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Rpg games!

So Leorio has been bothering me to let the world know of my RPG addiction. So I threw together this list of sorts because I just finished a bunch of awesome RPG horror games. I recommend these if you want something entertaining, and slightly scary. These are in order from my favorite, to least favorite! P.S. I absolutely forbid Gon from playing these games.

1. Ib (Amazing, need I say more?). Scary (7/10) Fun (9/10)

2. Forest of Drizzling Rain (not so scary, but pretty cute). Scary (5/10) Fun (9/10)

3. Alice Mare (short, and fun) Scary (6/10) Fun (8/10)

4. Mad Father (Spooky!). Scary (8/10) Fun (7/10)

5.  The Mirror Lied (this ones pretty weird, but very short.) Scary (4/10) Fun (5/10)

6. Misao (Story wasn’t my favorite, but it was fun game play) Scary (7/10) Fun (6/10)

7. Mermaid Swamp (the story is a little odd, and it’s definitely scary.) Scary (9/10) Fun (5/10)

8. The Crooked Man (It did it’s job well, and was unpleasantly scary. So unpleasant that its at the bottom..) Scary (10/10) Fun (4/10)

Soooo yeah! These were pretty fun, I know I’m forgetting some, but I’ll keep updating as I play more games.

Extra: Homework Salesman was really fun, but not at all a horror game. Scary (0/10) Fun (9/10)


Ok so, I was like bored, and I just decided to try making sprites but the design is actually Yume Nikki inspired….and just practicing my skills! : DD Whom else did I not join in there? :D (Well, you might guess for the last one….(Ow~) 

Btw, I’m GemuMeku….OoO

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Genre: Angst? But with the tiniest bit of cute at the end?

Word Count: 5,478

Prompt: Soulmate au where when you turn 18 you get a mark where your soulmate touches your skin for the first time and the mark only disappears after they touch you.

A/N: Sooooo this is something that I wrote a loooong time ago on another blog that no longer exists, but after some quick editing, I remembered how much I loved this piece, and I wanted to put it out into the world again. That being said, this was written before the release of CACW, so it’s not wholly accurate to the movie. Enjoy!!  ♡

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You remember being young when your mother told you the story of her soulmark.

She was only twenty. Going to school full time while working a part time job, she had no time to sit around and dwell on the day she would meet her soulmate. Though, that didn’t keep her from thinking about him at night sometimes. What he would look like, sound like, feel like… She told you of how she would sometimes trace the outlines of her mark in the dead of the night when she couldn’t sleep – how it always made her feel calm and warm inside. Two large, lightly colored handprints on her sides, one on her waist while the other fell lower towards her hip.

It was a chance encounter. She had been late getting off work that evening, running to her train and thankfully catching it before it took off, yet her late entrance meant that there were no more seats open. Alas, she stood by the door, hand grasping one of the rails for balance. It was only briefly into her ride when it happened. The train hit a short stop that sent everyone pitching forward, and, for your standing mother, that meant falling straight into a man standing but a foot away from her. His hands grabbed her sides while her hand went for his shoulder in an attempt to stop themselves from falling but to no avail. Collapsing on the floor, they almost didn’t notice what had just happened, but as your mother raised her red face to apologize to the man, she noticed that where her hand just was, a perfectly sized peach hand print was beginning to fade. Looking into the man’s eyes, she moved herself to a sitting position, her hands coming up to her mouth to cover the ever-growing smile on her face.

“My hands- Were they-” The man’s unsure voice was cut off by your mother’s giggle and a vigorous nod of her head. Then, the man, your father, began to smile too, and it didn’t matter that they were on the floor of a dirty train in that moment. Nothing else could have mattered in that moment but them.

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Andrew Logan Montgomery’s

THE ANGEL MOST HIGH, the work of Andrew Chumbley👌

‘As I mentioned before, the word “occult” simply means “hidden,” and the word “esoteric” means “inner” (its opposite is “exoteric,” the outer appearance of things).  These definitions must always be kept in mind by those approaching literature of this kind.  The really great occultists, and I think Chumbley belongs in this category, write passages like Russian matryoshka dolls.  If you look at the surface of what is written, you are missing what is hidden inside.  You need to dig, dig again, and then dig some more.  The reasoning behind this sort of thing is not merely to encode it–something that was desperately necessary in the centuries when the Church had the power to execute those who questioned its doctrines–nor to keep it from the eyes of the ‘profane.‘  The fact is occultists are often trying to communicate something incommunicable, or more to the point, something that the reader must seek for himself.  Once more, the world of magic is a mirror, and in digging through layers of a passage like this, the reader is looking deeper and deeper into himself.  You cannot simply be “told” any meaningful secret…it has to be discovered and earned.  My purpose is unpacking this 300-word passage of Chumbley’s is not only to illuminate his philosophy, but to demonstrate to the reader the intricacy of this kind of work.

