More Trek AU, I won’t draw more I think, unless I have urgent ideas. mm, mostly Nori and Dwalin, I remembered how Nori’s love for the skirt uniform would translate into the Mirror verse, and also teeny tiny helmsman bringing down the chief security officer, and Dís with her boys, as requested. As well as Thorin being done with everything, Bombur and his future wife being cute, and that one time Nori had an embarrassing request 

Reader Stephen Meszaros submitted his desk.  I often preach about the wonderfulness that natural light contributes to ones workspace.  It appears that we now have a believer out of Stephen. 

Basically I worked from home and moved my desk by the window while waiting for the UPS man to deliver a road bike I was expecting, having the natural light made me realize how much more fun it is to work on my computer during the day. My girlfriend and I are now working on rearranging our living room so that the desk can permanently live by the window. 

If you feel your desk would make a great addition to MinimalDesks, why not submit?