfaces (like spoons, etc.).

“Ciel” has already been to Wonderland once before, but now he’s about to go Through the Looking Glass…? I do expect his whole world to turn upside down/backwards within the next few chapters. Ch127 is probably the start of that.

My ideal beginning/ wishes for the beginning for DA4

You enter the main menu showing a the lively scenery of a huge, unknown city in the background. Humans, elves and dwarves walk through the streets and in the far distance you can see strange but yet familiar looking ships on the horizon of a wide blue ocean. Depending on the time of day you play the scene is either set at morning, day, evening, or night, always with small details/ changes in terms of who’s seen in the streets the most.

You start a new game, the scene fades, and you are presented with the option to import a custom worldstate or not. Depending on your choice you are presented with several options: if you chose a custom worldstate they are [Import Inquisitor] or [Create New Character]. With [Import Inquisitor] you can select a worldstate or savegame. With [Create New Character] you are presented with the choice between the four races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Qunari. After you made your choice the screen fades to black and you hear the distant howling of wind. Snowflakes are falling and you hear fast steps of several people walking down a dark corridor. The first person you see is Harding, urgently leading a someone through a narrow corridor. You recognize her immediately, but her facial animations look a lot more smooth, and especially her hair looks incredibly nice and realistic, slightly moving as she walks. She doesn’t wear an Inquisition armour anymore, but her armour and the way she walks and talks emits a certain authority. “We should be good to go any moment,” she says as she opens a door and the camera pans into a familiar room. There is no table in the center anymore, but light falls down from the ceiling. Dozens of magical-looking machines were carried down here and across the door is a huge black mirror. Dagna is standing next to it as your character enters the room. You don’t see your face yet, only see the rough shape of your character in the dim light. Dagna beams at you full of excitement and expectations, looking at a small apparatus that seems to be some sort of clock. “This is so exciting!” she exclaims and suddenly the mirror lights up, showing you the black silhouette of your character against the warm light. It’s not an eluvian, it’s similar, but different in design, just as the light it emits. Then you see your character’s face for the first time as the camera dramatically flies around them. You enter the character creation.

If you chose to import your Inquisitor earlier you immediately recognize them. They look still the same, but the skin textures and facial animations are even more realistic, the hair looks nice and full and slightly moves as they examine the mirror in front of them. You are presented with the option to customize your character or take them as they were imported. If you chose to play a new character earlier you are now presented with a neutral looking face of a member of the race you chose - the first preset seems to be neither particularly male nor female, and it’s not ethnically white. You enter the character customization, either out of curiosity or because you want to change the preset of your new character. You find options for facial and bodyhair, can zoom out and change the body shape, and instead of choosing between “male” and “female” you have an endless slider between both extremes and can freely select from a set of different male or female sounding voices for your character, as well as pronouns. As you venture further into the CC it’s similar to the one of Inquisition, but the textures are nicer and the adjustments you can make are finer. You find all the old hairstyles, scars, and tattoo designs, so you can exactly rebuild an old character - but there are also a bunch of new options to reinvent yourself.

In the end you enter your character’s name and as you exit the CC a cutscene plays: you see that your character is wearing a small pendant around their neck that looks familiar. It starts to glow and emit a soft, bell-like sound, and your (new) Inquisitor opens the pendant to lift it a bit closer to their face. You get excited as a familiar, yet through the sending crystal slightly distorted voice says: “On our end everything is looking great. Everything is stable now. Are you ready?”

Your character says: “I’m ready.” They close the sending crystal and it falls back onto their chest. With determination but also a hint of fear in their eyes they look at the mirror. Over their shoulder you see Harding

“Be careful,” she says, slightly worried and doubtfully looking at the mirror in front of you both.

A dialogue wheel pops up and you choose to say “I’m always careful, Commander Harding” in a cheeky tone.

“Of course you are,” she smiles and your character reaches out with their right hand to touch the mirror surface. With no effort at all they push through, but you can see now that there is definitely some doubt and fear in their eyes. On the other side, the hand reappears in a similar mirror, but this one is in a much brighter and very differently designed room. A hand with a few noticeably rings and an intricately designed black leather glove with fine silver lines resembling scales immediately reaches out to grab your characters hand and pulls them through the magical barrier of the mirror. Your character blinks against the bright light and seem a bit insecure in the first moment. The camera cuts to the people in the room. There’s Dorian, still holding your character’s hand, smiling brightly. He almost didn’t change, apart from a hint of grey at his temples, and also a little more dramatically dressed - worthy of a magister. Then there’s also a tall blond woman in a flowing blue dress who seems familiar, and a bunch of other people, dwarves, humans, elves, even a qunari, who you don’t know yet, but they all seem excited. Some are even cheering that you made it through the mirror in one piece. Still smiling Dorian says: “Welcome to Tevinter” and depending on what character you’re playing his next line varies between anything from “we have a lot of work to do” to “it’s great to see you again” or even “you’re finally here, Amatus”.

