mirror accents

Imagine: teasing Sam while he’s hacking.

Sam X Reader

Content: Smut: Dry Humping

Sam’s fingers flew over the suspect’s keyboard. Flashes of color flickered over his face as he cycled between screens quickly with a shortcut maneuver. You watched as he licked his lips, intently focused on hacking into a zipped folder. His eyes narrowed catching some detail of significance. When he swallowed, your eyes followed the shift of his throat greedily. You pulled your eyes away attempting to continue through a pile of paper on the suspect’s end table. A slip of paper dropped from the stack in your hands, catching the air to flutter to the floor behind you. You turned to pick it up, eyes drifting over an accent mirror near the far wall. You paused. Sam’s eyes had lifted from the monitor to your form. You ducked your head hiding a smirk. Keeping a secret eye on the mirror, you stood, lifting your ass first in fluid motion you often used when dancing. He licked his lips, shifting lower in his seat. Shuffling the papers in hand, you turned just in time to see his head snap back to the computer.

“Got it.” He cleared his throat after a minute.

You dropped the papers on the end table, sauntering to the desk with renewed confidence.

“It looks like there’s a thread of emails here and-” His explanation was cut short as he glanced up at you.

You slid onto his lap, resting your elbows on the thin strip of cleared table before the keyboard keeping your back arched forward. You could hear him gulp audibly and feel him shift awkwardly trying to find a place to put his hands.

“What emails?” You asked innocently, seeing full well the emails in a smaller window behind the main one.

Sam released a shaky breath. He moved forward, chest pressing against your back as he reached for the mouse. You leaned against him, tilting your head to the side to give him view of the monitor. His breath touched your neck bringing a tingle to travel across your skin. You didn’t suppress the light shudder it caused.

“It’s, uh, here.” He replied breathlessly.

You responded with a deep hum. A smirk curled your lips as he shifted beneath your thighs. You scrolled through the emails, which would have been painfully dull if not for the pleasant distraction hardening every time you slid forward or back to “readjust” your reading position. Finally, you finished. Making a show of stretching your arms upward, you unleashed a satisfied moan and turned to face Sam. For his effort, he attempted to look unaffected. A muscle twitched in his jaw and his nails dug into the leather armrests.

“So, it doesn’t seem like the emails contained much, did they?” You asked in hushed tones.

He glanced between you and the monitor quickly, obviously having no idea what was in the emails. You twisted in his lap, grinding against an evident bulge between your legs.

“Sam?” You lowered your eyelashes, “You okay?”

“Yeah.” His eyes darkened briefly lowering to your lips before he found composure. “Yeah, fine.”

“Are you sure? It seems like you’re having a… hard time focusing.”

His hand paused halfway to the mouse.

“I know these emails can be… lengthy,” You continued finding it increasingly difficult to hide a smirk, “and having to sort through them is… really shafty…”

Sam sat back, embarrassment coloring his features.

“I know it would really… grind… my gears if I had to hack into every dude’s computer while Dean gets to take a break at the bar.”

“Are you done?” Sam interrupted.

“No, no… wait! I think I can come up with something for penetration and erection-”

Hot lips met the juncture of your shoulder and neck with leisurely-paced open-mouthed kissed, effectively transforming your teasing words into a sharp inhale. His fingers wrapped around your hips, gripping your pelvis firmly before pulling it back. A flash of sudden pleasure surged through your core. His nose dragged against your shoulder inching closer to your neck, heat building between your flushed bodies. A shiver ripped up your spine as he found a sensitive spot. He paused, pressing a kiss there. Your head lolled back against his shoulder. His hands slipped up your body, sliding under your shirt. His rough fingers pressed and caressed in disorganized trails, drawing each nerve to maximum stimulation. You gasped, unable to stop an onslaught of shivers from his touch. He sucked at the spot on your neck, locking his arm around your waist as you squirmed with assailing pleasure. His tongue flicked against the spot, his teeth following immediately. A cry broke from your lips. You slapped a hand over your mouth, surprised by the outburst. Sam chuckled darkly against your skin, the deep rumble sending an aching between your thighs.

“Oh, fuck…” You breathed, heat enveloping your body with a savage ferocity.

His hands grabbed your chest, barely restraining his strength as he kneaded. He closed his fingers over hardening nubs sending your hips to jerk forward in response. You bit your tongue holding back a moan, as your clit rubbed along his impossibly hard shaft. He moved quickly, grabbing your hips with a near bruising force. Every nerve in your body seeped with the heat building between you, overreacting with every little stimulus. Pleasure pulsed through your body with every breath hitting the tiny hairs along the nape of your neck, each finger digging against your hips, and every inch where your center rubbed against his.

