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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: MiRon (Yuriy Mironoff)

When did you first start making GIFs? What was the first GIF you made?

I started making GIFs in March 2012. It was a stereoscopic-wiggling illustration of Plague doctor.

Where do you find inspiration?

I’m very inspired by the art and animation I see on Vimeo and Tumblr. There are so many talented people in the world! Most of my works are from a stream of consciousness. Everything I ever saw, felt, thought, or read about - it transforms in my mind and finds expression in my art.

If you don’t mind sharing with us, what kind of a process do you go through to create your art?

For animation, I make sketches -> draw frame-by-frame in Flash -> experiment with layers in After Effects -> make a GIF in Photoshop.
For sculptures, I use Zbrush for sculpting and C4D for rendering and lighting. Most of my works I’ve published before were drawn on paper then scanned and manipulated in PS and AE.

What attracts you to the GIF format?

GIF is a quite unique format. It gives freedom to artists to do whatever they want. It can be motion graphics, 3D, 2D, animated illustration, any kind of art stuff. It’s available to anyone who has a computer. Tumblr has greatly influenced the flourishing of the GIF format. I’m finding a smart resolution to a problem that makes my artwork even better.

Favorite artists?

I started making art under the big influence of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Charles Burns, and Robert Crumb.
Then I’ve found these great artists on Tumblr who give me daily inspiration:
Gustavo Torres (aka kidmograph)
Alec Mackenzie
Vince Mckelvie
Eva Papamargariti
Sensual Objects
Noah Spiderman
James Kerr (aka scorpion dagger)
David Michael Chandler
Milos Rajkovic

There are many other digital artists and animators I love, but those are my favorites:
David OReilly
Charles Huettner
Zach Cohen
Flemish Eye
Matt Pyke
The great Nordi Sword Fights
Ryoicho Kurokawa
Emilio Gomariz
Mike Pelletier
Ori Toor
Scanned Life Shorts
Anthony Francisco Schepperd

Favorite GIF?

Check out more GIF art from MiRon on Giphy.com…and if you have a Mac iOS 10.7 or higher be sure to download the awesome screensaver!