Miriel had made it a habit to never put too much emotional display in any situation. ‘Show me the logic in flying into a panic,’ she’d say, and she’d always been able to follow her own sound advice.

Atleast, until one winter where she had been convinced she would be a widow…

[[haha, so long without a picture post and what do i give you, angst up the butt. C'mon, Miriel, he’s fine! People walk off 104 fevers all the time~

But yeah, i headcanon Kellam-baby getting himself sick a lot…either from being out in snow, covered in icy metal, or stress related….wooo

But I’m still steering this ship hard XD BTW, if anyone wnats to write something for this, please…please be my guest~]]

“So…are you sure this one is really your son? After all, the last one wasn’t believable in the slightest.”

“…. Your attempts at jocularity are neither appreciated nor warranted. You have fallen into the category of what laymen term as… ‘an ass’!”

Kellam, nooooo, you can’t do that. You don’t troll your wife right after she spent hours giving you a son. Miriel is going to set you on fire, she has no problem doing that to things!!

but yeah I found it funny that of most of the children, laurent is pretty obvious in lineage aside from Lucina and Yarne lol I wont lie i didnt put together who the children’s parents were until i finished most of their paralogues…except Laurent XD And i like despite all the neon signs pointing out the obvious, miriel was completley like 'nope dont buy it’ till even in their A support! Goddammit Miriel, and then you wonder why your husbundo busts on your shit!

This is sort of a spiritual continuation of my previous post even though it’s not really in the written piece. lol headcanon - Kellam is a bit battered in terms of war scars since i imagine he doesnt always get healing for minor stuff. So he’ll have more scarring on his arms and legs compared to the other Shepherds, I guess. As usual, present timeline, obviously.