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Ultimate school locker kit

 “Emergency” bag for your locker ideas:

  • Chapstick
  •  Hand lotion
  •  Extra headphones
  •  Tissues 
  •  Tylenol/midol 
  •  Feminine products
  •  Hand sanitizer 
  •  Cough drops
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Comfortable sweater/jumper
  •  Safety pins (possible wardrobe malfunctions)
  •  Lint roller
  •  A little extra money
  •  Re-usable water bottle
  •  Extra pen/pencil
  •  Wet wipes
  •  Mints/gum
  •  Travel sized mouthwash or breath strips,
  •  Mini toothbrush for after lunch
  •  Tweasers
  •  Mini mirror
  •  Extra pair of comfy socks (if it rains and your socks get soaked)
  •  Plenty of hair ties/elastics
  •  Bobby pins
  •  Hair clips
  •  Bandaids
  •  Deodorant 
  •  Extra set of house keys (if you forget yours at home)
  •  Perfume
  •  Tide to go (In case you spill something on your clothes)

I don’t wanna lose you now
I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now you hold
Show me how to fight for now
And I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
Comin’ back here to you once I figured it out
You were right here all along

EXO Wearing Your Clothes (OT9)~REACTION


It was quite confusing to walk in on your boyfriend, Baekhyun, checking himself out in the mirror in your favorite pair of skinny jeans. You would instantly tell him to take them off because like boi??? those are your jeans??? He would pull a pout and whine that they were just his size, and even despite your request he would prance around in them all day. Leaving you wondering how he was even your boyfriend.

“Baek. What the fuck?!”

“Jagiya! Don’t I look bootylicious?!”

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This lil shit decided that he had the audacity to steal your closet, and come out of the room wearing one of your crop tops, that he could barely fit over his broad shoulders. You had no idea what he was doing or why he was doing it, but you demanded he take it off. But, of course, instead of taking off your clothes he put one hand on his hip and claimed that he looked better than you do when you wore it…… he slept on the couch that night.

“Sehun, take it off!”

“Why?! I look better than you ever did in it.”

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Both of you were getting ready to sleep when Chanyeol came out of the bathroom wearing one of your sweatshirts. You were immediately confused as to how he fit himself into your sweatshirt because you were much smaller than he was. He look at your reaction and grinned like a little puppy, pointing out the fact that now they were wearing each others clothes since you were wearing one of his oversized sweatshirts that you stole from him.

“Chan…. What are you doing?”

“Since you’re wearing my sweatshirt isn’t it fair that I wear one of yours?”

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You dared Jongdae to dress up in your clothes during a (currently) dangerous game of truth or dare with the guys. You all almost died when he cockily came out of your room wearing one of your mini skirts, a pair of high knee socks, and heels. Like Sehun, he teasingly claimed that he looked better than you did wearing the same outfit. So, as a mental note, you told yourself to give him the outfit, since he looked “so good” in it.

“Oh my god, Jongdae, what even.”

“Jagiya, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I look fabulous.”

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You walked into your apartment to find Junmyeon laying on the couch wearing a pair of your snowflake covered pajamas. Instantly you would ask him why he was wearing your snow flake covered pajamas and all you got in response was a small giggle, and a wide grin.

“Junmyeon? What are you doing?”

“I’m just ‘chilling’” [insert giggle here]

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You would find Jongin and his dogs wearing matching flower crowns and each of them wearing a pastel dress from your closet. Immediately a small smile would cross your face as your Nini registered your presence and a slight blush crossed his cheeks. You thought it was quite cute that he was having a tea party with his dogs, and how he got embarrassed that you caught him in the middle of it.Y

“Jagi? Oh, gosh this is embarrassing.”

“Can I join?”

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This angel decided that you guys should have a “twin” day. So Yixing dressed in the exact same outfit as you. You had to admit, he looked pretty adorable in the blouse and jeans.

“Baobei, look!” I’m you!”

“We’re twinning!”

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Kyungsoo didn’t appreciate when you hid all of his clothes and replaced them with dressed from your closet. He especially wasn’t happy when he ended up having to trudge out of the bedroom wearing your knee length floral sundress. You found it completely amusing, and told him to give you a twirl, to which he returned with a death glare.

“Soo! You look cute!”

“Jagi. I want you to give me my clothes back….. now.”

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You were studying for an exam, which meant you were in your own little ball of stress focusing only on the information at hand. Minseok always got worried about the stress the exam gave you, so he wanted to take your mind away from even if for a minute. You were startled when music blasted from the living room, and Minseok came out of the bedroom wearing one of your floor length dresses, walking out like a model. You fell out of your chair, dying of laughter and Minseok looked at you with a satisfied expression on his face.

