Comparing spinoffs.

Normally I don’t go into crazy rant mode over my Pretty Little Liars fandom because most people I know hate the show and get annoyed by girls always being like “OMG PLL” etc. But I have to rant about this.
Marlene acts like the only reason Halebers hate Ravenswood is because of the fact that it broke up Haleb. But I was just thinking earlier about how much I love The Vampire Diaries and how my main ship was Klaroline. When they made The Originals (Klaus’s spinoff), I wasn’t upset about my ship being separated because
A) Technically my ship was never really together, they just had feelings for each other (unlike Hanna and Caleb who have been through hell and back together).
B) The Originals was a good show. Excellent writing, plot lines, great story in general (unlike Ravenswood entirely. The show literally has THE stupidest storyline I have ever seen. It is absolutely awful and not only that but it’s hard to understand. Plot holes up the wazoo).
C) They didn’t shove a new love interest in our face RIGHT AWAY. Klaus’s love life is a subtle part of the story (unlike Ravenswood writers who expected us to just jump on the Mirleb bandwagon right away and by the way - they lack chemistry, like a lot).
D) They brought other characters we know and love to be apart of the show, not just for one episode to use as a ratings ploy (ahem Hanna being in Ravenswood 1x10).
E) They didn’t compromise the integrity of a character to make the spinoff happen. Klaus is still Klaus and doing things that Klaus would do. But with Caleb, let’s be real, he would never leave Hanna, emotionally cheat on her, lie to her, he would never lash out at his dad the way he did, he would never say “the reason I’m with Hanna is because you pushed me to be,” he would never do half the things he’s doing in Ravenswood. It’s an entirely different Caleb. He even has different reactions to things. In PLL he had a kind of bad boy portrayal. In Ravenswood he’s portrayed as an all American good boy, fighting for justice and protecting damsels, yeah no. Fuck that.

Ravenswood is just a joke, ok?

i miss haleb so much :/ kinda want to rewatch all of the older pretty little liars on netflix

1) because I don’t remember a lot pertaining to A and the mystery and all that

but mostly..

2) because I MISS HALEB.

No one even understands how much I love them. They’re the only reason I really love PLL. Honestly, it got old to me really fast. The mystery drags on and it’s really really predictable and I kind of can’t stand it anymore.

Hanna and Caleb had so much chemistry and Spencer and Toby did too so I really think I just watch the show for the relationships.

I tried to like Ravenswood but it bothers me. Caleb isn’t Caleb anymore, he’s totally different. The plot and story itself is kind of cool but I would have preferred them not to totally change a character and his traits just to keep him on a spin off show.

I’m very proud of Tyler for having his own show, but it has to end at some point and sooner rather than later. This Caleb/Miranda thing is driving me insane.