My character for the couple challenge I am doing with amazing tumblr user:

miroshart  aka masterofpassiveaggressivearts

hooray for snarky and energetic mermaidboy and narcoleptic and insecure fairy - well they say opposites attract (we’re gonna work this out aw yiss I am hopeful). Miss I-could-sleep-all-day is a bit too kind - I like her lots. She’s actually a cutie. In her weird way.

Edit: I forgot to add she can change size! She comes in 3.9 inch (10cm) and in 5'5’’ (about 1,67m)

anonymous asked:

you're one of my idols!! you inspired me to get better at art so one day i can be as good as you ; //u// ; do you umm do you have any tips on drawing hands???

JFC— What— Oh god, thank you very much :’D

Well, about hands. I can always just say to keep the “potato & sausage“ principle in mind. It helps me not only with hands but as well anatomy over all! Joking aside, I usually tend to draw rectangles and squares, attached to another and smoothen the edges out in the end. Sure, fingers and hands over all look a bit edgy but it adds a cartoony touch to the drawings. I’d really advice you to work with shapes, cause that can help a whole lot, it does a proper job to sketch these kinds of shapes before frustrating over hands. I can also recommend you raiding the internet for references. Just draw hands, never stop practicing and keep keep keeeeeep filling paper with hands from different angles, draw hands of different shapes and in different styles until you find your personal one. ALSO NEVER DO WHAT I TENDED TO DO UNTIL I GOT THE HANG OF HANDS AND HIDE THEM IN POCKETS OR BEHIND THE BACK. It’s something a lot people do when they find drawing hands hard or impossible and even though your hands may turn out not the way you want them to look like, you got a whole step further because you actually drew hands! SO NEVER STOP DRAWING HANDS, DRAW CHARACTERS WITH EIGHT ARMS TO DRAW EIGHT HANDS, DRAW HANDS AS FEET, DRAW— Anything with hands rly.

Since I doubt this rambling of mine will actually help, here some great tutorials and references, I genuinely find helpful:

IDK Whether this will help you but just always keep in mind that hands won’t always work out. Heck, all I can fully advice you to is to NEVER stop drawing hands just because you think they don’t look good enough! Just keep practicing and things will easily come together.

Usami/Monomi ©  Super Danganronpa ; Spike/Spike Chunsoft

CAN’T HAVE MONOBEAR WITHOUT HIS PRECIOUS “SISTER” FROM THE SECOND GAME- She is like hella annoying tbh but i just frigging dig her actually, ahhh. Didn’t know what to put into the background so putting it as it is for now I guess >.<


Zim © Invader Zim ; Jhonen Vasquez

Sugawara Koushi © Haikyuu!! ; Haruichi Furudate

I FELT LIKE DOING TRADITIONAL FANART. I plan on doing more fanart soon, eh. Have Zim, whom I doodled for my brother and Suga because he is my precious volleyball angel and it was his birthday yesterday /(////)\


Mayu © @miroshart

I doodled out my cyclops girl, Mayu, after I took my english exam today. BUT CONSIDERING ME BEING STUPID I DIDN’T HAVE ANY TYPE OF BLACK PEN WITH ME SO YEH AWESOME, HER CLOTHES ARE KEPT WHITE AND INSTEAD JUST LOOSELY SHADED WITH SOME SORT OF PURPLE. I rly like this drawing though. I should do more stuff like this. Also : flower crowns rule.

Toru © clazzynazzy

Ryuuto © miroshart

Aww yiss, a quick thing in the middle of praying for my physics exam  to not go totally to hell this week and doing commishes. A gift for Naz cause she kinda feeds me with headcanons to keep me alive while school–

Dorky Chibi Commish for thats-a-lotta-fish/Slately

Aww, yiss, look at my shrinking to-do-list. I am awesome, hah. I am poor, keep commissioning me, sob