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I can't stop imaging a scrawny fourteen-year-old Chekov holding up a baritone horn. So now I have this headcanon that Chekov did Marching Band. He was part of a college MB that accepted high schoolers and Starfleet Academy cadets if they passed auditions.

ohn o c u te yes pls 

and itd be rly nice for him bc there he could get his mid off things and the others there would be used to younger kids playing with them and respect him and hed have a rly nice little place of comfort there hh h h ye s i love that 

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aw bby i know, it sucks. if u rly want to take a break but find yourself coming back all the time you could always get someone else to change your password and when you feel like you should come back just contact them?

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If you really need a break, have someone go in and change your password, then contact them when you wanna comeback

 sounds like a plan hh hh i might actually do that