mirror goggles

A slice of forever: Wedding day

Ric and Dom met in the corridor. “How’s yours doing?” Ric asked with a grin.

Dom rolled his eyes, “Pacing about restlessly. Yours?”

“Oh, she’s very relaxed. Hair done, dress on. She’s reading the BMJ.” Ric paused, then laughed, “Of course, it would be more believable if she was holding it the right way up.”

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Creative Synergy: The Deep End

We Wrimos do amazing things when we set ourselves to writing a novel in a month. For many of us, however, our creative energy goes into more than one passion. Writer A. J. Graz explores the connections between his loves of swimming and writing, both which inspired him to persevere through challenges and discover a supportive community. 

You swim—cold, barely clothed—and gasp for air.  Your hand, sore from writing seven pages this morning, draws blood against the poolside grout.  The clock reads 4:55 am. 

A half-empty notebook rests on the aluminum bleacher.  The wrinkled towel tempts you with the hot shower waiting behind the sweating locker room door.
Three eyeless figures slip out of the water next to you, wearing hard-mirror goggles and snap-tight caps. Five more ghosts rise out of the next lane. No one splutters and gasps like you do.

The woman in the faded Chicago cap says, “50,000 free, decreasing. Go.” That’s an impossible distance, but no one acknowledges it. They simply kick off the wall, one after the other. No one looks back for you.

You gulp oxygen and lurch back into the frigid water, pushing off just one more time. 

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veganpunkers  asked:

ColdFlash prompt: you know what the fandom needs and which is horribly lacking? A hypothermia fic. Snuggling together for warmth because they have to. (Details up to you but like, yeah, I cant believe we dont have one yet :p)

The Weather Wizard’s latest attempt on Central City involved an ice storm in the First National Bank. Of course Barry was there. It had nothing to do with crime fighting and everything to do with getting a certified check for his new landlord before noon. That wasn’t looking like it was going to happen on time. 

Barry was never on time. It looks like he’d spend another month apartment hunting. The small saving grace is the bank wasn’t busy. Aside from the tellers and the manager, there was only six civilians. 

The deep freeze that enveloped the bank made him groggy and slow. Too slow to speed away before the temperature dropped and the rest of Weather Wizard’s crew entered the bank. 

A team lead by Captain Cold. Barry suppressed a shiver that vibrated though his whole body. Since when was Cold teaming up with Mark Mardon? Barry was just about to give super speed another try before the heist escalated when Cold’s mirrored goggles zeroed in on him. Like a deer caught in headlights, Barry froze.

That instant of indecision sparked Cold’s team to hustle the bank patrons and employees together while Cold strode purposely towards Barry.

“Well, well, well, Scarlet, we really must stop meeting like this,” Cold drawled, holding his cold gun directly at Barry’s chest with a smirk.

“Yeah, well, you’re in my city,” said Barry with as much might as he could muster when he was sure his lips were turning blue as his teeth chattered. 

Whatever Cold was going to say seemed to have changed because he was frowning at Barry. Not the usual dastardly sinister expression Barry was used to seeing. If he wasn’t so cold, he could have mistaken it for concern. Clearly the cold was hitting him harder than he thought. 

“Mardon, cool it on the deep freeze,” ordered Cold and suddenly Barry was enveloped in warmth. It took a half second to realize it was because Cold had his free arm around him while the cold gun was aloft.

“Wouldn’t want you to get any heroic ideas, Scarlet,” declared Cold as it took all of Barry’s strength not to lean into the goose down parka that radiated heat.