Louis Tomlinson struggles to raise a smile despite all the eye-candy on offer
The One Direction heartthrob couldn't manage a grin even alongside the likes of Kate Hudson and Lauren Conrad
By Edward Roberts

14:25, 30 APR 2016  UPDATED 14:25, 30 APR 2016  BY EDWARD ROBERTS

The One Direction heartthrob couldn’t manage a grin even alongside the likes of Kate Hudson and Lauren Conrad

From his adorable son Freddie to his millions of fans, Louis Tomlinson has PLENTY to be happy about.

Which is why it was so strange to see the singer struggling to raise a smile when he attended a star-studded party in Las Vegas on Friday.

We mean, it’s not like the place wasn’t packed to the rafters with stunning eye-candy during the opening of Intrigue Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas.

Louis found himself surrounded by a bevy of beauties, including Kate Hudson, Karrueche Tran and Lauren Conrad .

But the One Direction heartthrob just didn’t seem to be feeling the atmosphere as he posed for pictures on the red carpet.

Instead the 24-year-old looked slightly glum while wearing a red and black flannel shirt teamed with ripped skinny jeans.

Meanwhile the ladies in attendance appeared to be having a much better time.

In particular actress Kate was happy to soak up the limelight after coming dressed to impress in a cleavage-flashing ensemble.

The blonde beauty certainly had the wow factor as she rocked up wearing a plunging black jumpsuit.

Model Karrueche also put her assets on display wearing a stylish black dress.

The 27-year-old - best known for her rocky romance with Chris Brown - looked cheerier than anyone in the chic frock.

Reality star turned designer Lauren Conrad also turned heads as she donned an elegant halterneck dress.

Amongst those gaggle of gorgeous gals were a mix of other stunners from the entertainment industry.

Just some of the names knocking around included Vanessa Hudgens , Rachel Hilbert and Charlotte McKinney.

Now that sounds like a party!

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I'm curious to know: what's on Anti's side of the mirror? Mostly I'm curious if there are other people over there or if he's just alone or...? I don't mean to put pressure on you if you don't know but i figured you might since you wrote the mirror canon. also I love your blog uwu

I haven’t totally figured that out yet, to be honest! I think about it a lot (probably more often than I should), but I haven’t really settled on a solid headcanon.

I don’t think there are as many people, if there are others who exist there. Because not everyone has a demonic counterpart like Antisepticeye, so it would make sense that it’s a far less populated dimension. 

I get the sense that it’s darker, lonelier, and more unsettling in general. Being there gives you a perpetual feeling of paranoia, like someone’s always watching you, but there’s no one there. It’s draining in terms of both energy and happiness, and there’s a constant creepy-vibe to the atmosphere.

Hope that kinda helps, lol. Thank you, friend! X3

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Triple H Talks about wrestling Dean and Roman

Triple H spoke exclusively to the Mirror about facing the new generation of WWE Superstars and the NXT summer tour of the UK, which kicks off at Download Festival.

What was it like performing in front of UK fans again, when you took on Dean Ambrose at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on April 20?

It was awesome man. You know I think one of the things I probably miss most about not being a full-time performer is in some ways the European tours and coming over here. The fans in the UK are always so phenomenal, just loud and excited and thrilled for us to be here. It was really cool - last minute but really cool - to have this opportunity to come over here and be able to go back in time a little bit, work with some of the guys now and just see these fans again. It’s an awesome experience for me.

Ambrose earned the win and evened the scores between the pair of you, after you previously defeated him in a cracking match at Roadblock. How do you find working with Dean?

He’s awesome. He is one of those guys that just has this innate charisma about him. To me there is a relationship with guys when you are in the ring that you have and there is an unspoken sort of vibe and feel. Dean is one of those guys that when you stand in the ring with him, you can feel that back and forth vibe from the other side of the ring. You really don’t have to manufacture anything, you don’t have to dig deep for it, it’s just there. And it’s fun.

What’s great about these shows for me is you don’t have the pressure of pay-per-view and you don’t have the pressure of television. Trust me, people forget - and I said this to people when I was in Toronto for the Roadblock special - people forget I have done this three times in the last three years! There is a lot of pressure on it right? You try to mitigate that but you put a lot of pressure on yourself. It’s hard to enjoy the process sometimes. At WrestleMania there’s 100,000 people in a stadium - talk about feeling that pressure! It’s not that you don’t feel the pressure to perform here, but you can have more fun. You can come here and get in the ring in Newcastle and just enjoy the fact that it’s so loud, the place is packed and people are going crazy and just enjoy what you do.

What did you think of your match with Roman Reigns? Did you enjoy it?

Yeah, you know, it was a challenging situation on a lot of fronts. Roman is a unique character in the business and a polarising character, much like a John Cena or somebody like that. He’s a polarising character, you are in front of 100,000 people and you’re also coming up at the end of a six-and-a-half hour plus show - it was long. I was happy with it but to be honest I’ve not watched it back yet. I’m real funny about watching myself back at this point in time in my career, it’s hard for me to see the positives sometimes. But I was there, I kind of know how it went and how it felt out there and yeah, I was happy with it, I felt we did well and we did what we needed to do. For me it’s about getting to where you need to be. If you get to the end of a chapter in WWE, and the chapter delivered to get you where you needed to go to start the next chapter, then you did all right.

That’s where we are now, with Roman as champion. He is becoming more of a ‘tweener’ and as he keeps saying, not a bad guy, not a good guy, but THE guy. It’s set up an interesting dynamic leading into his feud with AJ Styles.

Yeah. I think the world is a different place now. I think you’re going to find it very hard now, at the top level, to find anybody that is either a good guy or a bad guy. Someone who is universally loved or universally disliked. It’s very difficult. I think part of that is the internet, in that I don’t care what the topic is, whether it’s politics, music, sports, anything, you can go on the internet and find somebody who loves it and somebody who hates it. You can jump on whatever conversation you want to have with people who are like-minded to what you think, or opposite-minded to what you think. And that emboldens your position right? So I think the time of 'hey, this is the guy and he’s the good guy’ and everybody goes 'yay he’s the good guy’ - I think that time has gone. And I think the time of saying 'this is the bad guy and he’s the evil one and everybody is going to hate that person’ is really gone too. Because there is just that level of, no matter if you’re the bad guy doing the worst possible thing you can do, there is somebody that goes: 'I like that, that’s cool, I like the fact he’s that evil, that’s cool’. There are people on the other side who want a hero saying 'hey, don’t quit, never surrender and I’m the underdog…’ all those things. I make that sound horrible - can you tell which way I slant? Ha ha.

I just think that either one or the other time is gone and you’re going to rub against that now. I think the real position in the business, and what we do now, is about just being true. Being real, being you and whatever that is, being true to the character that you create. And if you’re true to it and believe it and feel it, then people will buy it, either positively or negatively, they will get behind you one way or the other. As long as you’re true to that character and who that person is. If you sway from that character and wobble and vary, then there is no buy-in, because they see it’s just a front.

The rest of the interview can be found here