I Get So Weak

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Angst, Drama

Summary: Request fic for @rocketginger. “hi can you do a gee x reader fic where gee has his lowest piont (drugs, booze,) and reader is like gonna help him with his struggles and fluffy stuff happens”.

A/N: I decided to make this a Band Member!Reader fic. Hope that’s ok. Oh, and trigger warning for alcohol/drug abuse, obviously. 

You’d been hanging out with the other bands of Warped Tour, enjoying the warm summer sunlight on your skin as you drifted between the throng of buses. But, soon it was going to be My Chemical Romance’s turn to take the stage. You knew you needed to stop procrastinating and start getting into your performance clothes soon. Those bulletproof vests made you look cool, but, damn, they made you overheat fast.

I’ll do my makeup first, you decided as you swung open the door of your band’s tour bus.

“Anyone seen my hand mirror?” you called as you ascended the stairs. You began looking for it in your bunk, but you didn’t see it.

Maybe Gerard borrowed it to do his eye shadow, you figured. You didn’t think anyone else was on the bus, because nobody had answered you when you shouted. You walked over to Gerard’s bunk and pulled open the privacy curtains.

You were surprised to find Gerard laying on his bed. At first, you thought he was sleeping, but then you noticed his vacant eyes were open.

“Hey,” you greeted him. “Why didn’t you answer me?”

He didn’t even blink.

“Hey,” you said again. “You ok, Gee?”

Then, you looked down towards his lap, and saw your hand mirror sitting there. Its surface was streaked with lines of white dust. Beside it was a half-empty bottle of vodka.

“Fuck,” you swore, realization dawning on you. “Gerard, is that what I think it is?”

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Creepypasta #1031: Something Fishes For People In Champagne Lake

Length: Medium

The following letter was delivered to my PO box 6 days ago with several ten-cent stamps more than 50 years old. It was typed by electric typewriter and folded neatly in thirds. There is business card in the center of the letter for a used Pontiac lot in Ox Bow Washington; there is a blue ball-point arrow pointing to a body of water in a mini map on the back. The letter has been transcribed verbatim:

June 17th, 1995

FROM: Gilbert Sena, Sr. (Nom De Plume)

TO: Howard Moxley

RE: Advertisement in June’s issue of Persistent Press, page 444: “Sell or trade me your secrets. All deals negotiable, practical and absolutely discrete”

Dear Mr. Moxley,

The world as we know it will be ending in God’s great second flood soon, so there is no reason in holding secrets anymore, no matter how large. I can’t tell you my real name or the real name of this lake, only the code name we used- Champagne, formally Opium Lake. I think the people in charge are on the lookout for the particular coordinates, so I marked the location on the card. It’s not on street maps anymore, but a smart lad like you can figure it out without a problem.

I guard a lake where something fishes for people. No one has ever seen the fisher. Some think it lives somewhere in the vents that open at the bottom of the lake. Sometimes I believe the water itself is alive. No one from my family ever needed to see the fisher, as evidence surrounded the lake in the form of things humans truly desire.

My great grandpop Chester was the first to make contact with the Indians near Champagne Lake. The first nations feared the lake and stayed at least a half a day’s journey from it, and would only say this one thing of it: “do not trust anything that comes in or goes out of it. Nothing survives in the water.”

While it was true the water of the lake was unnaturally free of even a slick of algae, my family saw the money in setting up a mill to fell the 1000 year old giant cedars and float them down to the city for a fat payout. Greed is strong, strong enough to make a man ignore the strangest things, including myself.

My family offered good miller pay with no questions asked, attracting hordes of criminals and those wanting to stay unknown. My family would never had made as much money as they did without the underground flow… not a single week passed where not less than a dozen men would lose their lives to visions of their loves struggling to swim in the center of the lake, calling their names, using their REAL voices. The lake reads your memories like an open book. The lake made some men see boats filled with whiskey and narcotics, guns and gold. It will make you see anything in order for you to swim in. Once you do, you are never seen again.

The mill was forced to shut down by the feds in 1930 after 95 men went in mass night dive; the only survivor said there was a “glowing doorway of light at the bottom of the lake”. Life has grown back around the lake, whom the lake also effects; I saw a mother elk paddle into the water to save a fawn, probably one that was lost to her long ago. Any and all fallen trees, dead animals, debris ash and fingernails alike vanishes, into what we think are volcanic vents below the lake.

My grandpop showed me the origin of the lake, a calcified bolder with a crack large enough to slide your hand resting up near the lake. The flow was able to keep the gigantic mile-long lake level by itself.

