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More Plot Holes

The Mirror Has Three Faces (4x10)

Supposedly, if Cece was a patient in Radley throughout this entire time period, wouldn’t Radley know that she’s CeCe Drake and not Alison DiLaurentis?

Also, if CeCe is truly Jessica’s child, why would Jessica even mention something like this to Alison? Even if Alison put CeCe up to this, don’t you think Jessica would try to cover it up because Alison could potentially find out that CeCe is her sister?

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The Last Time We Saw the Elusive “Dr.” Wren Kingston

I have been going over episode 4x10 “The Mirror Has Three Faces” in my head time and time again because it is the last time we saw Wren. I wanted to watch him closely to see if there were any clues hidden in his actions, so I decided to go back and re-watch the episode. I found a few details to be quite interesting.

The suspicious behavior begins when Hanna tracks him down at The Brew. She asks him if he can sneak her in to visit Mona in Radley, the same way that he snuck in CeCe Drake. (Mona was currently back in Radley because of her fake confession to Wilden’s murder, and little did we know at the time that CeCe was also a patient at Radley in the past. So Wren “sneaking” her in to see Mona doesn’t add up to begin with - unless, of course, CeCe had been released during Mona’s time as a patient and needed Wren to sneak her back in to visit Mona, so they could plan their “A” shit - We now know that CeCe was already a patient there during Mona’s first admittance, and Wren had to have known this as well. Which is one of the reasons why he is so suspicious!) He tells Hanna that he can’t help, but as soon as she leaves, he makes this infamous phone call to someone who is obviously his ally:

At the time, Veronica was serving as Ashley Marin’s defense attorney in the Darren Wilden murder case, so Wren heads over to the Hastings to carry out “his end” of the deal. 

On his way, he stops to spy on Hanna & Caleb… CREEP.

When he arrives to the Hastings, he violates his doctor-patient confidentiality agreement without a care in the world by telling Veronica that he is there to warn her about Mona. Mona, his own patient, and someone he is supposed to be protecting by law. He says that Mona is “going to turn the tables” on her & that she is dangerous. He says that by confessing to Wilden’s murder, Mona is somehow going to use it as a way to hurt the girls. “She wants to see them hurt, as well as the people closest to them, like Ashley Marin,” he says. Hmm sounds like something “A” would want, actually. And we now know that "A” was Charlotte DiLaurentis/Drake.

Wren knows that by saying this, Veronica will head straight to Radley to confront & threaten Mona. Those Hastings girls sure can be impulsive sometimes. The manipulation turns out to be a success, because that is exactly what Veronica does. 

After she leaves Radley and her visit with Mona, the confrontation is reported & she gets thrown off of Ashley’s defense case. Ashley is left without a lawyer during a critical time in her case. The DA begins to suspect that Mona’s confession to Wilden’s murder was coerced, and that the person who coerced her was Veronica. Obviously this is what Wren wanted, but I wonder what he would gain by causing difficulty in Ashley’s case? He obviously wanted her to stay in prison, but why? Maybe to “hurt the people closest” to the Liars, as well as hurt the Liars themselves. That’s funny, because this was definitely Charlotte’s main course of action in those days.

So now that Wren’s “end” has been taken care of, it lead me to wonder who the other person was that he was talking to on the phone & what “end” they had to take care of.

The only possible answers I could find in the entire episode are these:

1.) By Charlotte’s request, he was speaking to CeCe’s “roommate” in Philly, who Aria was currently on her way to meet. This roommate tells Aria the story about CeCe hating Alison and her 4 “she devil” friends because of something that went down before Ali went missing. Remember that frat party Alison took the Liars to before she disappeared? The one where a drunk girl was thrown down the stairs?

Well apparently when this happened, Alison spoke with the school committee and blamed CeCe for this, which got her kicked out of UPenn.

But it quickly became apparent that CeCe didn’t hate Alison because of all the interactions we saw between them after this episode aired, and also because of everything we found out in the 6A finale. CeCe loved Ali (who we now know was actually her sister, and then more recently we are told they were just cousins). But regardless of how they were related, Charlotte did a lot of things to prove that she loved her family member (even if it was just an obsession). Ali loved CeCe too & had her back when shit hit the fan even though she didn’t even know they were related at the time. CeCe also knew that Ali was alive once she had Mona dig up the bones at the graveyard, so if she hated her so bad like her roommate said, then why didn’t she blow up Ali’s lie & tell everyone that she faked her death and skipped town? We now know why - because CeCe ended up being Charlotte DiLaurentis/Drake/Big A and she obviously wanted Alison to herself. She had a plan in order to obtain her, and this plan was already set in motion. She wanted Alison, Mona, and all of the Liars trapped in the dollhouse so that she could play with them whenever she wanted.

So maybe, just maybe, Wren was instructed to make this call in order to help Charlotte move her plan right along.