And so Chumbley has given us a recycled version of the myth of Lucifer, simultaneously drawing us deeper and earlier to the Hebrew “fallen angel” myth that precedes the Christian retelling.  In doing so, he has tipped his Gnostic hand.  There are at least two deeper levels ahead, but we need to stop a minute and consider the meaning of what we have already discovered.  We need to dwell on “Gnostic” for a bit.

“Gnosticism” is an umbrella term for hundreds of sects, but what they all share is an approach to truth if not the same conclusions on what the “truth” is.  The Indian subcontinent, which gave rise to some of the richest philosophical and religious traditions in the world, often employs the word yoga when discussing spiritual practices.  This is not merely stretching and breathing exercises; in India it is synonymous with “religion.“  In fact, the word yoga is connected to the English “yoke,” both Sanskrit and English being descendants of a common Indo-European tongue.  They both mean the same thing; something that “joins” two things together.  This is exactly the meaning of “religion,” from the Latin re ligio (to bind two things together; “ligature” comes from the same source).  

India recognizes many types of yoga, or religious approaches, three of the most common being bhakti yoga (joining yourself to the divine through love and faith), karma yoga (joining yourself to the divine through good works and proper conduct), and jnaya yoga (joining yourself to the divine through knowledge and direct experience).  Historically, the Christian Church in the west decided early on that bhakti was the official method of coming to God, with karma running second.  But Christianity has always been uncomfortable with “knowledge,” a word again linguistically related to both the Sanskrit jnaya and the Greek gnosis through those same Indo-European roots.  It is a matter of historical record that the Church tried relentlessly to eradicate any knowledge that contradicted its teachings–the Renaissance only could occur after prolonged contact with Islamic civilization, which had preserved classical writings instead of destroying them.  The church discouraged seeking direct knowledge of the divine in favor of serving as the sanctioned intermediary between man and God.  The Gnostics, as their name implies, rebelled against this.  What joins all the various Gnostic sects is the doctrine of initiation, of discovery, of knowledge and personal experience as the road to truth.

We cannot blame the Church entirely for its discomfort with knowledge…it inherited this from the Hebrew priesthood it is modeled upon.  In retrospect it was probably Islam’s lack of an institutionalized religious authority that left it more open to knowledge; there was no Islamic church or temple that needed a monopoly on knowledge to justify is existence.  Twice in the Hebrew myths connected to this passage we have seen God frown upon “leaks” in heaven’s knowledge monopoly.  First in the passage’s reference to Eden and the serpent (the fall of Man caused by eating the fruit of knowledge) and second in its reference to the fall of the Watchers in 1 Enoch (damned for teaching the arts and sciences to men).  Ironically, the Church seems to have inherited its “we have all the answers” mentality from the very priesthood that Christ accused of not having all the answers.  But the Gnostics were having none of it, and Chumbley is throwing his lot in with theirs.

Which brings us to the part where we must lift the next veil.

Who the heck are these “Elder Gods” Chumbley is talking about?

While many readers are familiar with the story of Lucifer and that of the serpent in Eden, and careful readers of the Bible are aware of the Watchers and their dalliance with the daughters of men, this notion of gods existing before (G)od probably comes out of nowhere to them.  Well buckle those seat-belts gentle reader, this is where the real fun begins.  

Let’s start with the most obvious.  I cannot say with absolute certainty, but I would be more than willing to wager, that Chumbley is sneaking in a reference to H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional brood here.  Lovecraft–who was himself a materialist and atheist–wrote weird fiction and horror tales that often included the “Old Ones” or “Elder Gods.“  These were vast and incomprehensible alien beings who reigned over the cosmos long before man evolved, and fell into decline before the first human civilizations appeared.  Now they are somehow locked “outside” of our universe, and much of his fiction deals with them trying to get back in.  These Elder Gods were purely fictitious, but–as we shall see–reflective of genuine mythological beings.  More importantly, they found their way into occultism around the mid-20th century.  Anton LaVey–who like modern Chaos Magicians viewed belief as a tool and all gods as symbols–published two rituals dedicated to these Elder Gods.  Several other occultists, most notably the anonymous “Simon” and more recently Donald Tyson, have published their own versions of the Necronomicon, a book Lovecraft invented detailing these Old Ones.  But the reason I am quite comfortable in linking Chumbley with them is that Chumbley was a member of Kenneth Grant’s British offshoot of Aleister Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis from 1993-1999.  While Grant is a fascinating figure in his own right, what matters here is that he wrote extensively about Lovecraft’s prehistoric gods and included them in his magical teachings.  I have no doubt this is how Chumbley comes to incorporate them.

