i miss haleb so much :/ kinda want to rewatch all of the older pretty little liars on netflix

1) because I don’t remember a lot pertaining to A and the mystery and all that

but mostly..

2) because I MISS HALEB.

No one even understands how much I love them. They’re the only reason I really love PLL. Honestly, it got old to me really fast. The mystery drags on and it’s really really predictable and I kind of can’t stand it anymore.

Hanna and Caleb had so much chemistry and Spencer and Toby did too so I really think I just watch the show for the relationships.

I tried to like Ravenswood but it bothers me. Caleb isn’t Caleb anymore, he’s totally different. The plot and story itself is kind of cool but I would have preferred them not to totally change a character and his traits just to keep him on a spin off show.

I’m very proud of Tyler for having his own show, but it has to end at some point and sooner rather than later. This Caleb/Miranda thing is driving me insane.