The Lagoon Nebula in Hydrogen, Sulfur, and Oxygen

(via APOD; Image Credit & Copyright: John Nemcik )

The majestic Lagoon Nebula is filled with hot gas and the home for many young stars. Spanning 100 light years across while lying only about 5000 light years distant, the Lagoon Nebula is so big and bright that it can be seen without a telescope toward the constellation of the Archer (Sagittarius). Many bright stars are visible from NGC 6530, an open cluster that formed in the nebula only several million years ago. The greater nebula, also known as M8 and NGC 6523, is named “Lagoon” for the band of dust seen to the right of the open cluster’s center. The featured image was taken in the light emitted by Hydrogen (shown in brown), Sulfur (red), and Oxygen (blue) and displayed in enhanced color. The featured picture is a newly processed panorama of M8, capturing twice the diameter of the Full Moon. Star formation continues in the Lagoon Nebula as witnessed by the many globules that exist there.

See Me Mirror Set by k-omu

Created for: The Sims 4

Tired of the in-game mirrors? Here are 10 brand spanking new ones to enjoy. Set contains:

Backsplash Mirror - Shiftable, one swatch. Perfect behind kitchen counters.
First Aid Cabinet Mirror - Shiftable, two swatches (white, black). Frosted glass finish and a smooth cross cutout mirror, for stylish safety.
Hanging Square Mirror - Shiftable, four swatches (white, black, yellow, red). With a sleek finish and perfect for any room.
Leaning Neon Mirror - Four swatches (pink, cyan, lime, yellow) Leans casually against the wall and gives a matte, sharp pop of neon.
Leaning Metal Mirror - Four swatches (gold, copper, iron, silver) Leans casually against the wall and has a sharp, shiny edge of perfect metal.
Ornate Leaning Mirror - Three swatches (white, magenta, black) Leans beautifully against the wall and has textured, intricate detailing.
Simple Medium Mirror - Shiftable, one swatch. Perfect behind sinks and anywhere else.
Freestanding Metal Mirror - Floor mirror, three swatches (gold, copper, iron). Will provide any room with a sleek, industrial touch.
Tall and Massive Mirror (short) - Shiftable, one swatch (black). Provides a massive mirrored surface. For short, medium and tall walls.
Tall and Massive Mirror (tall) - Shiftable, one swatch (black). Provides a really massive mirrored surface. ONLY for medium and tall walls.

Download (TSR)