Am I telling you that Chumbley is now talking about fictional entities in his occult teachings?  Yes, and no.  We need to remember the mask and the mirror, the lies that point to truth.  I spoke at length in my article on Qutub on the Qabalistic concept of zero, of nothingness, and the true nature of God (ultimate reality).  Basically, the “real” God is by definition ineffable and incomprehensible.  Anything less and it could not be God.  Yahweh, like all gods, is a human invention, an attempt for the sake of convenience to put a face and a name to that which is nameless and faceless.  Yahweh is thus no more real than Lovecraft’s gods; but God being omniversal, these gods can tell us something true about God’s nature just as surely as Yawheh can.  In fact, from the Gnostic point of view, the Elder Gods are closer to an accurate conception of God than Yawheh is because Lovecraft’s deities are themselves incomprehensible.  By being outside our ability to understand, the Elder Gods are more reflective of real ultimate reality.  Further, the Gnostics believed that the “true” God existed outside of the universe, something we touched on in talking about the Azoetia.  For them, the universe was far too imperfect to be the handiwork of a perfect being, and thus ascribed Creation to the “Demiurge,” a manifestation of the true God with delusions of grandeur.  In their conception, this tyrannical God manufactures the universe and traps humanity within it.  Having fashioned the cosmos and shut himself away from the True God, the Demiurge becomes the “jealous” god of the Old Testament, convincing himself he is the one and only god and setting himself up as a despot.  The Gnostic path was to escape our prison and return to the True God outside of it.  Chumbley is clearly merging Lovecraft’s extra-dimensional deities with the Gnostic one.

Again, he has a sound reason for doing this, but before we get there a moment must be taken to scratch our heads over his cryptic “Those who are without number and yet are numbered as Eight.”  The first half should be easy to understand by now; without number is 0, the Qabalistic conception of nothingness.  The Eight is a bit more problematic.  I will submit three points for your consideration.

It is possible that Chumbley is taking a page from Crowley’s play book, and that this “Eight” is a sly reference to the “infinity” symbol (an 8 on its side).  Those who are without number and yet are infinite.

It is possible that Chumbley is nodding his head towards Chaos Magicians, another group he had close contact with (having written for the journal Chaos International).  Without getting distracted now–I plan on talking about Chaos Magic in a future entry–it is enough to say now that this school uses Chaos as a way to describe the same idea as the Qabalistic Zero, and that the unofficial but widely used Chaos symbol is an eight-pointed star.  We will come back to Chaos at the close of this entry, so keep it in mind.

Or it could be that he means the Qabalistic “Eight.“  Qabalah is another topic that demands an essay (or a hundred essays) unto itself, but to summarize here Qabalah ascribes symbolic meaning to numbers, especially the first ten, which form spheres of experience on a diagram called The Tree of Life.  We have already discussed the meaning of zero, but to fully grasp what Chumbley is telling us we need to breeze through the next ten.  I will use a model created by Aleister Crowley, the elegant and succinct “Naples Arrangement,” to summarize for you. 

After the infinite, indescribable perfection of Qabalistic nothingness, we arrive at One.  This is the mathematical point, or Qutub, again.  It is the “I” and the “eye,” a mystery we will save for later.  The point is the first manifestation of nothingness, positive yet undefinable.  It has position but nothing else.  It is the number of the Demiurge, the god who thinks it is the first to exist and the source for the rest of the universe (ie numbers).  “With the conception of the Universe was the Beginning and the Fall of the One, the One that men have named falsely,“ Chumbley tells us.  One thinks it is the first, but Nothing was before it.

"At the side of the One there was the Secret One, the Angel Most High, Emissary of the Elder Gods."  Here is the number Two, who Chumbley identifies with the Elder Gods (Zero).  Why?  The answer again is Crowley, who attempted to reconcile the old mystical question of whether the universe was dualistic, monistic, or nihilistic with an elegant equation.  The "dualistic” universe is that wherein God creates the universe but stands outside of it.  The monistic universe, most famously seen in the Indian Advaita Vedanta school, postulates that “all is One” and separateness is illusion.  The nihilistic school is typified by early Buddhism, and says the nature of the universe is nothingness.  This is also the Qablastic position.  Crowley stood forward and said “2=0,” that the universe appears dualistic and is simultaneously nihilistic.  In short, if all the pairs of opposites in the cosmos are viewed from a distance, everything vanishes into zero.  Observer and observed, hot and cold, light and dark…all of the positive “n” plus the negative “n” balance out to 0 (n + -n = 0).  It was a cornerstone of his system of Thelema.  “One” is leap-frogged over because it is not as perfect as Zero and cannot be defined without Two; “…position does not mean anything at all unless there is something else, some other position with which it can be compared.  One has to describe it.  The only way to do this is to have another Point, and that means one must invent the number Two…"  Here then is Chumbley’s Angel Most High, the number Two that is secretly the true manifestation of Zero and the "Secret One” that the One needs to even exist.

Then comes Three, a number that is necessary for the universe to begin.  Two points makes a line, but we cannot even say how long that line is without a third coordinate to measure it.  Three gives us the first geometric shape, the Triangle (the circle belongs to Zero), it gives us the synthesis that reconciles thesis and antithesis.  It is the child of the Mother and Father.  

