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The Gravehenge- Addendum

In the previous post, I covered how to create a gravehenge. That was the bare bones version. Using a few more objects allows the gravehenge to have several new functions added to it. These objects are:

Black onyx gems- Black onyx is used in a gravehenge to draw power from necrotic energy. Necrotic energy is produced by everything that is dead, dying, or decomposing. Thus a smart necromancer or death witch will have a composter on their property and attempt to convince neighbours to do likewise.

USB Keys- When these objects are attuned to certain locations seen on the internet (such as graveyards, haunted houses, etc) they can be used as psychopompic keys for astral travel. They create a doorway through which one can travel these place.

Coffin nails- When these objects are included in the gravehenge they cause a phase effect. Essentially humans and corporeal fleshly creatures can come in and out of the gravehenge without breaking the magic circle. Anything incorporeal however reacts like hitting a brick wall. Spiritual allies can be attuned by the creator to cross through. Though a smart necromancer or death witch will imbue the nails with a set or rules and a trigger effect so that if a imposter is revealed or the creator is assulted then the spirit is nailed down. These spirits are then easily banished or exorcised since they are essentially frozen in place. The iron also prevents mischievous or hostile fey creatures from entering.

Bloodstone- These stones when added can be used to give the gravehenge a vampiric defense. Whenever something attempts to break through the bloodstones siphon off the energy used in the attempt. While a normal vampiric defense may become overloaded or full, the inclusion of the coffin nails will cause the bloodstone to bleed off excess energy into the ground. The bloodstone can also be used to feed the attacker’s energy into the necromancer or death witch if they practice vampiric magic.

Seashells- These connect the gravehenge to all the dead and dying things in the seas and oceans as well as to the drowned.

Carnelians- These when added draw energy from acts of cremation or incineration. Anything that dies by fire will also add energy through this method.

The seashells, carnelians, and coffin nails can also be given spell triggers to add elemental shields, or reactive attacks if needed. The USB keys likewise can be triggered to act as ghost-traps. And this is only covering just a few of the objects which are usable.

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Can you say Bvb all music name me?? Thank you :)

You want me to name all of BVB’s songs?

[Sex and Hollywood (2007) + Never Give In edition]
• A Devil for Me
• Hello My Hate
• Sex & Hollywood
• The Gunsling
• The Mortician’s Daughter (original version)
• Knives and Pens (original version)
• We Stitch These Wounds (original version)

[We Stitch These Wounds (2009)]
• The Outcasts (Call To Arms)
• We Stitch These Wounds
• Beautiful Remains
• Children’s Surrender
• Perfect Weapon
• Knives and Pens
• The Mortician’s Daughter
• All Your Hate
• Heaven’s Calling
• Never Give In
• Sweet Blasphemy
• Carolyn

[Set The World On Fire (2011)]
• New Religion
• Set The World On Fire
• Love Isn’t Always Fair
• God Bless You
• Rebel Love Song
• Savior
• The Legacy
• Ritual
• Die For You
• Youth and Whiskey
• Smoke and Mirrors

[Rebels (2011)]
• Coffin
• Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)
• Unholy (Kiss Cover)

[The Avengers (Soundtrack) (2012)]
• Unbroken

[Wretched and Divine (2013)]
• Exordium
• I Am Bulletproof
• New Years Day
• F.E.A.R Transmission 1: Stay Close
• Wretched and Divine
• We Don’t Belong
• F.E.A.R Transmission 2: Trust
• Devil’s Choir
• Resurrect the Sun
• Overture
• Shadows Die
• Abeyance
• Days Are Numbered
• Done for You
• Nobody’s Hero
• Lost It All
• F.E.A.R Transmission 3: As War Fades
• In the End
• F.E.A.R: Final Transmission
• Revelation
• Victory Call
• Let You Down

[Black Veil Brides (2014)]
• Heart Of Fire
• Faithless
• Devil In The Mirror
• Goodbye Agony
• World Of Sacrifice
• Last Rites
• Stolen Omen
• Walk Away
• Drag Me To The Grave
• The Shattered God
• Crown of Thorns
• Sons of Night

*[Other Songs]
• White Wedding
• This Prayer For You
• Funeral in Flames (later called Beautiful Remains)
• Mother (Danzig Cover)
• Kickstart My Heart (Mötley Crüe Cover)



Sherlock running experiments in his mind from the very start of the story? Or is it just one experiment which gets out of hand and in the end leads Sherlock back to the point where he began. Back to that what made him …

The Carl Powers case …. did it really exist. Or was this already symbolism for the loss of the beloved childhood friend Victor Trevor? Deep waters ….

 Just like the Reichenbach Falls in TAB … deep waters …. all his life …. in all his dreams ….

 But if Sherlock's  very first case and the final problem are the same …. the actuall starting point is not the pool but this:

I that am lost … Oh, who will find me … Deep down below … The old beech tree? …

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Rejected concepts/prototypes for dual purpose school playset/bookends and bed/clock for Ghoulia.

I liked Frankie’s mirror/bed, Draculaura’s coffin bed/jewellery box, and Lagoona’s Hydration Station/night light, so it’s a pity Ghoulia’s got rejected. And the bookends are pretty cool & useful.

Oh well, I guess they have a place with Drama classroom Draculaura & Haunted Spectra’s desk thingy.

Found them here; https://www.instagram.com/ghoulite135/

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Carmilla AU Harry Potter?

Hey anon! There’s quite a few!

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Of sensible hearts and dangerous minds. 4 works, 3 complete and 1 incomplete. 3 are rated T and 1 is rated E.

Laura Hollis is brave and Carmilla is less mean than she makes herself out to be Incomplete, 8 chapters in.

The Sun and The Moon Incomplete, 6 chapters in.

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“…sometimes, I think I can still smell those flowers. How absurd! Here, five feet underground!”  His eyes widen with confusion. “Why aren’t we in our mansion, Christine? And our wedding was so long ago… wasn’t it?”

… I would like to apologize to all the Phandom and particularly to elf-in-mirror (I couldn’t resist to this beautiful and tragic piece of writing. In other words, when I stopped crying, which took a while, this happened.)

… have I said I’m sorry?