mirror pendant


Twofriendlywitches’ (almost) 300 follower/Yule giveaway!

Finally! After a few months of promising, here’s the giveaway we’ve been talking about!

Winner receives:

  • One tin of tansy

  • One tin of basil

  • A few comfrey roots and leaves

  • A pine wand with a wire wrapped handle and labradorite stone

  • Four small keys

  • Two mirrors

  • An amethyst wire wrapped pendant

  • A handful of river stones

  • One clam shell

  • One turkey feather and two chicken feathers (naturally shed)

  • Five pine cones

  • Two packages of incense sticks and an incense holder

  • One clam shell candle

  • A light blue votive

  • A dark blue tapered candle

  • One full spread (10 card) tarot reading from Ash


  • Must be following us! After all, this is a giveaway celebrating our amazing followers

  • Likes and reblogs count! Reblog as much as you want, just don’t spam your followers

  • Don’t tag this as giveaway!

  • No giveaway blogs (we will check)

  • You must be 18 or older, or have permission from your parents/guardians to enter!

  • Must be in the United States territory (sorry, shipping gets pricey for out of country!)

Giveaway ends January 9th! Remember, have fun, and happy holidays!

~River and Ash

A small entryway can still make a grand statement. This sophisticated entryway is enhanced with a large mirror that tricks the eye to believe the space is larger and brighter, while showcasing the stylishly designed space that’s perfect for welcoming your guests. 

(via We Heart It).


I’ve been working like crazy on lots of jewelry goodies — these are my mirror and timepiece sets! The mirror earrings are not real mirrors, but the pendant is (and I’m totally obsessed with it)! The timepiece sets aren’t real clocks, but they’re pretty steampunk and I think they’re rad. I hope you guys enjoy them — I will probably be working on updating my Etsy shop sooner or later with some new work!