Four is the manifestation of Matter, a point defined by three coordinates, the birth of the Third Dimension.  The first Pythagorean solid, the three sided pyramid, now is possible.  Five introduces Motion, and therefore “time."  Six is said to be where the Point becomes conscious, able to define itself by position, direction, and form.  Now the next three are forms of experience drawn from Indian philosophy, Ananda, Chit, and Sat.  These are the things the conscious and manifested point experiences on its journey.  Ananda is "bliss” or “sensation,” and is associated with Seven.  Sat is “being,” the awareness of existence.  That is number 9.  But the number 8, which I skipped over briefly, is “Knowledge."  And this brings us back to Chumbley’s "Those who are without number and yet are numbered as Eight” and the third possibility.  

Knowledge is the union of two points.  One point-event experiences another when they collide.  If it helps, think of “knowledge” in the Biblical sense.  But this is 2=0 again.  In knowing each other, two points become one and difference is erased.  The third possibility is a very Gnostic one, and ties up our entire discussion neatly.  The Eight could be Chaos, it could be Infinity or it could be Knowledge, all of which are expressions of the Qabalistic Zero or how to attain the ultimate reality of the Qabalistic Zero.  My suspicion is that it is simultaneously all three.’

Photo =
(Left) The Dragon-Book of Essex, by Andrew D. Chumbley - Pub 2014.
(Right) Twin-Lions Azoëtia, Sethos edition, by Andrew D. Chumbley - Pub 2003.

SEVENTEEN on a cute date with their s/o

A/N I do not own any of the gifs and to the requester if this wasn’t what you meant you can of course request again. (Request)


You were watching some old baby videos of you and your other siblings. he was supposed to be at practise, so he scared you when he said a  long “Aaaww.” at the tv where you were petting a dog. You  quickly tried to turn off the tv, because of embarrassment. “No wait you looked so adorable.” He said while taking the remote to himself. “I looked cute, what about now then” You pouted “How do you manage to get cuter every day?” He comforted you while making himself comfortable next to you.

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You were sad and not in the best mood. The rooftop of your appartment was your safe place and Jeonghan knew that. “hey Y/n how are you?” “not so good, but i will survive.” “Okay wait there.” then he hang up. In 20 minutes the door to the rooftop opened and Jeonghan came in (well out but like u know what i mean) with a couple of blankets, some snacks and a speaker. so thats how you spend your night with him, eating and listening to your favourite music. “You know that when ever you feel down you can come and talk to me even if my schedule is pretty full I always have time for you.” You took you closer to him and started singing with the music.

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Imagine being seungkwan


“Hurry up.” you yelled at Joshua exitingly. He ran over to you and put his hand around your waist. “What do you want to see first? No wait lets go here.” you dragged him along the museum you had been wanting to visit for a long time. there were couple of tourists and some of them seemed to know him, but they didn’t bother you guys.”Look, thats us in 40 years.” Joshua said while pointing at a old couple. you looked up to him and smiled. “i hope so.”The day went quickly by and now you guys were watching a the sunset out of a really big window “Why did we come to a art museum when the only art i look at is you?” He whispered just loud enough for you to hear. You hit him playfully, but he just gave you a backhug.

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Jun was driving you guys somewhere for your birthday. He had put a bandana over your eyes so you wouldn’t see where you are going. “Can you atleast give me a hint where we are going?” “No, it wouldn’t be a suprise then.” He awnsered,He stopped after some timeand you could hear screaming and a lot of people. He finally took the bandana off to reveal that you went to your favourate bands concert.(favourate after seventeen lets be real) he got you to backstage so people wouldn’t recognise you two. After the concert you got to meet them and talk to them for a while. “What did i do in my past life to deserve you?” you asked him after you got into the car again. “Hey thats my line.” he said while being playfully hurt.

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“Will you come soon?” “Are you getting jealous of the mirror?” “Why would i be jealous of a mirror?” you lied, he had been practising and you were getting lowkey jelaous of the mirror he was dancing in front of. it was getting more attention than you so it was reasonable. “Okay I can go alone to OUR date then.” You announced.”Oh no you’re not” “come on help me do this one part pretty please.” He continued. “Okay once.” once meant you two just being dorks for couple of hours.When you both were out of breath because you laughed so much he uttered “This was nicer than going to a fancy reastaurant am i right?” “wait did you cancel the reservation?” “Oh sh..” was all you managed to hear before he was out of the room trying to find his phone. “This idiot.” You laughed by yourself.

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Your doorbell rang. it was wonwoo. “What are you doing here?” “Put your shoes on were going to the movies.” he announced happily. This was a little extempore, but you weren’t complaining. When you got into his car you asked what movie you were going to go see. “I’m not sure yet maybe a scary movie that i can protects you from the bad guys during the movie.” “I’m probably going to be the one protecting lets be honest.” you teased. as he promiced you went to see a scary movie, but he didn’t even pay atenttion to it, since he was too busy protecting you and looking at your pretty face.

