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YA/Teen Fiction - Feb. 7, 2017

Shiro: Okay, now remember, gang, we’re only taking absolute necessities on our mission.

Lance: Aw, I guess we’re leaving you behind, Keith.

Keith: Come on. You’re better than that, Lance. Oh, wait. No, you’re not.

anonymous asked:

How would the UT and UF bros react to their s/o gulping down pills whenever they have the chance, and when they're off the pills, s/o becomes unstable, and needs the pills. Like, obsessive, need.

Undertale Sans
He catches on to what you’re doing immediately. And now he’s conflicted. Are you taking them because you need them, or just because you’re addicted to them? He doesn’t waste any time in figuring this out, because he confronts you about it within seconds of the first time he sees you doing it. Depending on the reasoning of you doing it, he will either try to convince you to slowly ween yourself off them completely, or will try to help you cut down on them. Even if you do need them, taking so many isn’t good for you. That much he knows. He will do his best to discreetly keep track of how often you’re taking the pills. If you start becoming unstable, he’ll either let you bump your dosage up just a bit more and ween off it slower, or he’ll just stay with you until your body adjusts to that amount. He’s really worried about you.

Undertale Papyrus
Much like his brother, he confronts you immediately. He’s seen what drugs can do to people.. He won’t mention who. But it wasn’t a pretty sight, and he doesn’t want that for you. So he’ll insist on helping you stop this. As much as he wants you to stop, he doesn’t want you to go Cold Turkey. That… wasn’t a pretty sight for him either.. So he grabs a notebook and a daily pill box. He writes down how much you can have each day, and then fills the daily pill box for the week. He trusts you to follow the regimen he put in place, but will very indiscreetly check up on you several times a day to make sure you’re doing okay, and to know how many pills you’ve taken. If you’re following the plan he set up, he’ll reward you with love and affection and a great big smile! If you’ve fallen behind on it, he’ll scold you just a little before he sits you down and attempts to encourage you to try a little harder. After all.. He does believe in you. And that’s got to count for something… Right?

Underfell Sans
He knows what you’re doing… But he doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t know what to say. He’s seen stuff like that before. He done stuff like that before… And it’s hard. He knows it is. And he’s not good with words. He knows that too. He also knows, that when you’re in that state of mind, any wrong word in the wrong place can tear you to pieces inside… So he does nothing… He doesn’t want to do nothing… But he’s afraid to do something. Just knowing how unstable you are… it hurts like glass stabbing his soul. He grows distant from you. You rarely see him. But he sees you. He watches you. He doesn’t want to hurt you. And he doesn’t want you to hurt yourself… One day he stops everything that he’s doing. He’s decided he’ll take a chance. For your sake. For… his sake. He confronts you out of no where and asks you why you’re taking so many pills. What you need them for… and no matter what you say, he has the same reaction… Just a blank stare into your eyes. He looks empty.
How did it come to this?
He does nothing….
He doesn’t know what to do…

Underfell Papyrus
This is something he’s never seen before. What is going on? Why are you taking so many pills? Why ALL the time? He doesn’t get it. So he tells you to stop. Pills are supposed to be for when you need them. And as far as he can tell, you don’t need them. Not right now. No! Stop it! Stop taking them! Why are you doing this?! He doesn’t understand. He takes your pills from you and tells you that you’re misusing them. You begin to behave differently. You’re unstable. He doesn’t understand. He yells at you to stop. To snap out of it. You beg for your pills. He refuses to give them to you. You don’t need them! Stop asking for them! You begin to plead. You’re desperate. You feel like you’re falling apart. He continues to refuse. He doesn’t understand. Why are you doing this….? Are they that important? Do you need them that much? What’s going on? Are you hiding something from him? He gives them back. He watches you taken them… He asks you to stop. You say you can’t. He tells you to stop. You say you just can’t do it. He begs you to stop. You say you don’t know how…..
Papyrus tries to understand. But he can’t. So he tries to learn about it. He learns about addiction. About your need for them. How you could possibly need them… but it may have gotten out of hand. He tries to help you. He wants to help you. Please let him help you….

The Switch: Chapter 2

Chapter 1 | HTTYD Fic Masterpost

Astrid and Hiccup are cursed… to switch bodies. RTTE-verse

Another fic that was suggested I finish! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish it… but here’s the next chapter! Enjoy!

“Okay…” Hiccup said slowly. “O…kay…”

“Stop doing that!” he heard his own voice say, irritated.

He looked over at himself—at Astrid, and saw that he—she was glaring at him.

“What?” he asked.

“Stop touching me!” she snapped.

With a jolt, he realized he had been absentmindedly moving his hands around the body he now inhabited, getting used to it. “Sorry,” he said, his face heating up, moving his hands away. “I’m just… shocked.”

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