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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH at this point I’m crying because I don’t know what is even!…. but fear not guys! Here is my break down regardless, maybe something will come to me while I write this :))))

Like I said, I will talk about everything Nam Joon narrates from Demian in another post. I’ve been putting it off for a while but I think I’ll write it soon because things are starting to come together but yeah, separate post….


This is the same trailer that we see in the RUN MV, I mentioned it before in my other theories (which you may want to read as they are all linked). About Nam Joon running away and it looks like that’s the case. The trailer is in the dark, alone, where no one can find it. Or Nam Joon

Okay so it links with Kookie. The picture of the bird is in the envelope that Jung Kook put it in in BEGIN

Did Jung Kook send it to him? Was is sent by carrier pigeon? (lol okay I’m sorry) How did Nam Joon get his hands on it?

After looking at his, his whole body slumps, like energy was drained out of him (in disappointment, annoyance?) and turns his head to the desk (where he does his tattoo). Then we see this:

This bird again. It was also seen in BEGIN. I did some research but I couldn’t come up with a lot tbh. I did find something about bird augury. It’s when you use bird rhythms and their flight patterns to figure out your future. It is said that bird flying past you from left to right or to the west of the world means bad omen. In this scene the bird is going from right to left (although we don’t know if that direction also happens to be west but oh well) - signifying somethign bad will come. In BEGIN - we see the bird at the end, in REFLECTION - we see it at the beginning before Nam Joon tattoos himself. Adn these tattoos are where it gets interesting. I’ve managed to figure out what some of them are saying.

The tattoo that I’ve highlighted is saying “the birds rights its way out of the egg.” It comes from Demian:

I’ve always had a sinking feeling that the dots that we’re seeing are not dots. But eggs. Since that it park of the book. It also talks about how the bird comes out of the egg, it reminded my of the feathers coming out of the ‘dot/egg’ in Jung Kook’s film at the very end - like a bird hatching. Of course if you’ve read my other theories, Abraxas was in stigma and a big part of the story too. I’ll probably go into this is more detail in my Demian X WINGS post that I’ll do this weekend.

The other arm I’ve figured out is saying this:

First of all, this is a brilliant quote and it’s true too in a way! Okay i’mma stop myself before I get too deep into the quote and forget why I’m here, lol. The sentence makes me think about the word ‘reflection.’ If you hate something in someone else, it’s because you have it too. It’s reflected in you, which brings up hatred.

And then we see a vision of glass shattering.

It reminded me of the glass breaking in Danger, because you don’t hear a crashing sound, it’s not really a windscreen breaking but literally like a mirror smashing. When Yoon Gi throws the basketball at the mirror/window:

Also like in RUN, when he throws the chair at the mirror:

Okay, Yoon Gi is around broken glass a lot lolol (RUN Jap. Ver)

After the shattering glass, you see a message in Korean written in white pen - it translates to “you must survive” which was written by Nam Joon on the mirror in steam in the Prologue. When he sees this message, the message that he himself had written, he gets himself to stand up.

The next part is interesting to me because Nam Joon randomly just reaches up and covers his ears. Following that, all of the mirrors in the room smash to pieces.

So I decided to look at time frames, I’ve done that a lot in the past but didn’t find anything before (lol at my life) but this time I think I got something:

Nam Joon covers his ears at 1.46 in REFLECTION.

In BEGIN at 1.46 - Jung Kook calls out for his ‘hyung.’ And it’s kinda the same time that Yoon Gi hears the sound of the car crash in FIRST LOVE (how comes I didn’t pick up on this in my break down of film #4?????)

The key thing is, Nam Joon covers his hands as his maknae calls his name. Almost as if he doesn’t want to hear him, he doesn’t want to know. This goes on from my previous posts where I talked about hoe Nam Joon may have run away from everyone. If you’ve read it before, I talked about how he was living alone, and the trailer was empty except for feathers. Now, it has mirrors in it. HOLY S**T I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING!!!! NOTICE HOW AT THE END OF REFLECTION THE FEATHER ‘DOT’ AND THE MIRROR CRACKING ‘DOT’ MERGED TOGETHER! LIKE THE TRAILER HAD FEATHERS BUT NOW IT HAS MIRRORS IN IT!! CR*P OMG!!! I’m sorry omg that literally just came to me okay okay okay!!

So like I was saying, he ran away from all of the troubles he faced in the RUN video (especially because of V). This need to stay away from the others is shown when he runs for the phone. It’s all chained up, but who did it? I believe that Nam Joon may have done it himself to stop himself from answering if Tae, or anyone else for that matter, called (like I said it’s in my previous posts). He knows he shouldn’t even go to the phone in the first place, but he ran anyway, so he locked it up to prevent entry into the booth because he knew he’d go running regardless (I NEED U lyrics - it goes round and round, why do I keep coming back? … At this point I know I’m a fool, etc.)

So he doesn’t pick up the phone, and Tae may have lost the only hope he had - I feel like the dog has something to do with it. I went back and it turns out the the music in STIGMA and REFLECTION starts at exactly the same time 2.20.

So when Nam Joon runs to the phone booth, the dog appears at Tae’s side. It gives him hope, a last chance (I think I spoke about this before too). And when you look, the moment that Nam Joon turns away from the booth, is the time that the cage appears over Tae’s and the dog. As the lights fade away from Nam Joon, showing him leaning against the booth in despair, the cage fulls closes on Tae, and that’s the moment where he ‘breaks.’ You see the bottle dropping and the dog walking away. I think the saddest thing I found was this: Nam Joon’s film is only 3.02 and in Tae’s trailer at exactly 3.03, he asks for one last phone call. Literally, only a second! I think that also signifies that Tae literally lost out on his chance to get Nam Joon’s help, he pushed Joonie too far, and now he doesn’t have anyone to help him out whenever he needed it!

That’s my break down of this video. Did I leave anything out? Sorry it came out a bit later than usually, Friday’s are hectic lolol.

Lemmi know what you guys think of this! And tell me what you make out of these ridiculously confusing videos so far :D

- Widzz

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