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He was at the studio making new music. You let him do his thing alone, but you would sometimes go keep him company. It was normal for you guys to talk on the phone for a long time, so you weren’t suprised when you saw his name pop up on your phone screen. “Hey jagiya can you come at the studio, I need you opinion on this.” You were already putting your shoes on when he said those words. It was starting to be dark when you arrived to the studio. You opened the door after knoking couple of times. He was on the floor with food and one candle lit. “I haven’t spend much time with you lately so I wanted to have a date with you.” he explained when you came over to hug him.

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You guys were walking through some random amusementpark. “Are you okay?” he asked and took his hand from around your waist to your hand. “Yeah. I just probably ate too much…and i shouldn’t eat so i wouldn’t get fatter and yeah.” You muttered quietly that last part, but he still managed to hear it. “Whaaat? nononono!” he said while stepping infront of you. Do you know why I like you so much?” he paused for a secend but continued before you could awnser ”Because you are perfect in my eyes, I don’t need a model, or and actor, or a Singer because i want you.” He said now hugging you you just smiled. “So let’s get some cottoncandy shall we?” he said with a smirk on his face.

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“Oh shit I’m so late” you noticed and started running faster. He said to meet him at the park at 5:00 but the clock was starting to near 6:15. When you got there he was nowhere to be seen. “Where did you go?” you asked under your breath. You pulled your phone out of the back pocked of your jeans, but remembered it had ran out of battery. “Y/n I’m so so sorry how long have you waited?” Mingyu came from behind you really out of breath. “I just came.” You chuckeld knowing that both of you were very late, and he realised it too. “Maybe we should just go home and have a movie night? It’s starting to be cold.” he suggested and you agreed.

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You were stessing about school an were just in a bad mood in general, so Minghao trying to talk to you about something random wasn’t helping. “Can you shut up?” You finally yelled after having enough. “Ooohhh she mad.” he laughed “What about we go on a date? you can choose.” your eyes light up when you heard the word date. “Okay can we go to the new restaurant?” “Sure.” There were only couple people there since it was sunday and guite late. “are you happy now?”  “Mmmh” you awnsered mouth still full on food “ You are so cute!” he stated.

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You were just walking home from school/work when your phone rang. It was Seungkwan “Hey boo.” you awnsered it quickly. “You. Me. Date. At 7pm. The dorm.” Seungkwan said and ended the call. “Why at the dorm? Aren’t the others supposed to be there?” You asked yourself, but thought they maybe somewhere else. The clock was nearing 7 when you arrived at their dorm. He opened the door before you could even knok. The smell of food hit your face. “Did you cook?” You asked suprised while you were taking your shoes off. “Well…” he hesitated when you were walking to the kitchen. Your eyes wandered upon the trash can which was full of takeout packages. You chuckled a little “It’s good enough all I need is you.” your statement made him smile.

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“I’m bored” you whined at Vernon who was half asleep on the sofa. “Do you want to do something then?” He asked clearly something on his mind. “Well it’s 2am so I don’t think we can do basicly anything.” you sighned. “Are you sure?” Vernon was now up from the sofa and putting his shoes on. You did that too and followed him into the dark outside. There were couple stores still open so you went to buy snacks and decided to go eat them at the beach. When you were done laughing and just talking about your future together the sun was already starting to rise. “This wasn’t so bad after all.” you thought to yourself.

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You were getting ready for your first date with Chan. He had finally found the courage to confess to you. You guys agreed to meet at this cat coffee house. He was there before you. You guys went in and played with some cats and drank your drinks. This one older cat crawled inot his lap and started to purr “I think he likes me.” He said while petting it. You sneezed and thought ”Maybe i’m allergic to cats.” Apparently you said that outloud since he started laughing.

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a/n; not requested, but i figured jihoon would look cute in an apron and i got this idea while studying with my dear friend jupiter earlier on:)) enjoy!

starting line: “Enjoy your studying– i mean, coffee.”

synopsis: starbucks was basic, you thought, who knew you would bump into a cute barista at a cute cafe which was, to your delight, almost empty, making it your new go-to study place

warnings: none…just jihoon embarrassing himself

genre: fluff, barista!au

length: | a paragraph | drabble length | a short story | your average essay of less than 10,000 words | a fic too long but too short for a part 2|

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“V Cafe? I’ve never heard of that before.” You eyed your best friend, Y/F/N, quizzically as she pushed the door open, the scent of coffee enticing your senses.

“I saw this cafe pop up on Google and I had to see this for myself, Y/N.” She looked around at the yellow interior, her favourite colour. 

“You didn’t choose this because of yellow, did you?” You raised your eyebrows as she giggled nervously, “Maybe, but I heard that the bingsu here is good.”

“Well, we shall see.” You sighed as you leaned your body against the counter, waiting for a staff to serve you. 

“Excuse me?” You called out, soon enough, a young boy emerged from the kitchen and jogged to the counter, “Sorry to keep you waiting, what would you like to have today?”

With your eyes still fixated on the menu, “I would like to have one oreo bingsu and a red velvet frappuchino please.”

“Is there anything else I can get you?”

