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Bayern Munich and other German NT players in a horror movie

Okay y’all so I know spooky month is over, but @kimmichoursaviour and I JUST COULDN’T RESIST THIS MAKING THIS POST, so just treat it as a general post, thanks xD

Thiago Alcantara: Is really smart and makes the best spontaneous plans, but is so loud that the killer finds him

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Miroslav Klose: The smartest one, hides quietly in the corner till the danger is over, most likely to survive, celebrates with epic backflips in the credits scene, movie ends with him old and telling the story to his grandkids

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Manuel Neuer: The stoic one, survives most of the movie but heroically sacrifices himself to save Thomas

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Thomas Müller: The kind of guy who dresses up as a clown to scare the killer, pops up randomly from behind sofas when you’re least expecting it, is saved heroically by Manuel, comic relief

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Joshua Kimmich: Holds someone’s hand and cowers in the beginning the movie, pops up randomly to do an epic karate-kick at the killer after Manuel dies *cries*

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Xabi Alonso: Too tired to move, screw it (but manages to survive just sitting there)

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Bastian Schweinsteiger: Booby traps the entire house with his genius intellect, then gets caught by one of his own traps

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(Oh, Basti.)

Lukas Podolski: Suggest splitting up into pairs to look for the killer, means it as joke and everybody actually listens to him, dies stupidly by falling down the stairs or off the roof or something

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Toni Kroos: The only one sensible enough to try to get the electricity back up, feel free to forget him till the lights come back on and he comes into the room screaming “I did it!”

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Mesut Özil: Very shy at the beginning of the movie but heroically tries to help the kids whenever in danger, you high key ADORE this guy, everybody’s sweetheart, gets killed trying to save someone selflessly and makes you cry with his last dying words to Sami

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Sami Khedira: Spends the entirety of the movie trying to call the police, appears only in 5-second cut scenes and Mesut’s death, keeps a low profile till Mesut dies toward the end and then goes batshit crazy, yelling and screaming till the killer decides he’s had enough and kills him too

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Mario Götze: Locks himself into the kitchen and gets set on fire

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Marco Reus: Gets injured in the beginning of the movie and you miss him so damn much all the time becuase Mario keeps muttering “I wish you were here, Marco” as he cowers in the dark

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Mats Hummels: Tries to hit the killer with a broomstick at the end of the movie, gets stabbed

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Benedikt Höwedes: Comsistently silent throughout the movie, you forget he’s there till Mats tries to find him

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Philipp Lahm: Always running after the others, constantly coming up with a new plan when something goes wrong, constantly muttering to himself about an early retirement

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Javi Martinez: Has no idea what the hell is going on, tags along with Fips, gets lost, hides in the basement and dies of cardiac arrest when the door opens (but it was only Fips looking for him)

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Mario Gómez: The target of the killer, distracts him with his beauty. Makes it out alive, because the killer wants him to join the Dark Side. Will suffer forever on the bench

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Julian Draxler: Realizes killer is distracted (by Mario’s beauty), the first to actually come up with the idea to flee

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David Alaba: Spends the entirety of the movie filming the ordeal to Snapchat later, dies because he was using flash and made himself an easy target. Oh well, at least the videos were used to convict the killer

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Jérôme Boateng: Hides the entire time with some other teammates, hears the shooting in the living room. Realises the killer is dead and helps the injured teammates out alive

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Per Mertesacker: Hides with Boateng, hears shooting. Spends the entire movie doing acrobatics and looks for Fips who went missing somewhere in the house. Survives and celebrates with those dance moves in the credits scene

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Julian Weigl: Protects his boyfriend, hold his hand, killer is after him, tells Joshua to run when he wants to sacrifice himself so Joshua can escape. All round CUTIE. Because Julshua.

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Robert Lewandowski: The guy who would risk going into the basement to find weapons, and when all hope is lost, he would shoot the killer five times at the 88th minute, hero of the movie

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José Mourinho: The goddamned killer

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Manuel Neuer + Other Players Appreciation Post

Thomas Müller.


Thiago Alcantara.

Joshua Kimmich.

Philipp Lahm.

Xabi Alonso.

Bastian Schweinsteiger.

David Alaba.

Mario Götze.

Jerome Boateng.

Mesut Özil.

Benedikt Höwedes.

Kevin Großkreutz.

Marco Reus & André Schürrle.

Miroslav Klose.

Lukas Podolski.

Christoph Kramer.

Robert Lewandowski.

Toni Kroos.

Mario Gomez.

Mats Hummels.

Sebastian Rode.

Franck Ribery.

Ter Stegen.

Arjen Robben.

Douglas Costa.

Julian Draxler.

Javi Martinez.

Juan Bernat.

Holger Badstuber.

Shkodran Mustafi.

Sami Khedira.

Emre Can.

My emotions.

Let me have my fair share of Manu.