Regional Gothic Gothic
  • You read the memes of every place you’ve ever been. You begin to realize that you’re reading the memes of places you haven’t been, though you have an innate sense that you’ve been there before.
  • You don’t remember when this meme started. You don’t remember how this meme started. You don’t remember if this meme started. This meme has been around for as long as you can remember.
  • Time ticks closer and closer to where you know the meme will begin to die. With every second, the sense of fear you feel towards it gets larger and larger.
  • Your thoughts begin to mirror those of the memes. With the faint black haze of an eighth grade boy, every thought you have exudes as much melodrama as you can handle. Until there’s more melodrama  than you can handle. Your body begins to disintegrate under the stress.
  • When you’re not reading Regional Gothic posts, you have a vague sense of unease. Unease about what? The edges of your vision are going black. You continue reading.