*inconsistent muttering*


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pairing: lams (hamilton/laurens)

modern AU

request: anon: Okay so on twitter there is a john Lauren’s bot and there is one tweet that says “alexander punched the mirror and now his hands r bleeding and i am kissing them better” and me and my friend said that would be a great fic idea and you’re a great writer and I was wondering if you can write it. I would appreciate it so much but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Thank you if you do and thank you for reading this ask😘

word count: 1119 (finally a decent ish length again)

warnings: swearing

a/n: I’M SO SORRY I’VE BEEN SO INACTIVE I HAVEN’T POSTED IN OVER A WEEK. i’ll go back to updating regularly soon. maybe. i made this longer and added domestic stuff, hope you enjoy :)



There’s a loud shattering sound and John winces, recognizing the sound of breaking glass. Alex is in the bathroom, and he’s probably broken that little mirror that John doesn’t even know where it came from.

But nope, there’s a loud holler of pain from the bathroom, followed by a string of curse words from Alex. Worried now, John hops up and knocks on the door. “Alex? You okay?”

“No,” Alex growls, his voice filled with pain. “Because Thomas Jefferson exists.”

“Alex, babe, I know Jefferson’s horrid, but why are you hurt? And why is the mirror smashed?”

Alex opens the door and presses a washcloth to his hand, wincing. “Um.”

John peeks past his boyfriend. The large mirror above the sink has been punched, and shards of glass litter the tiled floor. “What the hell?”

Alex half-grins. “Let me explain.”

“What did Jefferson do to make you break our mirror? Good luck explaining this one,” John says, accentuating the words mirror and this.

“He somehow got my number and sent me half a dozen texts while I was washing my hands and my gosh he just makes me so mad, John, you gotta understand! And he goaded me, and wouldn’t shut up and uggggggggh. So, I, uh…”

“Punched the mirror,” John supplies, and Alex nods, unable to meet his boyfriend’s eyes.

John sighs and grabs some bandages to patch up Alex’s bleeding hands. He doesn’t say a word, and neither does Alex, not even when John puts the ointment on and it has to hurt.

“Thanks,” Alex mumbles when John’s finished. John lifts Alex’s knuckles to his mouth and kisses the bandages. Alex breathes in sharply.

“What?” John asks, a teasing glint in his eyes. “Something wrong?”

“You…just…still wanna kiss me after I ruined the bathroom?”

“Not till you clean up the broken glass,” John shoots back, and he leaves the room.

“JOHN LAURENS!” Alex shouts, but John can tell that there’s no real anger behind it. He grins to himself.

Some time later, Alex emerges from the bathroom with the remainder of the mirror in a baggie. “What do we do with this?”

“Put it over there,” John says, waving in the direction of the corner. “Not sure. I’ll Google it later.”

Alex sets the bag down and then sits next to John on the couch. Silence lasts a full six seconds before he bursts. “I’m sorry, John.”

“Sorry for what?” Alex apologizing for anything is rare, and John wants to draw it out, savor the moment.

“For breaking our mirror.”

John nods. “And?…”

Alex looks confused. “And what?”

“For being…”

“No. I am not apologizing for that,” Alex says. John turns away. “No, please no,” he whines. “That asshole doesn’t deserve it.”

“I’m not kissing you till you say you’re sorry for getting mad.” John doesn’t even look at Alex, and he wonders how long it’ll be till the other man cracks.

Alex lasts an impressive seven seconds this time before cracking. “Fine! Fine! Fine! I’m sorry for getting so mad at Jefferson! I won’t even block his number! Fine! Will you kiss me now?”

“Say it in a nicer tone,” John instructs, holding in a laugh. It’s cute how Alex gets so worked up over silly little things like this.

“I’m. Sorry. For. Getting. Really. Mad. At. Jefferson. And. Breaking. The. Bathroom. Mirror.” Alex’s tone is even and measured, and even though he pauses after every word, it’s good enough for John.



“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Snow White is playing on the TV. John and Alex’s daughter, Mindy, is captivated by the movie. She’s about three and has recently discovered the exciting world of Disney. Alex shoots John a glance as the evil queen talks to her mirror, and Alex suppresses a giggle.

“Remember that day?” John asks, not taking his eyes off the screen. He tries to be quiet, but Mindy still turns around and gives him a shushing motion. He nods.

“Yeah,” Alex breathes into John’s ear. It tickles. “When I broke the mirror, and you made me apologize.”

“And then the next day I made you apologize to Jefferson. To his face.”

“That scarred me.”

“But then you and him stopped being at each other’s throats twenty-four seven, and I got to hear about things that weren’t Jefferson being terrible. That was nice.”

Alex laughs soundlessly. “I did talk about him a lot.”

“You’d think that you were secretly soulmates or something.”

“Ha. No.”