He thrust up pulling your hips back. Sparks of unadulterated ecstasy exploded from the friction. Before the sensation could cool, he pushed you forward. White flashed before your vision. A helpless moan left your lips, an animalistic need for contact infecting every cell in your brain. You jerked against him, heat blazing, pleasure mounting endlessly. He grunted desperately against your ear, whimpers rising from your throat as you grinded together fueling an erotic fire threatening to consume your entity. There was nothing but sharp concentrated pleasure coursing through your core like live electricity. A strangled cry broke the room as he thrust against your sliding bodies finding an edge so high, you couldn’t believe a pleasure could be so intense, but it kept building, growing until you found a new edge before the other could finish. Your body shuddered, head falling to his shoulder, completely at his mercy.

He embraced your body, crushing you against him as he stiffened, broken groans tumbling from his chest as he shuddered against your back.You squeezed your legs together, his hold slackening as you felt a warm stickness in the apex of your jeans. You slid to his knees, turning to see Sam’s face. Surprise, mirroring your own expression, bloomed from a devastatingly sexy look of contentment. You jerked off his lap, stumbling to your feet.

“S-sorry!” You yelped, yanking your head away from the dark patch on his jeans.

“N-no, I’m…” The chair crashed into the wall as he pushed to his feet. He skirted around the opposite side of the desk muttering something you couldn’t catch over the blood pounding in your ears.

He retreated from the room. Your hands trembled, pleasure still lingering along your skin from his contact, as you hugged yourself close. It seemed the heat would never cool and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 10.27.17

the top shelf // mirrored walnut + steel rest for wine and spirits by hostandtoaststudio

damn, ‘the top shelf’ is classy AF — this mirrored wooden + steel shelf would be the perfect special gift for your favorite wino or cocktail connoisseur. spice up your home bar, add it to your kitchen or dining room, or use it as a totally different kind of bedroom display — get creative!

anonymous asked:

Is it an autistic thing to randomly fall into accents? I often find myself randomly speaking with accents (sometimes I don't even notice) and was wondering if this could be some sort of echolalia?

Mimicking accents (in some cases to the point of having an accent that contradicts your upbringing) seems to a be a common autistic trait, yes.


This is not specifically echolalia, but something everyone does to some degree as part of social mirroring. With most people, this is part of the normal subconscious, implicitly learned interaction that comes with socializing.

For us, social mirroring is at the very heart of the social traits in autism, and it is something that we do great in some areas and horrible in other areas. More importantly, though, where we have deficits in social mirroring we have to practice - and practicing is part of our natural coping techniques.

If I had to guess (and this one is a guess), I would suggest that maybe what is happening is that you are recognizing that some degree of accenting mimicry is part of typical social give and take, and you are practicing as part of your natural coping technique.

- Sam


KSimbleton Vanities -BaseGame version

Afternoon guys! 

Had a request to do my vanities for base game. Sooo here they are! They are based on a floor mirror and can be found in mirrors, desks or accent tables.

If you’d like the Vintage glamour versions you can find them here and here.

Enjoy and Happy Simming!

Download Urban Outfitters Vanity 

Download Modern Vanity

Download both vanities

Hearing My Voice In Your Voice Is Music To My Ears (Seriously Though, You'll Be Hearing From My Lawyers)

@lavellington NICE.

Ok so this might not be my best offering since I’ve only had time for one proofread- may go back over and tweak/fix it later. But I sure had a blast writing it so i hope you have a laugh reading it!

time for fluff, silliness and some slightly gratuitous hitchhiker’s guide references, enjoy! <3

Dirk had never been a fan of the word ‘Anglophile’. Frankly, he thought adding the word ‘phile’ onto any noun was unnecessarily pretentious at best and downright dodgy at worst. But, well, if the shoe fits!

See, Dirk loved England. England and all things English. He loved that there were at least fifty different phrases just to say ‘it’s raining’. He loved fish and chips and thought they hadn’t tasted as good since the chippies stopped serving them in newspapers. He loved tea, brewed to perfection and, to paraphrase Victoria Wood, hot enough to melt the buttons on a flame-proof nightie.

And most of all, he loved the accents. 

