pigeonfancier  asked:

Wait omg why is Aerie awful??

I mean, I don’t think they’re like… have-their-stuff-made-in-sweatshops awful, or even support-unethical-causes awful, but their company was behind that… rather unkind April Fool’s Joke where they released an ad for their new “Male Body Positivity” campaign, which turned out to be fake. I’m not out to decry them in the streets or host a boycott or anything, I’m just a little cross with them still and buy my intimates elsewhere.

(Which, okay, is also because they’re freakin’ expensive, and I do not need cute dolphin print on my butt that badly.)

mirkstrolls  asked:

🙌🙌🙌 I don't know any of your characters, so like... tell me about your three favorite NPCs

but do you know the muffin man, Mirk, he lives on Drury Lane

I enjoy Temmie because she’s a joke troll I put way too much fucking effort into. NEVER USED HER, aside from one very brief and cut off PC rp and one IC skype PC-style chat, but look at this fucking troll, Mirk. 

I did it. I summoned all my power and took a stupid dare and made it into a character. I created form when there was only meme, and chaos. We’re getting all creation-mythos up in this shit.


Turquoise has never been officially used ever, but they’re a testament to body horror, viruses, and shiny things and frankly I can’t imagine what more you’d want out of life. LOOK AT THE CACTUS ZOMBIE, MIRK, MAYBE IT’S FRIENDLY. (It’s very friendly. That happens when you have tiny gems hijacking your brain functions to get close to people and infect them).

Nyzere is ridiculous in both appearance and demeanor and frankly I’d like to use them more even though they’re an NPC, because they’re ridic and they’re a liar who presents as every lowblood color and their own depending on mood/convenience. IMAGINE THE FUN TIMES AND/OR CONFUSION.

mirkstrolls  asked:

Hmmm, can I say you're associated with moi?? Also the rest of the Ring of Fire and Bel/Moth/Cloudy, and Kads and Alex and JP. Not necessarily in those groupings, BUT!

We have so much character entanglement, haha. And you are a delight! So I think that’s fair. >:D

but then I’ve got to classify you guys on the social science vs. hard science scale! Bel, Alex and Tangelo are clearly all hard science, because they’re, like, all science-smart and shit. Cloudy is a filthy turncoat who is being absorbed into the social science mind-hive. But where do liberal arts fall?? Is ROF JETS OR SHARKS, MIRK.

Jack Gilinksy Imagine for Anon

“So what are we revising first?” You asked Jack as you both walked into his room. You dropped your bag onto the floor and turned back to him.
“Jack?” You questioned and he smirked at you before stepping towards you and wrapping his arms around you and holding you close to him. His lips found your neck and he started to kiss and suck at it finding your sensitive spot almost immediately.
“Gracie..should we just not study today?” He groaned in your ear as he rolled his hips against yours.
“No Jack, we have to study because we do this every time and then we will fail our classes!” You complained and felt his mirk against your skin.
“You always overthink everything!” He chuckled and you stepped away from him and sat on the edge of the bed looking up at him and trying to keep a straight face.
“That’s because I’m the more responsible one!” You laughed as you got your books out.
“Whatever, just ask me questions.” He told you as he sat behind you and continued kissing your neck. You were finding it hard to concentrate on anything with Jacks lips all over your neck and the quiet groaning sounds he was making in your ear.
“So erm..do you kno-Jack!” You moaned cutting yourself off as he sucked on your soft spot. You heard him laugh quietly into your ear as he carried on kissing your neck, you tried to compose yourself but it just wasnt working so you turned to face him.
“You’re an ass, you know that?” You sassed and he smiled at you and winked before pulling you onto his lap. You leaned down and kissed him softly as his hands ran gently down your back to your butt as he held onto your sides moving your hips against his. His tongue ran across your bottom lip asking for entrance which you granted and moaned quietly into his mouth.
“Mmm Gracie.” He groaned quietly and you smirked against his lips as you started moving your hips faster. You put your hands on his chest and moved them down his body slowly, you could feel his abs tensing under you soft touch and he groaned again. You moved your lips down to his neck kissing along it and down to his collar bone. He flipped the two of you over so he was on top of you and stared down at you with hungry eyes and he breathed deeply.
“Jack…” You moaned when his hands slid up your shirt onto your boobs. He started to roll his hips against yours earning quiet moans from you as he gradually moved faster. Your hand moved down his body and wrapped round his hard member making his gasp at the contact. You started pumping him slowly over his shorts as he groaned into your neck when the door flew open.
“Whoa guys!! What the fuck?!” Jacks older brother Zac exclaimed as he walked in to see you guys all over each other.
“Get out!” Jack yelled and zac started to laugh in the doorway as you his your face in embarrassment.
“At least lock your door next time bro!” He laughed loudly.
“Zac!!” Jack yelled louder than before and he laughed even harder.
“Alright, alright I’m going!” Zac defended raising his hands in the air.
“Thank you!” Jack huffed and a smirk grew on Zacs face.
“I’m going…to tell mom and dad!!” He laughed before running out of the room with Jack racing behind him.
“Zac you fucking dare!!!” You heard Jack scream and you just sat up in the bed wondering what would happen next.

written by nashtymaloley