“Yeah, uhm, I’d like to have–” Your breath hitched in your throat as you made eye contact with the boy, who was clad in a black sweater and a pastel apron, his big eyes almost sparkling, the curvature of his nose complimenting the shape of his eyes, lips tinted a mellow pink that was as if it would melt under your touch. His choice of black and pink combination was weird though, you questioned yourself, but his heaven-like features made up for pretty much anything.

“Excuse me?” His deep voice shook you from your thoughts as you quite literally got lost in his eyes.

“Oh, uhm, one chocolate mint frappe to add on then.” You could feel your cheeks heating up, as you pinched yourself internally for embarrassing yourself in front of such a cute guy.

“Is there anything else?”the boy whose name was Park Jihoon, as on his name tag, looked up momentarily after taking down your order.

“That would be all, thank you.”

“Your total would be $12.70, would you like to pay in cash or card?”

“Cash please,” You fished out your wallet as you took out the relevant notes and passed them to him, fingertips lightly grazing each other. You pulled your hand away a tad too quickly to control your beating heart, but one of your loose change fell on the ground of the other side of the counter.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry!” You apologised as Jihoon bent down to pick it up.

“It’s okay,” Jihoon shook his head as he smiled, “Please take a seat while I process your order, I will serve it to your table when it’s done.”

“Thank you!” You shot him a small smile as you found the table your best friend was seated at, waving her hand to grab your attention.

“What took you so long?” She frowned, taking out her lecture notes.

“It’s nothing,” You lied, mirroring her actions, “so, what were we going to revise again?”

“Here’s your order,” Jihoon lightly placed your order on the table, “enjoy your studying– i mean, coffee.”

You giggled at the boy’s flustered actions, “I don’t remember ordering any caffeinated drinks, Jihoon-ssi.”

Jihoon’s eyes widened, “H-how do you know my name?”

You pointed at his sticker decorated name tag, “It says right there, Park Jihoon.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Thank you, I’ll enjoy my studying,” You sent Jihoon a shy smile, which he reciprocated with a bow as he retired to his spot at the counter.

As you took a sip of your frappuchino, Y/F/N nudged you, “What’s with you and this Jihoon guy? Are you guys friends? Or do you have a crush on him?”

“Hey, keep it down, you’re disturbing the peace in here,” You shushed her as she smirked, “and yes, I have a crush on him, so what?”

“This is the fastest I have seen you develop a crush on someone,” She shook her head as she flicked her finger on your forehead, “and you have no time for boyfriends, our national exams are just 2 months away.”

“Do you smell something?” Y/F/N pulled out your earbuds as she whispered to your ears.

“Food?” You blinked absent-mindedly, almost annoyed she disrupted your focus you barely had, thanks to Jihoon.

“No, idiot, cotton candy.”

“Cotton candy?” Your voice went an octave higher as you whipped your head around, and saw two sticks of cotton candy stuck onto the cotton candy making machine.

“I really want that,” she placed her chin on her palm, staring at the pair of sweet treats. Jihoon removed the cotton candy from its sticks and placed it atop two coffee cups, as he served them to the patrons seated a table away from you.

“Do you think we can have them?” You pondered aloud, as your best friend shook her head.

“I don’t think so, I guess we’d have to buy the coffee to have it.”

“Maybe I’ll ask Jihoon if i could buy one of them,” you shrugged, pulling out your wallet as you walked towards the counter.

“Jihoon-ssi!” You called out a little too enthusiatic to your liking, as you almost gagged at your own shrilly voice.

“Yes?” Jihoon replied cutely, making your heart flutter.

“Can I have one of those cotton candies?” You put on your best puppy eyes, “I saw them from afar and I could not take my eyes off them.”

Jihoon dusted his hands on his apron, then heading to the machine to pour a scoopful of sugar, as the machine whirled.

You watched in fascination as to how someone so cute you actually look hot just making cotton candy, with black sweater sleeves rolled up, pink apron straps threatening to fall off his shoulders as he bent down to have a better look at the candy lest he messed up. 

Within a few seconds, as if it was magic, a ball of fluff started forming on the stick Jihoon was holding, as he spun it around the circumference of the machine to form its shape.

“Here you go,” Jihoon handed you the cotton candy, as your eyes lit upat the sweet treat in front of you.

“Thank you!” you gushed, “How much is it?”

“Ah no worries, its for you.” Jihoon smiled, then going back to his work, presumably making coffee for the next customer.

Your eyes flickered from the cotton candy, then to Jihoon a couple of times before going back to your seat, where Y/F/N was waiting patiently, tapping her fingers on the table.

“Well?” She raised her eyebrows.

“I got it for free,” You announced triumphantly, tearing a piece of cotton candy and stuffing it into your mouth.

“Jihoon gave it to you?”

You nodded, attention fixated on the candy rather than Y/F/N’s interrogative questions.

For the past Saturdays, you have been a loyal patron of the cafe, mainly because it wasn’t Starbucks, and it was just a quaint and quiet cafe amongst the other eateries in the area. But also because Jihoon was working part-time on Saturdays to earn some disposable income, and also to see you.