“Will you guys shut up, please?” Mindy asks, turning with a look of indignance on her face. “I can’t hear.”

“Sorry, sweetie,” Alex says, kissing her forehead. “You wanna restart it?”

“Just back to the mirror scene,” the little girl decides, snuggling in between her dads. “That’s the good part.”

John doesn’t want to laugh, but he does, and Mindy fumbles for the remote, hitting several different buttons before finding pause. “What’s so funny, Daddy?”

“It’s a long story,” Alex explains.

Mindy crosses her arms. “We got time.”

“I see you’ve taught her well,” John mumbles to Alex. Alex grins with half of his mouth.

“So back before we got married, before we adopted you, your daddy had…issues with this one guy he worked with,” John starts.

“He made me so mad,” Alex adds.

“It’s not good to be mad at people, Daddy,” Mindy says. “It makes you mean.”

Three year olds are so pure.

“Anyway, he sent your daddy some texts that made him very mad, and so he punched the mirror in the bathroom and broke it.”

Mindy’s mouth falls open. “Daddy!”

Alex holds his hands up. “Guilty.”

“That’s why the mirror scene is so funny to us,” John finishes.

“Didya get a new mirror?”

“I think so. I hope so,” Alex says, worry creeping into his tone. “Wouldn’t want someone to be renting that apartment and find no mirror.”

Mindy giggles. “Okay, can we watch the movie now?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.”

Some time later, Mindy’s fallen asleep, and Alex carries her to bed and tucks her in. “Goodnight, kiddo. Sweet dreams. Don’t punch any mirrors.”

“Is that just gonna be a running inside joke now?” John asks. Alex nods and then kisses him briefly. John tries to melt into the kiss, but Alex is already pulling away.

“Where are you going?” John mumbles, uncertain.

“To finish the movie, duh,” Alex shoots back. “We can cuddle on the couch.”

John happily skips after him and settles next to him. Alex hits play and then kisses John, and it’s nice, it’s so nice to be here and in love and raising a daughter and having inside jokes, even if the jokes are about Alex breaking a mirror.


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Harry was so close to the mirror now that his nose was nearly touching that of his reflection.
“Mum?” he whispered. “Dad?”
They just looked at him, smiling. And slowly, Harry looked into the faces of the other people in the mirror and saw other pairs of green eyes like his, other noses like his, even a little old man who looked as though he had Harry’s knobbly knees – Harry was looking at his family, for the first time in his life.
The Potters smiled and waved at Harry and he stared hungrily back at them, his hands pressed flat against the glass as though he was hoping to fall right through it and reach them. He had a powerful kind of ache inside of him, half joy, half terrible sadness.
—  J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
MBTI Mirror pairings as gifs


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Wave of the future: Terahertz chips a new way of seeing through matter

Electromagnetic pulses lasting one millionth of a millionth of a second may hold the key to advances in medical imaging, communications and drug development. But the pulses, called terahertz waves, have long required elaborate and expensive equipment to use.

Now, researchers at Princeton University have drastically shrunk much of that equipment: moving from a tabletop setup with lasers and mirrors to a pair of microchips small enough to fit on a fingertip.

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So I’m rewatching Hannibal s2 again and thinking about Peter Bernadone, his social worker, The Horse, and mirroring.

I think it’s pretty widely accepted that Peter is a Will mirror? and the social worker is a weak Hannibal mirror. This particular pair of mirrors is used specifically to point out a few things about, you guessed it, Will and Hannibal’s relationship:
1) Will is still deeply hurt and pissed™ at Hannibal for lying to him and framing him, and he states why when he asks Peter about having a “shadow” - someone you trusted, who took advantage?, a friend you thought was on your side and who understood you where others haven’t. It /matters/ that will’s beef with Hannibal is personal and not, ya know, based on like morality or more universal concepts of good and evil.

2) Will assumes Peter killed his social worker because it’s what he would do to Hannibal if given the opportunity… right? Well umm not exactly. Will could have shot Hannibal in his kitchen, but he walked away. Peter could have killed his social worker, but he didn’t. And he tells Will why. Peter never wanted to kill the social worker/serial killer, he just wanted him to suffer as he had made others suffer. Specifically? Peter wanted him to suffocate. So he sewed him into a horse. Which is why Peter being a Will mirror is so awesome, because…

The very next episode starts with Will’s wet dream about strangling (suffocating) Hannibal with a rope cinched by the harnessed ravenstag, which is honestly looking quite horse-like in Will’s dream sequence. Inspired by Peter, huh Will? And that’s the scene in which Will tells himself via Dream-Hannibal that if he wants to really understand Hannibal he’s gonna have to,, oops,,, let himself love him. Pretty big turning point and obviously massive foreshadowing with huge payoff in twotl. Will’s not quite there yet, but he’s thinking about it in his erotic bondage dreams. *insert shrug emoji*

