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i don't understand why izuku was so upset at the end could you explain; in sorry i'm kinda dumb haha

You’re not dumb, anon! There’s a lot happening in the manga right now, especially emotions-wise, and I’m not sure if I got it completely right, either. But I will try to explain how I interpreted Izuku’s emotions.

First of all, there is Izuku’s rather, uh “bumpy” start into his internship. He was confronted with Nighteye, All Might’s sidekick he didn’t even know about. He must have been nervous enough about that meeting, but to top it off, Nighteye also threw at his face that Mirio had been All Might’s supposed successor, and that he won’t acknowledge Izuku.

So there are already multiple things going on inside Izuku’s mind there, just from that. There is a sidekick he didn’t know about – why did All Might not tell him? Why did he not want to let Izuku meet Nighteye? What had happened between them? I’m sure Izuku was worrying about that since hearing about Nighteye for the first time.

Then, there’s the fact that Izuku had always a lot of insecurity when it came to himself. He had been quirkless, he is still a bit of a crybaby, he doesn’t have much experience… hearing that Mirio, who is so strong and experienced had been supposed to become the successor and that Izuku just was lucky to be the first out of the two of them to meet All Might must have been a hard hit and let some of his old insecurities resurface. And Nighteye, who knows All Might quite well, is sure that Mirio would have been a better choice. And even worse, All Might had known about Mirio, but never told Izuku about it, not even when Izuku had already met Mirio. So Izuku perhaps worries why All Might still keeps so many secrets from him. (And, just to mention – All Might said that he met Izuku first and gave him his quirk before he could give it to Mirio. He didn’t say that he himself thinks that Izuku was the better choice – I’m sure that hurts a bit, too.)

On top of that, Izuku only now seems to start to understand the state of body and mind (but especially the state of mind) All Might had been in six years ago, and is in even now. When the two of them met for the first time, Toshinori was fairly collected about his state – “I have a large scar, miss a few organs, can be a hero for only three hours, there you go, that’s it”. He seemed to have to come to terms with it, having settled into this life he was living now, after his injury.

Izuku realizes now that this is not the truth. Six years ago, All Might was despairing over the fact that he no longer could be a hero, could no longer protect society. He was ready to fling himself – broken and beat as he was – into the fight again and again and again, endangering his very life (and his legacy) just to keep going and doing his job. He was refusing to face reality – to face the fact that he couldn’t be the Number One and a pillar anymore. He still felt responsibility for the world. And he does even now, and Izuku is starting to realize that. All Might is still trying to keep up the façade of him being stronger than he really is, just so he won’t disappoint those who believe in him. He is still doing training, as if he is going to fight against villains again anytime.

Izuku is now confronted by the fact that his idol, his mentor, has taken more psychological damage than physical one, and he never noticed before.

And in the end, they didn’t really settle things. All Might rushed his story out and then continued his jogging, unable to face Izuku and gauge his reaction. Izuku, probably, still has things he wants to say and know, but he doesn’t dare to ask, doesn’t know how to. He is left standing there, wanting to question, wanting to help his mentor, but he is not given the possibility to do so. He is helpless.

Phew. That got out of hand, I’m sorry! XD But yeah, that’s how I interpreted Izuku being upset.

Imagine Mirio being told that All Might himself wants to talk to him. “Togata, All Might is requesting to speak with you.” And everyone in his class is like “oh. Wow!” “All Might wants to talk to Mirio!” “Togata-kun, you’re so lucky!” “How awesome, huh, Togata!” “SO COOL!” Everyone is turning and looking at Mirio, happy that their classmate gets to meet his idol. They see this as Mirio getting recognized for his outstanding hard work in controlling his quirk and making it his own. And then there is Mirio, sitting in his seat, frozen, smile still on his face. Mirio is looking straight ahead and not moving. Everyone is confused because Mirio is suddenly speechless. 

Their homeroom teacher calls him. “Togata, head over to the Nap Room when you’re done collecting yourself.” And a few seconds pass and then Mirio gets up, and he’s rubbing the back of his head sheepishly and laughing, his cheeks have a slight pink tint. “HAHAHA. I WONDER WHY ALL MIGHT WOULD WANT TO SPEAK TO ME!? HAHA! WELL I GUESS I’M OFF!” Mirio is ecstatic and takes him a while to control his giddiness.