mirkwood bbys


 okay i need headcannons for calen right now (left in both gifs)

  • she’s Tauriel’s second-in-command
  • total badass
  • she’s friends with and very protective of Lymerien
  • i’m not sure if she has a massive crush on Tauriel, or just a bit of one
  • deffiatley likes girls (i mean have you seen the other female elves - especially Ruel)
  • i feel like her and Ruel kind of band together and gang up on anyone who tries to annoy Lym, or sometimes others who try to flirt with her
  • besties with Faervel and Orelion (mainly because they all look so adorable together in that gif)
  • great at fighting, but also likes music and dancing

(see captions for gif credits)