But back to Peter and his desire to make the social worker suffer in the way his victims did. This mirrors Will’s plans for Hannibal in an even more metaphorical way. Will really did kind of drown, suffocate in s1 (all that water) - and it was arguably all Hannibal’s fault. And remember that Will’s anger with Hannibal is really just personal. It comes from betrayal, and really isn’t about the serial killing cannibal bit. Hannibal hurt Will as only a friend can hurt another. Will wants to give that back to him. “Resume my therapy” my ass - Will’s trying to figure out if Hannibal has /a heart that he can break/ (“why not appeal to my better nature?”) then he’ll feel what Will felt.

Sadly :’( Will gets to break Hannibal’s heart in mizumono, but right on the cusp of not wanting to anymore. That’s where the Peter/Will mirror stops holding up, which really only serves to further point out that a) Will’s not actually a “good moral person” in the widely accepted sense, and b) he was at odds with Hannibal for personal reasons, unlike Peter who only turned on his social worker violently on behalf of the victims of his crimes.

This is why this show is so compelling though?? Years later and I’m still having Deep Thoughts™ about the horse episode. I love looking back and seeing all the ways in which this story was always human, always a complicated “will they/won’t they” romance.


My friend also went and helped me get the items from The SERVAMP Premium Shop at Shibuya! XD It’s apparently an easy-to-spot shop located at a cosy little corner. :3

I’m so happy that he has enough good luck to get the Greed Pair even when the items are blind (random) items - meaning that you won’t know which you get until you bought and opened the package. And he apparently has a lot of Kuro luck too! :’D

Result of his shopping spree:
- Kuro postcard (bonus kuji lottery, random)
- Tsubaki postcard (bonus kuji lottery, random)
- Mikuni postcard (bonus kuji lottery, random)
- Melancholy Team Mini Mirror (x2)
- Envy Pair Mini Mirror (x1)
- Mikuni Sticky Pad (x1)
- Licht Sticky Pad (x1)
- Lawless Sticky Pad (x2)
- Kuro Sticky Pad (x3)
- Licht Big Strap (x1, non-random)
- Lawless Big Strap (x1, non-random)

I will be selling some of the items above after I sorted out my list of items to sell. :’D

Imagine you exist in a world where everyone has two differently coloured eyes. One eye’s colour will be inherited from their parents or grandparents, the other eye’s colour will be that of their soul mate’s.

Occasionally there are those who are born without the differently coloured eye. There are also those horror stories of being paired with murderers or rapists but those were generally the 0.587% of the population.

You were born with your left eye being a dark, almost black, brown colour which you inherited from your mother. Your right eye however was a deep, hypnotising bluish-green. You often found yourself staring into the mirror, wondering who the foreign eye belonged too.

One would normally find their soul mate when the two locked eyes. The differently coloured eye would fade away to match the other one and they would know they were destined to be together. Of course, some people spent their entire lives having never met their soul mate but again, those were rare.

You’re in New York, working as a tech engineer for Mr. Tony Stark while he juggles his company and his relationship with Pepper plus, his missions as an avenger. One bright Autumn morning, you wake up to see that Thor has brought a visitor with him and everyone else had congregated around the couch to, seemingly, interrogate the new arrival.

When you say hi, the guest turns to meet your eyes. And you are shocked to realise that his left eye is the same colour as your left eye. A dark, almost black, brown. Everyone stares in shock as your right eye and his left eye slowly fade away. You found your soul mate, and it appears that his name is Loki.

kind of gross

A/N: Sorry for the lateness! Thanks for being patient. Also, guys, I just got a wisdom tooth extracted two days ago, I’m in pain and now my jaw is cracking hahaha I hate everything about the dentist (: (that smiley is supposed to be passive aggressive, guys.)

#27: “I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror…”

pairing: barry allen x reader

“And, how long have you two been dating?” your coworker asked you. You sat back in the chair at the cafeteria and let a giant smile grace your face.

“About 6 months,” you answered her. She gushed about how cute you were when you pulled out your phone and she saw your lockscreen, which was one of the cutest selfies you and Barry had taken.

“That picture is seriously adorable… I want a boyfriend, too,” she groaned, laughing lightly. You laughed with her.

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To Understand; To Love // BamBam

Pairing: Bam Bam x Reader

Genre: Sad, fluff

Summary; You let your insecurities overwhelm you to the point of hating yourself more than ever. Fortunatly, BamBam refuses to let you think that way - and he shows you just how beautiful and perfect you are to him.

Please note also that there are mentions of slight eating disorders which may be triggering to some readers. Please be healthy and love your bodies no matter what!

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