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The Haven Chapter 2: The Stranger, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Rick meets a stranger on the road who could tilt the odds in his favor, while Michonne learns more about her mysterious captor...

A/N: Thank you for all of the support. Here’s a preview of chapter 2!

Originally posted by starkchemistry101

“Rick, this guy looks like shit,” Glenn observed wearily. Shit was an understatement. He was hard to stare at.

“Doesn’t mean he doesn’t know shit,” Daryl countered.

The stranger glared, scowling beneath layers of dirt and blood. His ruddy skin was cracking, blistering in the hot sun.

“Water,” he requested, his accent mirroring Rick’s own. Rick felt his interest pique, his instincts causing him to push forward with his interrogation.

“Answer my questions first, then we’ll see,” Rick removed a bottle from his pack, holding it up like the proverbial carrot.

The stranger took him in, dark eyes flashing beneath his heavy brow. His coal black hair was shorn short, patchy in places, with sunburned bits of scalp peeking out. His clothing had long since seen its last good day. It was hanging off of his frame by threads, revealing the wiry figure of a man damn near starvation.

“What do you want to know?” the parched lips cracked out.

“Where did you come from?” Rick kept his voice measured, attempting not to spook their captive. Some part of him pitied this man. Even so, he was prepared to do what he must to get Michonne back.

“The prison,” the answer was instant.

“What prison?” Glenn stepped in, gun cocked, stealing the words right from Rick’s mouth.

The stranger shrugged, looking like the effort cost him most of his strength. “I don’t fucking know man. Does anyone know anymore?” he coughed, a dry hacking sound that made Rick want to take a step back.

“Where’s it at?” Daryl tilted his head, staring down.

“Miles back. Middle of nowhere.” The stranger gestured vaguely. “Water, please.”

“Not good enough,” Rick jerked the bottle back, popping the cap and sloshing the liquid around. “What’s at this prison?”

“People,” the answer was clipped, desperate. “Lots of them. Almost 50. All holed up in there, hunkering down.”

Rick’s heart sped up. There were no more unknown settlements anywhere near the Haven. After the junkyard incident, he’d made sure of it.

“What are they like?” Glenn asked, shifting beside Rick.

“Scared,” the stranger slumped over, grasping his side with a gasp of pain.

Glenn, Daryl, and Rick exchanged a brief look. Walkers had ceased to cause fear like that years ago.

“Who’s in charge?” Rick took a step forward.

“Why do you care?” the dark-haired man panted.

Rick held out the bottle of water. The captive fell on it ravenously, draining the container. Rick pulled it back before he could finish. “Tell me,” he demanded.

Nervousness flickered over the stranger’s face. “Who are you?”

“You ain’t in any position to be asking questions,” Daryl cocked his bow, glowering down at the man slumping against their car.

“Tell us,” Rick seized his Python, thumbing the safety. He leveled it at the stranger. “Tell us, or we’re done here,” Rick titled his head, staring at this man from beneath his hair. Glenn tensed visibly beside him, but raised his gun as well.

“He’s not someone you want to know,” desperation crept into the stranger’s voice.

“Did he do this to you?” Glenn’s eyes narrowed.

The stranger began to convulse, shaking from fear and exhaustion. “I’m not going back there,” he shouted, his voice cracking. “I’m not!”

Rick grasped him hard around the shoulders, jerking the stranger’s head up to meet his eyes. “What’s your name?” he asked, handing him the remainder of the water.

The stranger swallowed the liquid sloppily, emptying the container. “Shane,” he licked his lips, eyes flicking about wildly.

“Shane,” Rick repeated, straightening up. “There’s more where that came from. You’re welcome to it. But first, you’re going to help me.”

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Date Nights|T.Holland 0.1

0.1:Street Fairs

Summary: Tom surprises Jade with a evening in Palm springs, where the couple finds themselves having the time of their lives at the local street fair. 

Last Part:0.0 

Palm Springs. 

Palm Springs, was a magical town on its own, Jade loved the diversity the town had to give. The magical like mecca of sun and fun, glitter, art, gold and architecture surrounds the town with a glorious display of humanity. What better way to explore the town and all it had to offer then a stroll on Palm Canyon Drive on a Thursday night where everything seemed to come to life. The center was filled with the sounds and scent of a street fair. Everywhere you look you’d find a bewilder array of musicians, purveyors of both food and flowers, artisans, and everything that the town had to offer making it a site to see. 

