mirrodin pure

Deck Tech - Mono White Equipment Support

Equipment, equipment, equipment! Whether your deck has five Masterpiece Swords of X and Y with GrandPrix Stoneforge Mystic, or a budget equipment package. 

This list will detail out two synergy sections - best options, and budget (under $1 for TCGPlayer mid at time of posting.


Stoneforge Mystic

The Golden Standard of equipment synergy. A card that broke standard. Banned in Modern as the format started. 

If you have nothing else in you deck but Stoneforge, and 4-5 equipment (of variable uses, Swiss Army style), you’re already doing fine. Mini-equipment package is fine, and becomes nightmarishly more effective the more synergy you have.

Score: A+

Puresteel Paladin

Ah, the fleeting moments of hope against the oncoming of New Phyrexia. Between the Allies of BFZ, and the Mirrodin Pure resistance. 

If you’re running 6-8 equipment (an equipment heavy deck), plus a “normal” mana rock group (3-5 in my experience, more in decks that need ramp or Brago’s Mass Blink abuse), plus any artifact creatures, it’s almost guaranteed to get you metalcraft. It saves you a small fortune on equip costs, especially more prohibitive costs (anything >3). 

Score: B

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igotavirus  asked:

Couldn't you release Mirridon Pure as a supplemental product? Something tiny, like duel deck sized, just to show what could have been?

We tried a “what if” product once (Coldsnap) and it didn’t Want to hang out sometime? Over all that well.

Would you all want to see Mirrodin Pure?

l1loneviet1l  asked:

Is it possible to get an alternate reality draft set like Mirrodin Pure as a supplementary product much like Modern Masters?

I’m curious, so I’ll ask all of you. I often get requests for Mirrodin Pure. Is it just curiosity in what could have been? My designer instinct says it’s a trap in that it would be hard to design a set that would give players what they expect.