mirro mirror


Been experiemtning with humanised dragons and how to incorperate the genes and features of the dragons into that with some interesting outcomes. Drawn for me by the lovely hurrhurrr (FR blog here), I cant thank her enough for these!!!

Featured Dragons are Lilianni (14187595), Moukaite (15744395), Carran ( 14091584) and Glacia (13412949)

airilymusing  asked:

Hi, do you have any mirror AUs? (I'm talking about stuff, possibly supernatural, about actual mirros, not mirror verses or anything like that). I've looked, but so far haven't seen any. Thank you!

  • Whenever Character A looks in the mirror, they don’t see “theirself” rather, they see an alternate version of themself that is the same age as they are, but projected 100 years into the future.
  • Character A  is an acclaimed hunter of the supernatural, but when they come across a placid spirit that lives inside of a mirror shop, Character A find themselves sympathizing with the lonely ghost…who may not be as innocent as they come across.
  • “Joke about Bloody Mary and the Candy Man all you want; I know that something is living in my bathroom mirror, and one day, it’s going to try to get out.” AU
  • After Character A inherits a box of antiques from their deceased grandparent, they discover an antique mirror that holds the soul of a 1900′s showperformer, Character B. Even though the two of them are separated by almost a century, they find out that they have more similarities than they would expect (and Character B gives great makeup advise).
  • Character A is seeing things again. Not the weird color dots that float at the edges of their vision, but another version of themselves that Character A can always see out of the corner of their eye in mirrors. This other version never says anything, but Character A is getting the sinking feeling that their reflection is there to replace Character A. What does that mirror version want? and how long is it going to be before the mirror version takes over the real version?