If anybody has been wondering what I’ve been sewing lately, it’s this. And I hate myself for it. There are sequins everywhere, I will never escape them I just found one in my bed.
But hey look new cosplay!


1. Your favourite costume?

I really really loved my costume from last year which was beetlejuice! But some of my other favourites are Tokyo ghoul (Halloween 2015) and my skeleton costume (my Halloween birthday 2016)

2. Your favourite film(s)/book/series?

My favourite Halloween film is the Halloween Town series, I love it so much! But also Beetlejuice and The Addams Family and pretty much anything by Tim Burton!

3. What are you most afraid of?

Definitely demons and evil spirits, I watch far too much paranormal witness.

4. Favourite ghost/ghoul/monster?

I 🖤 Dracula

5. What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Having to go into the woods in pouring rain alone at 3am was pretty scary!

6. What are you going to be this year? (if you’re dressing up)

I’m not sure yet but I think I’m going to be Vince Noir from the mighty boosh (mirror ball suit)

7. What’s halloween like in your country/city?

Pretty standard, the weathers usually awful but there’s plenty of parties and kids trick or treating, I’m from England and it’s pretty standard every where here, I do wish we were a little more festive, it feels like if you don’t live in a city you have to go out of your way to do all the cool stuff!

8. Favourite Halloween decoration?

My parents got me a skeletons head table ornament which I love, and a skeleton face glass plate which I keep all my keys and trinkets on!

9. Are you superstitious?


10. If so what’s your favourite ghost story/urban legend?

I really love the story of Jack, the guy behind the jack-o-lantern and how he lost his soul. I haven’t read it in forever but I found it in the library when I was a little kid and I loved it!

11. Favourite autumn/fall pass time?

I really love spending my time on here with you guys but apart from that I love watching DIY’s on YouTube of how to do spooky crafts or themed food or Halloween makeup.

12. Favourite autumn/fall food and drink?

Love a good hot choc! I do love a good PSL but who doesn’t?

13. Trick or treat? (Explain)

Treat, because I’m greedy and socially awkward 😂 food always food!

14. Halloween party or scary night in with movies and food?

I love both but definitely a party! You can watch spooky movies all year round but you can’t go to a spooky party in January!

15. Favourite Halloween memory?

My favourite would be me and grandma throwing a Halloween party together when my parents went away or me and my dad being the reining pumpkin champions of the street every year🎃

16. Any Halloween ideas/tips/thoughts to share?

You can get a lot of cute stuff if the Halloween section of supermarkets! Like earnings and cutlery and black lipsticks! Plus if you go on November 1st it’s all on sale so you can stack up to keep you going strong for the next 300+ days!

17. Favourite spooky animal?

Bats! Bats are so cute! I love their little faces and fluffy bodies and little claw feet!

18. Favourite animated spooky film?

Corpse Bride or of course The Nightmare Before Christmas #classic

19. Gore, supernatural or thriller?

I love a good thriller, keeps me on the edge of my seat but in terms of scariness I’d have to go with supernatural!

20. If you had to be a classic supernatural being/monster which is would you pick?

Still going through the vampire phase in my life 😂 I’m so fanciated by them but also witches and warlocks and magic spells call out to me! Magic was my ultimate childhood fantasy

21. Ever seen a ghost?

I’ve had spooky experiences but I’ve never actually physically seen a ghost

22. Do you remember when you fell in love with Halloween/fall/autumn?

Bruh my mum has drawings from when I was about 7/8 that I did of bats and pumpkins in like July 😂 I’ve always been overly enthusiastic about Halloween and anything that comes with it!

23. Favourite weather?

When im in bed at night all tucked up and warm I love the sound of a storm, the rain and the wind is so settling to me, but if I had to go out, I love really overcast days with not much wind just chilly enough to wear a jacket and scarf and be warm! It’s a bonus if you can smell burning wood!

24. How far would you get in a zombie apocalypse?

I’d like to think I’d get pretty far to be honest!

25. What is your weapon of choice?

Definitely something solid and that didn’t need reloading like a good axe or sword or something??? Something sturdy that packs a punch while keeping me at a decent distance I guess

26. Favourite spooky music?

I love to listen to the cure!!! Lullaby is my go to spooky song and I 🖤 Robert Smith with all my spooky heart

27. Earliest Halloween memory?

Trick or treating on my street with my friends all of us dressed up together running around in the night in our costumes! Ahhh good times!

28. If you could have the powers of any Halloween creature what would you pick?

Again I’m present with the magic spell/vampire powers debate but for the sake of ease I’d say magic powers!

29. Do you decorate your house/when do you take the decorations down?

I dont 😂 go hard or go home, I love the way the look so my room is a Halloween shrine 24/7!

30. What are your halloweendreamz for 2017?

I’m moving to a city so I’m hoping for an extremely aesthetic Halloween setting with tons to do all month and a massive Halloween party I can dance the night away in!

31. Do you believe in magic?

I do!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My actual name is Keely I’m 20 and from England! I 🖤 80’s music and I’m in a band and as you can probably tell I LOVE anything spooky and or Halloween related, most of the clothes I own are made out of velvet and I’m always up for a chat so don’t be afraid to message me!

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