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Now I'm obsessed with Jaejoongs nose. Because some days I'm sure he had it done, and some days I'm sure it is just as nature made it. Mens nose change with age. And sometimes it looks like it has always been, and sometimes it looks staighter than before. It is all about the angle how he is. I'm loosing my mind, because it really does not matter if his whole nose would be made out of silicone, but I still keep looking at it. Stupid me.

since ive promised since forever that i would make an updated and more thorough plastic surgery analysis with more pictures and stuff

im going to use this ask to make an analysis on specifically just his nose since i spend way too much time over analysing jaejoong’s body parts anyways

firstly im going to say that i do not claim that this is the truth

i dont claim that i know any more than anyone else

this is purely just my opinion and i am in no way trying to convince you to believe any of this

personally i think jaejoong didnt have a nose job but he does indeed get fillers from time to time since fillers get injected into ur nose and stay for about a year then it dissapears and u have to get it done again

the reason why i think jaejoong did not get a nose job but fillers is because jaejoong already has a high nose bridge

its just that his nose isnt perfectly straight and has a slight curve to it

also the tip doesnt curve up but slightly, very slightly curves downwards

here are pictures of his side profile ive searched the entire internets for in chronological order

as you can see the end of his nose slight curves downward which makes his nose not look perfectly straight

now the reason why im convinced he did not have a nose job in the pictures above is because first of all why would they not make ur nose perfectly straight if you got a nose job anyways

second of all this

this was during mirotic era and it proves that he indeed has a natural nose or it cannot be squished like that

here is a picture of jaejoong during mirotic era for no other reason other then he is very beautiful and we should appreciate for a second

moving on with more pictures after the mirotic era where you can see the tip of his nose still slightly curves downwards 

now fast forward to around 2011-2012 here you can see his nose is perfectly straight and the tip comes up

and here is a picture from the mine mv where is nose is perfectly fucking straight lmao

the thing is the height of his nose bridge didnt change but there is a very slight change in the shape of the nose in general which i think is just because the tip of his nose was raised up a bit more 

heres a 2014 jaejoong if u want to see even tho it doesnt prove anything since if he did have fillers he has to get them again to keep the shape and if he didnt want it like that anymore he could just stop getting them

anyways just to be clear it doesnt really matter to me if he had any work done tbh

he can do what he wants and if he wants a perfectly straight nose then good for him 

at the end of the day he’s the one with the perfect face anyways so kim jaejoong will still slay no matter what