mirrored mind

A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.
—  Ken Keyes

I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see.
I see things that can be fixed and things that can be hidden.
But I have no energy, I don’t have enough strength the change those things.
So I’m going to keep looking at this mirror hoping that one day, things might change.

But I know they won’t.

—  They won’t
  • Mercury in the 1st house: Hermes's Halo
  • Mercury in the 2nd house: Violin thoughts
  • Mercury in the 3rd house: Pixie Pocketbook
  • Mercury in the 4th house: Makes home headlines
  • Mercury in the 5th house: Trumpet thoughts
  • Mercury in the 6th house: Brain butterflies
  • Mercury in the 7th house: Mind mirror
  • Mercury in the 8th house: Natural hypnotist
  • Mercury in the 9th house: Perceptive Professor
  • Mercury in the 10th house: Thought castles
  • Mercury in the 11th house: Wi-Fi Mind
  • Mercury in the 12th house: Escaping my own mind
Mycroft or John?


He won’t shoot either of them.

He’ll shoot the mirror he’s staring into.

If this is in his Mind Palace: Breaking a mirror in a dream (or in one’s Mind Palace?) suggests that you are breaking an old image of yourself. Shooting the mirror here will mean Sherlock will realize once and for all that he doesn’t have to choose between what Mycroft and John symbolize - his mind and his heart, his logic and his emotions. If it’s a two-way mirror, shattering it will signal his confidence in moving forward, especially since our view here shows no door.

If this is in the real world: That two-way mirror will either have someone behind it or it will lead to an empty room (perhaps there’s some sort of diversion that causes the person watching to leave in a hurry OR it’s all part of some sick game of psychological horror and it doesn’t matter if Sherlock gets out or not, it’s just another test to see how clever he is, what he would be willing to do, and how much it’ll take for him to break). Shooting the mirror will give all of them an escape. The symbolism could apply here as well.

“magnus, can i ask you—”

the loft had been quiet for hours, silence heavy between flickering candles and those shelves of neatly lined up ingredients. every room was still in the early afternoon light, the sun just starting to think about dipping towards the horizon. or everything had been still until the front door opened. magnus heard it from the bedroom where he was carefully buttoning up his shirt but he didn’t think much of it, considering the wards only let through a handful of people. he had spent the morning finalizing potions and carefully restocking ingredients, but the rest of the day would be house calls, wards to fortify and helping someone with a rather pesky hellhound. for all of that, a different shirt was needed.

he was almost at the top button, appraising himself in the mirror, although his mind was on anything but his appearance. he was running over the spells he’d need for the wards and thinking about asking catarina when she wanted to have dinner next when alec’s voice cut through the silence and straight through his thoughts. he glanced up in the mirror, staring at alec’s reflection and instantly his brows pulled together.

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