mirror carousel

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"none of this has been obvious. People have been searching pretty hard for info on this. If that one Aussie anon hadn't recognized her " Oh come on. If Aussie anon hadn't recognized her than one of her followers would have recognized Superman in her snaps. Why would she post those snaps and IG stories if she wanted to stay low-key? She also knew that people would ask who the girl sitting next to Tyler was in that private friends dinner photos. They definitely tried everything to get noticed.

But be lowkey and skeaky about it. Such a mess. 

Ha!  I told a friend that last year we were looking in wine glasses and ice buckets, this year it’s carousel mirrors!

Carousel Mirror, 2005
Mirrors mounted on MDF panels, lightbulbs, stainless steel seats, stainless steel chains, steel construction, electric motor, cables
295 ¼ x 185 x 185 inches (750 x 470 x 470 cm).
Installation at Gagosian Gallery Britannia Street, London.