Imagine that all the mirrors in the world are windows to some place unknown.
After Loki fell from the Bifrost, he watched mortals in the mirrors (unknown to them) to find the one who will help him escape from the mirror world. He chooses you, an introverted young girl and starts guiding you how to help him out of his prison. You of course think that these are all your ideas and you go with them. Loki’s first plan was to only use you to get back into the real world, but he falls in love with you and when you finally manage to open the portal in the mirror in your apartment, Loki no longer wants to rule Midgard. His only wish now is for you to love him and accept him the way he is.

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Do you have any Kirk/Uhura brotp headcanons, because I love their friendship in the aos & I need more of them in my life

  • Kirk routinely asks Uhura for Vulcan phrases/translations so he can profess his love to Spock. Of course Uhura figures out right away what he’s doing (I mean why the hell else would Kirk need to know how to say things like “my brilliant desert moon” and “I would wait a thousand lifetimes just for a glimpse of your beauty” and in VULCAN for that matter?!)
  • When Uhura first develops an interest in Janice Rand, she asks Kirk about her favorite color, favorite animals, hobbies, what foods she likes, etc. so she can have an easier time starting a conversation and eventually getting to know her better. After all of the fuckboys who displayed really disgusting motives toward Janice, Kirk is relieved that there’s finally someone who likes her who he knows would treat her right if they became a couple.  
  • Both Kirk and Uhura have a thing for 21st century music, so they go to “classical music” concerts together while on shore leave. No one else can stand listening to the Beastie Boys for that long.
  • Uhura takes Kirk makeup shopping when he’s first starting out, because neither of them trust Spock or Sulu’s taste in eyeshadow (too dark! have some variety ffs) and no one else on the Enterprise appreciates winged eyeliner just that much.
  • You know how it’s sort of a known/established fact that Scotty and Bones would be the ultimate drinking buddies? Well, Kirk and Uhura are the ULTIMATE ultimate drinking buddies. 
  • Every time there’s a problem with the supposed enemies, Uhura is always the first person to know/figure it out. Kirk can always count on/trust Uhura to let him know of anything suspicious, and since they’re both highly in tune with their intuition (at least moreso than any of the other bridge crew), they often find themselves unable to speak to anyone else about their “gut instincts” than each other. 
  • Both Kirk and Uhura represent Federation ideology better than anyone, and the whole quadrant knows it. Sure, enemies have learned to fear the triumvirate cracking down on them, but they all know that their absolute worst nightmare is Kirk and Uhura, side by side, wielding their phasers and armed with their unstoppable ideals. 

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Why do you think Steven has just a one-sided view about Jasper? I know she's done some bad stuff to him and his family, but so has Peridot and Lapis, yet he thinks there good. I'm not trying to make Steven out as bad person (but he is flawed), I just noticed it. Your thoughts?

My guess would be that, before all of the bad, Steven got a glimpse of their personalities. 

Before she stole the ocean and broke his dad’s leg, Lapis and Steven spent the whole day paling around while she was in the mirror, and then had an earnest conversation before the others showed up.

Peridot’s first appearance was as a mechanic, not a soldier. She seemed unkind, crushing the Robonoid, but not necessarily a villain. Just a gem doin’ their job.

Ever since he first met her, Jasper has been nothing but an aggressive presence in Steven’s life. Either in a rage or in a void of desperation.

I’m not saying she’s a bad gem. In “The Return”, she’s just doing her job, and capturing Rose Quartz is a big deal. In “Chille Tid.”, she’s in a mutual torture situation with Lapis, which was messed up all the way around. “Alone At Sea” has been picked apart by many a fan as a realistic portrayal of an abusive relationship ending, on both sides.

Jasper is all alone on planet Earth. And she’s weak. A quartz is never supposed to be weak.

Peridot was used to such a sensation, as she was more or less held down the physical limitations of her form. Lapis spent a good couple thousand years awake and screaming with no physical ability to fight back, her will ripped from her. They’ve been in such situations before.

But not Jasper. She’s a soldier. She fought a war. The moment a quartz is weak is the moment a quartz is killed.

So she’s not a bad gem- she’s got her reasons. But she’s not RIGHT, either. 

Steven doesn’t see it like that.

Over and over again, this gem has hurt his family. Some of the first words he hears out of her mouth are about challenging his mother.

All his life, he’s been told nothing but good. Greg’s words were honest. Jasper’s were the first- and so far only- negative. 

Malachite was a mutually horrible relationship, but Jasper instigated that relationship. Steven hyperfocused on that. To him, it’s all Jasper’s fault.

Lapis has been through so much. He can’t imagine, after having lived through said pain, that she would want to inflict pain on others. It’s not in his nature- it’s not in her’s.

It wasn’t exactly like Lapis was adhering to her own personal morals when she formed Malachite, however.

Steven wants someone to blame. Someone he can push all of this onto. Lapis being so sad and scared; the gems being so paranoid; Peridot being so insecure. 

He can’t do that to Homeworld- that’s a diverse planet filled to the brim with gems, most of which his friends have never met. He can’t do that to the Diamonds- the damage from the corruption was their fault, no doubt, but Peridot and Lapis never even met them face-to-face. (Possibly. We dunno about Lapis.)

The only binding link he has is Jasper, who has made a nuisance of herself time and time again (because she’s scared and alone and she doesn’t know how to deal and Malachite probably screwed her in the head like it did Lapis only Jasper doesn’t have a Steven to rely on) and is an open target to such aggressions.

Pink’s (Improved) Guide to Making and Using a Developer’s Blog

I made a guide ages ago all about developer’s blogs, but I’ve learned a lot more since then so I made a new one.  This has sat in my drafts a while, so it’s nice to finally publish this.  Let’s get started:

A Developer’s Blog, sometimes shortened to Dev Blog, is a blog made to advertise an upcoming video game.  They usually post updates, teasers, and content related to the game itself, and are a way for fans to directly interact with the developer.

When to start a devblog

That depends on the person & on the game.

You probably shouldn’t make a devblog (yet) if you…

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This was so perfect
  • Kirk:Space. The final frontier.
  • Spock:These are the voyages of the starship...
  • Scotty:... Enterprise. Its continuing mission...
  • Bones:... to explore strange new worlds...
  • Sulu:... to seek out new life...
  • Chekov:... and new civilizations.
  • Uhura:To boldly go where NO ONE has gone before.