2.) He called the Red Coat that was currently living in the DiLaurentis basement (and this Red Coat turns out to be Charlotte DiLaurentis/Drake in the flesh). Hanna heads over to find Emily at the DiLaurentis house, but no one is home. She goes into Ali’s room and catches a sense of nostalgia as she goes through her things. She opens her jewelry box and we get a glance of the reflection in the mirror: Red Coat is standing directly behind her.

Did Wren call Red Coat and have her steal something from the house so Hanna couldn’t find it? Or maybe they wanted to scare Hanna? If he did indeed call her, then the only picture that sticks in my mind is this:

Originally posted by plltherapysessions

Wren has been MIA for 2 ½ seasons, but he has been mentioned. There have also been many clues pointing towards London, England. And with the discovery that Elliot Rollins is also British, Wren will stick in the back of my mind until the very last episode of the very last season. 

WREN IS INVOLVED. Somehow, someway.


Countdown To S57 Female Characters 
[6/7] - 
Mona Vanderwaal 

► “You have to be so careful these days. It’s like you can’t trust anybody.”


Wren is painting a drawing (4x10) | Drawing in the Ezra’s cabin (4x15)

Coincidence?? Marlene King always says that nothing is random and there’s no coincidence in Rosewood so I’m trying figure out the conections between this very similar drawings. The questions are from where the drawings are? There someone else living in the Ezra’s cabin?

Big A is small... like Aria!

I noticed something when Aria walked in Mona´s room with Spencer and Emily in episode 5x23. She fits the same height as Big A with the blonde wig that walked into Mona´s room when she was “killed”.

Notice where the green paint on the wall meets the white it is just around the breasts of Big A… and there is Aria wearing heals and the red line shows just beneath her breasts… if she would take of the heals it would fit perfectly with Big A’s figure.

Also the same Blonde with the longer hair who walked into Mona’s house the first time right after we see Mona walking in is small just like Mona and Aria (who are almost the same height). Just look at that picture:

Mona is wearing very high heals and the bottom of her hips are in line with the red line above, and Big A has the top of her hips in line with the read line. This means that if Mona was not wearing those heals the red line would have been hitting her at the top of her hips just like Big A´s hips!

Here you can see that Mona and Aria are almost the same height:

There is some mysterious going on between those two, some kind of a connection… twins? sisters? crazy?

Let me remind you of that weird thing about their school lockers that they both include a tree sticker with birds and leaves who look exactly the same as well as a mirror.

Okay you guys, let’s talk about the 2 minute sneak!

So… i have a lot of mixed emotions. This is what I’ve been thinking:

- Hanna refers to Charles as a bitch (makes me think it is in fact a female & most likely CeCe)

- Hanna understands Charles story (damn, if he can make hanna feel bad, I’m buying tissue)

- The liars spoke to him like they have no clue who he is

- Spencer says “it doesn’t mean the game is over” very interesting wording

- The voicemail automative voice sounds so funny to me idk why lol maybe because i hear the moms in the back.

- & Sara…. just stop being so involved

- & of course Aria looking through a mirror seeing something. Her and mirrors are best friends.

The color yellow

Do we have actual proof that yellow was Bethany’s favorite color? The baby in the video is wrapped in a yellow blanket. Babies do not have favorite colors yet…

The two yellow dresses little Alison found were picked by Mrs D. Two yellow dresses. Why would both, Alison and Bethany, have the same favorite color? It doesn’t even matter who the second dress was for because one dress was definitely for Alison as she was supposed to lie about just finding one. Why would both kids favor the color yellow? Obviously, Alison doesn’t have the twin so…. Why?

The top Alison wore that night… we saw a flashback of how Mrs D tells Alison that she thought the other top was too revealing and how the yellow one is so much better..this sounds like manipulation to me.

It seems to me that the color yellow was Mrs D’s favorite color and she “brainwashed” Alison and Bethany into liking this color; just how she brainwashed Alison into believing there was only one dress.
She used a great manipulation tactic, too.

“Good girl.”
“Good boys.”
“You’re my favorite.” (I don’t remember if she ever said that, but seeing how she had three baby books of Alison.. I’m sure she said it or at least made Alison feel that way).

Jessica seemed very controlling and manipulative. She probably physically abused her kids as well as mentally.

We can see that very clearly in the flashback when Alison is playing the piano and Jessica storms in, obviously angry about the CeCe/Radley incidence; she grabs the fall board of the piano, and smashes it down, nearly crushing Alison’s fingers.

That broken arm Alison had when she was three….
The scar on her thigh…

Alison probably doesn’t remember these things because partially she doesn’t want to, but also because her mother probably used her brainwashing tactic on her after abusing her. Maybe even showered Alison with presents afterwards.

Anyway, I’m rambling. All I’m saying is that the color yellow was probably Jessica’s favorite color. And it seems that whoever A is, isn’t just obsessed with Alison but also with Jessica, because A’s behavior seems to mirror Jessica’s and Alison’s.