[NEWS] 160918 Kim Jaejoong to get discharged (from army) on December 30th…agency “start planning of activities for his return”

Amid it being before singer Kim Jaejoong(JYJ) gets discharged this coming December,  eyes are on him for when he returns to an entertainer with what kind of image.

Kim Jaejoong is getting discharged on December 30th. With over 3 months up ahead till his discharge, he is evoking curiosity over getting to stand in front of fans with what kinds of activities he will start afterwards.

In regards to this, a C-JeS Entertainment official disclosed to Star News, “We are making plans in regards to Kim Jaeoong’s return at the company”.

The official said, “There are many possibilities open; like performances for his album that was released while he was in the middle of his military enlistment, activities as an actor, and etc.,” and, “It is premature to mention what kinds of things he will do upon his return since there does remains a period of his military service still”.

Continuing it was added, “Kim Jaejoong will be working, as his top priority, on things for those who stayed loyal to him also doing his military service”.

The official disclosed, “A lot of people are interested in his activities after he gets discharged. We proceeded in having discussions closely with him even at the agency about planning for his activities afterwards”.

Meanwhile Kim Jaejoong is in the middle of his military service with the army’s miliitary band currently, after enlisting in the army on March 31st, 2015.

Sources: Star News via Naver
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
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[TRANS] 160918 “What a nice looking person Kim Jaejoong is… as always”


My brother was staying in 55th with Jaejoong and transfered to Incheon.
But men from his class are still there, and his friend is serving as a mechanic;
He sees Jaejoong everyday.
He says Jaejoong is truly nuclear level handsome. On top of it, he is super nice to his lower ranks.
He always buys snacks for everyone at PX.
His skin is a little tanned compared to when he first began, but his body is superior.
Sings so well too.
He is so popular among soldiers in celebration events even though he is a guy.
it’s too bad.. Wish my brother was still there…

Cap Credit: KJJ DC Gall
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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[TRANS] 160918 Fan’s brother meets Jaejoong and unintentionally imitates his voice


This is my first time writing here, my heart is pounding.
My brother who is a soldier came home for holiday.
His duty was to check the ID card of people who enter the Ministry of National Defense building.
He saw Jaejoong during his duty.
What in the world, I have never see Jaejoong in person.
My brother asked his name, he said “Kim Jaejoong”,
so he looked at Jaejoong’s face and repeated his name, Jaejoong said “It’s correct!”.
He remembers that Jaejoong has a really nice body and his skin is so fair.
His skin is in such a good condition too.
Just listening to his story takes my breath away.
My brother tried to act out of the situation with his very low voice.
It was so funny when my brother unintentionally imitated Kim Jaejoong’s beautiful voice, when he said “It’s correct!”.. ^^*
It’s not too much but wanted to report.
Have a nice rest of the weekend!!!

Source: KJJ DC Gall
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: JYJ3 + JYJ Soul

Chad Future just insulted and offended an entire genre by literally saying that ‘he is better than it’. A rich ass white man throws himself into a genre and a culture with that privilege of his, claims he is doing something 'new’ and 'unique’ with his koreaboo ass, and has the audacity to put himself on the same level as other artists that have been in the business longer than he has been, busted their asses and ran themselves sick and exhausted to be the best they can be… Used artists names to rack in whatever fame and money it brought him, and he left it because 'he’s grown out of kpop’ and 'he’s grown up’?

Amber busts her ass trying to make her music known within the kpop industry, make F(x)’s name have a lasting impression on everyone that hears her music and dedicates herself and her time to her fans and career.

Yixing practically kills himself so that EXO has a name in China, but is so dedicated to his fucking group and his fans, so god damn loyal, even to his company that he stays no matter what damper it is putting on his health.

Jaejoong, Junsu, and even Yoochun (despite recent events) still wake up, still go to work, still make music EVEN THOUGH they can’t preform on music shows, can’t promote actively as a group in Korea, can’t have as many concerts.

B.A.P were open to going back to a company that treated them like shit because they couldn’t chance not being able to promote as B.A.P anymore, make music for their fans.

And you leave because you are a better person now? Kpop just isn’t you anymore?

Kpop doesn’t need a fuckhead like you promoting alongside artists like these anyways. Good riddance.