The water from the rock is pale and tastes like licking the side of a bolder mixed with pennies. Life seemed peaceful to me because I never saw an strange thing for the first 2 years, not until was 11 and saw the boat at the far end of the lake.

I ran as close as I could to it and saw the new aluminum boat filled with “Happy Birthday!” wrapping paper half-covering a mountain of game cartridges and consoles. My mother grabbed my arm to shake loose the idea of EVER stepping foot into the lake. 

“It WANTS you to swim inside” she warned that time, “Preferably to the bottom. You would throw you life away for toys?”

I always keep a six foot clearance from the shore, but the lake is cruel and creative as it is relentless. The lake has all manners ways to lure me in over the years: a golden husky puppy yelping and gargling for help, frightened with panic and confusion of why I wouldn’t help it when it was swimming towards me with all its strength. My dream bike rolling down a hill and right into the shallow part of the lake- if I hurry, I could grab it- or Becka Hoffman, girl of my dreams, bare chested and hip deep in the in the lake at moonlight, beckoning with her arms, grinning, cooing “it’s fine to swim in the lake if you don’t chase anything”. All lies.

It was an enchanting, wondrous hell, but it was better than any school or a job. I spent all the time I had in what was left of Champagne Lake. I ran a family gas station at the end of the turnaround and to warn tourists to turn around for 32 years. Most don’t look into the lake. Some do. There isn’t much an old man like me can do to stop a young buck who sees his love drowning in the lake, even if he looks into it for a second or two. 

The authorities already knew about the lake and could overlook a few missing people reports a year, but when 40 people from a music festival came a mile away came to swim and cool off, 39 of them swam to the bottom of the lake after “a gateway of loving white light opened in the bottom of the lake”, per one survivor who couldn’t swim. The only trace of the 39 is a cell phone and a pair of sunglasses on a branch.

Every American law enforcement and intelligence agency came to Champagne Lake over the course of three years and scanned the lake to find it not only devoid of bodies, but of all life in general- one agent even said that the bottom of the lake looked like a compulsively clean aquarium. Three separate agencies demanded that the lake be drained after their scans showed nothing. I was filling in for an ill elder then, and made the decision to go ahead, not that I had a choice. I wanted to see the fisher, if it indeed was at the bottom of the 300’ lake, but not before I told them at our first and ONLY meeting that it was all a lost cause- no matter HOW much water you take out of the lake, the spring will fill it right back up. 

They laughed at me said they already planned it all out by having two overflows down the mountain and a way to slow the flow. I warned them of my story my grandpop told me of the worst rains in a century that flooded the river and the community of Champagne Lake, and that the water, even as little as a three feet deep, is enough for people to disappear chasing their desires just as much as if it were Champagne lake itself. The managers walked out on me as I warned them it’s not a lake at all, it’s living, it’s a feeding creature. They started work the next day.

They cut a trench in the mountain down to an old riverbed while they bolted a plate over the stream of water from the rock. It worked for a day, when the water in the lake was low enough to vibrate and for us to hear a deep HMMMMMMHHHNNN hum that came from the deep in the cracks at the bottom the lake wide enough to swallow cars whole.

We then heard a creaking shear of metal and the explosion of a geyser from the bolted the plate to the rock. The skyscraper of water from the rock was now taller than the trees.

The pressure was too high to cap- no good if we did, all ten million gallons rushed down the mountain and knocked out most of Ox Bow and then stopped as suddenly as it began. Those that didn’t drown were chasing loved ones and pets in the disaster that followed. There are at least 3 Champagne lakes now.

The only thing that remains above water in town is the campground, and myself. The contractors are trying every crazy trick to plug the weeping crater, including injecting expanding foam into it and sealing it with a stone cap. Foam stronger than the stone itself they gloated. It’s working, for now, but I know the water is building pressure. I can hear it breaking the earth apart me under me. Good. Let it burst and cover the entire state in this cursed lake. Maybe it can even reach the ocean from here, then we ALL will be returning to the sea. At least people will see what they really want before they vanish forever. I hope I’ll never live to see it.

Glad to know another set of eyes on this. That’s all I want. 

~ Gil”

I found the town of Ox Bow on zoning maps. When I arrived, I found security fences up but nothing active, not even a line on the fence. In the distance, I heard a stony groan from deep within the mountains. It sounds like the entire area is going to erupt at any second.

I found a place to enter in the south east and followed an old road to a very large body of water resting between the tree-covered mountains, what was once Ox Bow. The mirror surface was broken only by the top of a church steeple, I was sure of that until I saw the canoe aimlessly drifting near the center of the lake. What I desired most was on it.

Credits to: IamHowardMoxley