Every week, you had a different drink on the house, the second week was a vanilla latte, the third week was a caramel machiatto, so on and so forth. All of the drinks had an adorable wink cartoon decorated on the foam of the coffee, along with a serviette stained with encouraging words from Jihoon. Occasionally during breaks, and when there were no customers, you and Jihoon would talk about anything and everything. From how your teacher would occasionally spit at students seated in the front row of the classroom, to the number of stuffed toys you have on your bed. You also found out that Jihoon was 2 years older than you were, and attended a local college in the same area as the cafe.

You had exhausted all of the trivial no-one-would-shun-away-from questions to Jihoon, you were almost dying to find out if he was taken. He sure was, you thought, with his god-like looks and shy-but-outgoing personality. Out of manners sake, you decided not to prod him with questions about his personal life, and also not to disappoint yourself if he did have a significant other.

This week, your other best friend, Guanlin, decided to tag along to your study sessions as Y/F/N had to attend to something somewhere else. You knew Y/F/N better that you knew yourself, she obviously had some scheming plan at the back of her head, ready to be deployed. However, being the nice friend you were, you decided to give her the benefit of doubt and let Guanlin be your study buddy for the day.

“Welcome!” Jihoon’s cheery smile faded as he saw Guanlin behind you, almost turning into a scowl.

“Oppa! This is my friend, Lai Guanlin. Y/F/N had something to attend to today, so he’s my study buddy for now.” You pulled Guanlin towards Jihoon, holding out his hand for Jihoon to shake.

“I’m Jihoon.” Jihoon’s lips stretched into a tight smile, as his eyes slightly narrowed at Guanlin. No doubt, Guanlin was easily taller than Jihoon, and wasn’t losing out to Jihoon in any way in the looks department. Guanlin wore a blue and white checkered flannel with a plain white tee inside, along with black ripped denims and black vans. 

As you settled down in your usual seat, Guanlin scooted a little closer to you, “Jihoon-hyung is scary.”

“Scary?” You scoffed, “You’re just imagining things, Guanlin.”

“I’m serious!” Guanlin whined, “Just look at him now, I bet he’s staring daggers at me right now.”

You peered over Guanlin’s shoulders, Jihoon’s stoic expression was pretty scary, as if he was about to eat Guanlin as a whole with his piercing gaze. 

Just then, you received a text message from Y/F/N, which read:

Y/N! I’m so sorry I couldn’t play gooseberry with you and Jihoon-oppa today, but I figured that Guanlin should be there to test Jihoon’s feelings for you. I bet my entire fortune that Jihoon is probably pissed at Guanlin right now, staring at the both of you. Let me know if you and Jihoon end up getting married though, I shall be your resident bridesmaid at your wedding ;-) -Y/F/N

You rolled your eyes vigorously at your best friend’s text, you hated it when she was right, even if she wasn’t by your side to prove her point. You sighed, taking out your laptop to begin your work.

A few minutes later, Jihoon appeared with a cup of coffee in his hand, with the usual wink cartoon as his coffee art. He set it down gently, as you peered up to him.

“Today’s special is the vanilla latte, and I tweaked it with more sugar as you usually prefer.” Jihoon introduced his drink grimly, “That would be $3.50.”

You frowned at Jihoon, as he wasn’t his usual jovial self, “I thought–”

“I thought the man of the date should be the one paying,” Jihoon batted his eyelashes innocently as a puzzled Guanlin, who listened to Jihoon obediently without knowing what he did on earth to offed someone he just met.

“I’ll go to the washroom, Y/N.” Guanlin excused himself as he left his seat and disappeared into the restroom.

Jihoon let out a breath he seemed like he had held for a really long time, “Y/N, I thought you had better taste.”

“Better taste?” 

“Isn’t that laji guy your boyfriend?” Jihoon snorted.

You stifled your laughter, “No, Guanlin isn’t my boyfriend.”

“W-wait, he isn’t?” Jihoon gasped.

“Yeah he isn’t.” You nodded, “How can I like him when I like you?”

“Y-you like me? Jihoon croaked.

“Yes, yes, I do.” You giggled as Jihoon pulled you into an endearing hug as he kissed the back of your head sweetly.

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Evening, Flockie. How can people think no fraternization policies are a myth? Sorry, children, they'll continue to exist because it's all about protecting the $$$$. Fucking retail chains enforce (my sibling, tbh), even The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are told straight up, on day one. And is everyone forgetting the actors from NBC's "Grimm" coming out saying that the network allowed them to announce their engagement the LAST YEAR OF THE SHOW?

