mirrored court

Personal thought here. I just read the chap 8 of the extra game and to be honest I was disapointed with the way the match ended. It felt scamped. Like they just slapped on quick ending and that’s it. For a match like that? for the way it all started? They were introduced like the ultimate basketball breakers. The craziest and the shadiest in regards of Nash, what’s with all his Akashi-like skills. Damn, he was called the magician!!! I was in for smokes and mirrors of the court and truly crazy stuff. Not just loud shouts and angr,y screamed curses. Also, the way they win? So typical. (when there were so many thrilling and uncharted possibilities.) 

Aaanyway I just read it and had to say my two cents to let it out and go on, also, I don’t know if there’s any other following up judging by some kind of spoiler? I’ve seen around today, about Ogiwara appearing. Also, I don’t speak on behalf of the up-coming movie ‘cause maybe they’ll be changes (one of them is already disapointing seeing as it’ll not be an outdoors match, which was again a great opportunity to pull street tricks that are not ‘by the book’ to give the jabberwocks more personality.) Oh, and that’s it? Nash and Silver after all their big talks and insults and after all they’ve been advanced as a real challenge. Personally I was very intrigued about how they’ll deal with the loss (cause ofc they’ll have to lose) and how or if they’ll apologie, if they’ll try to harm them in a different way, if, if, if. But then nothing?

Well perhaps it’s all just from my side and I’m the only one who feel this way cause I got my hopes up after the garish way they’ve been introduced. 

Anyhow. that’s just my two rambling cents… I’ll just take the aokise supplement and go to the back~