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crystalline rebellion // a kylux Mirror’s Edge AU

”It’s not too late for you y’know, you can come back. This can’t possibly be the life you want.”
”No,” Hux says. ”I can’t. You know what they’d do– this fragile truce with your kind won’t hold if I leave again, the information I hold is far too important. Kruger would decimate you all, you can’t outrun them forever.”

Ren laughs softly. ”Running’s what we do, Hux.”

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It’s friday, and below is a list of my fics that I like but may have not gotten as much notice as other works of mine so I want to spot-light them. 

Bioshock Infinite


  • To Ashes (Elsa falls for a fire princess. Needs edits to fix tense issue)

Legend of Korra

Mirror’s Edge

Pacific Rim


Tomb Raider


Big Hero Six AU's

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  1. Mirror’s Edge:
    Hiro’s a young runner, his brother working in the police force, but when his brother is arrested for a crime not committed by him, Hiro sets out to hunt down the bastards who locked him up and get Tadashi out of the City.
  2. Tomb Raider:
    Hiro’s not paid enough for this shit. Riding herd on three ridiculously rich teenagers - one of whom happens to be his brother - going off and finding mysterious artifacts all around the world is no mean feat. At least he has Wasabi and Fred.
    Oh god who’s he trying to kid, they’re useless.
  3. Pacific Rim:
    Hiro and Tadashi are young prodigies, entering the battle with a self-made robot of their own named Baymax, a highly evolved AI battle bot that has become increasingly complex as the brothers grew stronger together.
  4. RWBY:
    Hiro and Tadashi are entering the gorgeous San Fransokyo Beacon Academy, weilding some of the coolest weapons ever. Hiro’s wielding the powerful microbot, his own telepathic army of miniature guns, and Tadashi’s got Baymax, a triple-barrel revolver on a staff.

Oikawa knew what he was doing. He knew the probabilities of soldiers being in the place he was supposed to go, and how well and how fast he’d be able to blend in to a crowd with a bag full of top secret information. He had spent years doing his research, noticing even the smallest of changes in the enemy line, the soldiers that were lazier and the ones that had a short sight or a bad aim. His tracker rarely bothered to give him more information than where the soldiers were, so that Oikawa knew if there had been any changes recently. There rarely were.

I’ve been writing a Mirror’s Edge Iwaoi fic because I crave to destroy pretty faces with scars from bullets and infection as a result of the shot. Also tattoos, though they hardly destroy anything.

Miraculous Ladybug: Mirrors Edge AU

Consider a Mirrors Edge AU of Miraculous Ladybug.

A world controlled by Gabriel Agreste who seeks peace everywhere through very strict methods and cops. Everything is white, everyone’s life is scheduled through a sort of watch that you can’t take off called the gridLink.

If you disobey your schedule, you’re punished by the authorities, sometimes even killed.

You were supposed to go to the hairdresser on Monday and you didn’t. Authorities knock at your door.

In this world where you either obey or die live the Runners who belong to the rooftops. They never touch the ground, always living in the height of the buildings.

Those do not have schedules, and are not bound by gridLinks. They don’t work for the government or the authorities but as long as they don’t mess with those, they’re free to do whatever they want and the cops act as if they didn’t exist.

Their job consists into running errands for people. Stealing information, carrying messages, plugging spying devices etc…

All of it while running on the rooftops.

They may have code names that never divulge their identity if they’re not comfortable with it. But they cannot have gridLinks because Runners have beatLinks (kinda like gridLinks because they call and stuff y’know but they’re not under the watch of the authorities) and an interference happens when both of them are put on that makes none of them work correctly. So a double life might be hard.

Now imagine Ladybug and Chat Noir who are Runners.


Now add to this a villain plot with Hawkmoth.

Now imagine if Marinette and Adrien were the only ones ever who seem to be able to have their gridLink and beatLink work without interference, or maybe have 2 in 1 or idk.


anonymous asked:

With Mirror's edge catalyst coming out, I've been getting a freerunner AU chrobin idea. it still takes place in Ylisse, but there is no war w/plegia because Ylisse conquered them and assimilated them into their culture (join or die sort of thing). Robin's mom moved to Ylisse and became a freerunner in order to do odd jobs unseen by the knights. Robin takes after her and after a job, she discovers her latest customer is Prince Chrom who's been tracking her down for a while and want her to-

teach him how to be a free runner as well (idk, maybe they met as kids or something when he was disguised and saw her running on the rooftops. He was mesmerized ever since by the girl who could navigate anywhere in the world w/o fear of being hurt). She’s wary cause she usually avoids his knights, but after a test run she decides to teach if he pays her well/brings her books from his library (forgot to mention, but Ylisse is run by a false peace, the Exalt dad and mom is still alive).


I fucking love that game series it’s the best

and this is a rad AU

i’ll just be the mirror’s edge au

-Mod Aaron