mirror coffin

The coffin problem: Revisited

In the coffin problem in the Eurus Gameshow on TFP, we have, as evidence:

John, Sherlock and Mycroft staring at a window as they make their deductions. Real windows have reflections, as Eurus has already pointed out to us. Ergo J, S and M are staring into a mirror.

The coffin is suitable for a short, lonely, practical person (Molly or John). John and many viewers first assume that this means it’s John’s turn. But… the coffin has “I love you” on its plaque. Mycroft says that means whoever is in the coffin loves Sherlock, throwing (heteronormative) attention onto Irene and Molly. I posit that Sherlock loves whoever is in the coffin, or they love each other. (Dead people don’t usually write their own plaques, their loved ones do.)

We go to Molly, who is having a bad day for an unknown reason (John if bleeding out on his therapist’s floor, is also having a less than stellar day). Molly is wearing the same rainbow jumper as she was wearing when literally standing in for John during TEH. Well spotted. Ergo Molly is a mirror for John.

Eurus says “Someone’s about to die…” (John, from a gunshot wound.) “Tragedy.. So many words unsaid et cetera et cetera.” Holy cow. 

That’s what John said to his other therapist, when Sherlock ‘died’, it’s what Sherlock was saying before going to his supposed death in the plane. The words unsaid are not about Molly, they are about John and Sherlock.

And the word’s unsaid, as we have all speculated, were… “I love you.”

That is an absolutely beautiful chain of reasoning.

Full meta

“…sometimes, I think I can still smell those flowers. How absurd! Here, five feet underground!”  His eyes widen with confusion. “Why aren’t we in our mansion, Christine? And our wedding was so long ago… wasn’t it?”

… I would like to apologize to all the Phandom and particularly to elf-in-mirror (I couldn’t resist to this beautiful and tragic piece of writing. In other words, when I stopped crying, which took a while, this happened.)

… have I said I’m sorry?


Rejected concepts/prototypes for dual purpose school playset/bookends and bed/clock for Ghoulia.

I liked Frankie’s mirror/bed, Draculaura’s coffin bed/jewellery box, and Lagoona’s Hydration Station/night light, so it’s a pity Ghoulia’s got rejected. And the bookends are pretty cool & useful.

Oh well, I guess they have a place with Drama classroom Draculaura & Haunted Spectra’s desk thingy.

Found them here; https://www.instagram.com/ghoulite135/