Wrapping one’s head around an industry like Hollywood is tough. Especially when so much of what we see is smoke, mirrors, half-truths, whole lies, and manufactured and packaged news. I understand skepticism. I understand trying to make sense of it all using the tools we have available, but sometimes those tools fall very, very short of the reality of the industry. We want to believe our faves are honest and good, and that they’re being well taken care of and respected by their employers, but it also creates blinders that block out anything below the surface, and only 10% of what exists is what we’re allowed to see. These people are in the business of storytelling and illusions, and absolutely use those tools to mislead and manipulate the public. When I give info about gossip media, I’m not talking out of my ass. I did it as a job and worked within that medium. I know how it works. I know to what lengths people go to hide things. All you have to do is watch scandals break to get the dirt.

silent hill
  • 1: Stephen King’s Dad Simulator 1999
  • 2: I love my dead wife.
  • 3: I just wanna punch God in the face.
  • 4: Oh no! Kurt Cobain is gonna kill you!
  • Origins: Arrh! Feast your eyes Look into the mirror, arrh, it never lies!
  • Homecoming: My brother drowned and now he wants to fuck spiders
  • Shattered Memories: David Lynch’s Dad Simulator 2009
  • Downpour: This Sad Dad just HATES getting owned by The Void!

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"I don't know if I want to kiss you or kill you right now" with Tendou and Kuroo (separately) please?


Winter break had finally come after gruesome exams and non-stop studying. Tendou had invited you over to his house to hang out and relax after finals and you agreed, of course, you love your boyfriend!

You wanted to hang out with him but you weren’t expecting to be hiding behind your snow fort trying to protect yourself from getting hit in the face by his snowballs.

“(Name)~ Come out!” Tendou sang as your fort began breaking from the impact of his snowballs. Just how strong was he throwing these! It looks like it could break your nose!

“Satori! You’re going to hit me in the face!” You whined as you tried to patch your fort with the excess snow on the ground. Your cheeks were rosy from the cold winter and the snow on your gloves were slowly making your hands cold.

“I won’t hit you in the face if you come out and fight with me!” He responded back and you pouted, “Promise?” 

“I promise!” 

Sighing, you pop up out from the fort and immediately felt the impact of the cold and hard snowball. You whined and cried at the snow that was melting and sliding off your face, “Satori! You lied to me!” 

You could hear his laughter on the other side as you wiped the excess snow off your face. Looking over at him, his spiked hair was slowly falling down his face and his cheeks were a cute rosy color that made him so adorable.

You sighed with a little huff as you continued to watch him laugh, “I don’t know if I want to kiss you or kill you right now.” You say as you bent down to form a snowball in your hand. 

“I’ll accept either one as my present,” He answers and immediately feels the impact of your snowball on his face. Your laughter on the other side forms a smile on his lips as he makes another snowball with his hands, “I won’t go easy on you now (Name)~”


It was a tough and tiring day for you and all you wanted to do was sleep, so that’s exactly what you did; on Kuroo’s bed of course. 

Entering his house, you took your shoes off and greeted his mother before you walked straight into his bedroom and threw yourself on his bed, still in your school uniform.

Kuroo watched you from his desk and smiled at your tired form, “Tough day at club today?” He asked and you groaned into his pillow before wrapping yourself in his blankets. 

“Alright, have a good night.” He says as he turns back around and focuses on his studies while you slept on his bed. You loved his bed, it smelt just like him and for some reason, it was just way comfier than your own bed.

After half an hour, Kuroo stood up and stretched his arms and legs from sitting down too long. He looked down on his bedroom floor and noticed it was a bit messy with clothes and bags all over the floor but he shrugged his shoulders and walked over to the door to get a snack in the kitchen.

That was until he stepped on a bag and heard a crack with the shatter of glass. Quickly raising his foot to not accidentally cut himself, he bent down and carefully opened the bag just to find the cute gift you made him crushed.

You had framed a photo of you and Kuroo and gave it to him as a gift a few days ago and he forgot to take it out of the bag, thus breaking it.

Kuroo froze as he heard you shuffle on the bed before you tiredly spoke, “Tetsurou? Did something happen?” Your eyes were still closed and you pulled the blankets closer to your lips.

Kuroo quickly nodded and stood up, taking the bag with him, “Everything’s fine! Just bumped into the mirror!” He lied and watched as you nodded before you turned to face the wall.

Sighing, he quickly ran into the living room and planned out how he would fix the mess before you woke up and hated him for breaking your gift.

After a good 1-2 hour nap you finally woke up and sat up from his bed, stretching your arms in the process. You squint your eyes just to see Kuroo looking at you with a nervous smile on his face.

“What?” You ask still drowsy from your sleep and he scoots his chair closer to you as he hands you the new and “improved” framed photo. “What’s this for? Isn’t this what I gave you?” 

“Here’s the thing. While you were sleeping I accidentally broke it and I felt bad so I fixed it with my touch. It’s an apology gift.” 

You looked down at the photo framed that was badly decorated with glitter and flowers and colors. It formed a smile on your face because you knew he wasn’t good at art but he tried his best to make it look nice and it touched you.

“I don’t know if I want to kiss you or kill you right now,” You say as you chuckle at the photo frame. Kuroo blushes, “Don’t laugh at it! I tried my best!” 

“I know,” You say leaning over to plant a kiss on his lips, “Thank you, but you’re basically just regifting my gift.”