Walking down the street with Tom hand’s laced tightly into hers, she smiled softly as he went on and on about the small little research he did before dragging them out here. “Every Thursday night, they transform this place into a Street Fair babe.” He started as he walked her look around wide eyed in fascination of the scenes before her. “Business stay open later, entertainment, booths with fresh food, flowers and so many other delights Jay.” He hummed as she smiled and stopped walking as a local flower booth caught her eyes. 

“Oh baby look at these!” She rushed over to the bright purple flowers she had grown to obsess over. Lightly tracing over the forget me not’s she smiled as she turned around to find her boyfriend staring at her with an adoring look. “Thank you so much for bringing me here Tom..” She breathed wrapping her arms around his middle as he smile kissing the top of her head.

“It was a pleasure babe, but lets get moving so much to do!” 

Through out the night they found themselves trying so many local foods and snacks. Between the local musician who was singing, to the local little family wonder restaurant. The couple spent their time talking to anyone and everyone trying to learn as much as they possible could about the towns tradition. By now the sun had set, the streets where fuller than before,  the sounds of children running, couples dancing in the middle of the streets. Downtown Palm Springs was set alive. 

“Let’s go in here..” Tom mumbled as a sign caught his eyes. Looking towards where he was pointing Jade nodded her head leading him towards the from doors of Casablanca Lounge. Once inside, Jade was taken back by the beauty of the bar. The old Hollywood glamour took her breathe away as a server showed them to their seats. Once seated, Tom watched her take in the beautiful scene before her. The room was alive with live music and dancing. The red accent mirrored walls, to the chandeliers, and tuxedoed waiters made her feel like she was stuck in a scene of The Great Gatsby. 

Care to dance?” He asked once they both finished their drinks. Smiling she took his hand as he lead her to the dance floor. Jade didn’t think it got any better then the martinis she was served but she was proven wrong the moment they stepped foot onto the dance floor. She looked up as she was memorized of the pictures of Marilyn, Fans,James and Elvis staring down at them. 

“I love you so much..” She breathed with tears in her eyes as he pulled her closer loving the feeling of her body on his. 

“I love you more..” He breathed as he leaned down pressing a kiss to her lips as the music got louder and the floor got tighter with all the dancing bodies, but they didn’t seem to mind. All that mattered in that moment was the fact that they were sharing this intimate moment with each other. Palm Springs was most defiantly a place the couple would be coming back to, not only where the people friendly but the memorizes that were created was something they could never forget. 

Next Part: 0.2


The Starfish Vanity: Starling Starfish & Idyl

  • The starfish vanity storytelling pack is inspired by the world of Enchantimals and comes with a six-inch doll, two starfish friends and accessories to play out a familiar theme
  • Pieces inspire beauty with a transparent blue vanity table with mirror outlined in pink sea-inspired trim, a matching stool with star-shaped seat and beauty products
  • Starling Starfish doll wears a unique and colorful outfit: the pink bodice is decorated with colorful shells and “beads,” the orange removable skirt has a molded starfish shape
  • A starfish-decorated headband adds another splash of color in her pink rooted hair, and animal-inspired facial features match her besties
  • The two starfish figures – one medium Idyl starfish and one small – have adorable details and cute expressions. The little one even has a spot to hold some of the beauty products

This vanity set storytelling pack, inspired by the world of Enchantimals, is positively enchanting with a six-inch Starling Starfish doll, Idyl starfish figure, a smaller starfish friend and accessories (like a vanity and stool) that help the friends make a splash in front of the mirror. The vanity play set pieces are colorful and have fun details to inspire storytelling. The blue table has sea accents; its mirror has pink decorated trim; and a matching stool has a pink star-shaped seat. Beauty products include a brush and perfume bottle that the doll can hold in her hand. Starling Starfish doll is beautiful already with starfish legs on her molded removable skirt and red shoes. A headband decorated with a starfish matches her besties, and other whimsical touches include long pink hair and animal-inspired facial features. Her two starfish friends – one medium idyl starfish and one small – are adorable with warm, smiling expressions. The little one can even hold some beauty products. Get ready to dive into your closeup! Kids will love recreating the wonder of nature and celebrating a world where Caring Is Our Everything. Collect them all to build out a world of Enchantimals and tell enchanting stories of your own (each sold separately, subject to availability). includes Enchantimals Starling Starfish doll wearing fashions and accessories, one medium-sized Idyl starfish figure, one small starfish figure, one vanity with stool and themed accessories. Colors and decorations may vary.