For anyone who caught tonights episode of The Flash, here are my thoughts on it! Btw I do have to say I LOVED everything about Westallen tonight. I’m so happy the showrunners are giving us what we wanted, Barry and Iris in a healthy and functional relationship. Grant and Candice have such great chemistry, and it showed in tonights episode

The new ‘Black Mirror’ episode “Playtest” was inspired by a critic’s tweet

Black Mirror season three’s second episode, “Playtest,” may be the first television episode inspired by a viral piece of criticism on Twitter. Knowing the episode’s origin makes what is otherwise a frustrating installment quite a bit more intriguing. Mallory Ortberg’s tweet that inspired the ep was only 10 words long.

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Propeller Shadows on Saturn’s Rings

(via APOD; Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Space Science Institute )

What created these unusually long shadows on Saturn’s rings? The dark shadows – visible near the middle of the image – extend opposite the Sun and, given their length, stem from objects having heights up to a few kilometers. The long shadows were unexpected given that the usual thickness of Saturn’s A and B rings is only about 10 meters. After considering the choppy but elongated shapes apparent near the B-ring edge, however, a leading theory has emerged that some kilometer-sized moonlets exist there that have enough gravity to create even larger vertical deflections of nearby small ring particles. The resulting ring waves are called propellers, named for how they appear individually. It is these coherent groups of smaller ring particles that are hypothesized to be casting the long shadows. The featured image was taken by the robotic Cassini spacecraft currently orbiting Saturn. The image was captured in 2009, near Saturn’s equinox, when sunlight streamed directly over the ring plane and caused the longest shadows to be cast.

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