I'm looking at chapter 62 (although I already read the manga and ...)

First scene and me like: HYPE. Twice omg, i love you and your first scene pre-op. The music gives a greeeeeeeat feeling in that scene.Holy shiet is really cool and I can imagine those who did not know that he was Twice like: “Who are you?” *insert suspect face here*. 

I love that this dude is super chill, talking about smuggling on the black market while he has a cell phone with a rabbit ears case. That is, WTF XD.

I always love every frame in which Dabi appears. His color scheme in each frame makes him look super cool and ethereal. And you know, his way of choosing partners tells a lot about him.

Chisaki, You little piece of shit you finally show up ❤︎. Btw, i love his voice.

The existential dilemmas of Iida. I love every Sero interaction with, basically, anything in this chapter. 

We are all Kirishima in this scene. Kiri you are a sunshine.

Sero and his interest in the muscles of Shinsou. You know, here is an undervalued shipp. Actually any ship with Sero is undervalued.

I love you Nezu and how do you know that you’re a precious rat

I never knew if this face of Kirishima was because of:

1.- The Nezu’s speech.

2.- The way in which Kaminari touches Ojiro’s tail.

3.- The fact that he doesn’t like opening ceremonies.

Hound Dog is the best speaker, you know.

Kirishima like: “Holy crap, I can’t ask Bakugou for four days, how the fuck will I do my homework?”

Kamen Rider Blue: Iida Tenya.

Kiri appreciates Midoriya’s manly time is cute.

I feel so stupid, but I had never noticed that Mirio had so many scars.

Yo! Tin tin, Vault Boy, my big boy welcome to the party.

And you too my tiny boy and my little fairy girl  ❤︎.