Autumn: Gram V

Mirijam’s wish for a party was fullfilled. Comfort soup for everyone!

Ejnar and Sille are best friends now, even if didn’t take a piture of it happening.

Thea and Sebastian are friends now. The gentry family really needs a maid. Maybe Thea will be willing to hold this appointment?

In fact Thea has many friends and a great reputation. Perfect for her aspiration score.

The party was a roof raiser. :)

Autumn: Gram II

Mirijam is a sim, who benefits of the data loss. She died of sickness, that’s why I was really careful to treat her sickness.
Luckily Thea bought a health potion at the shop of family Silbermantel.

Mirijam is a romance sim with reputation as a second aspiration. I try to play the romance part more like in the sims 3. Mirijam is looking for the one true love. Since she found it already, all her romance interactions are limited to her husband Ejnar (via ACR). She plays along rolling more reputation wants, than romance wants.

And because I downloaded some pretty make up and couldn’t stand that braid anymore, I gave her also a makeover. :)

Autumn: Gram XVII

Mirijam: “Thea is grown up, I know. But you are really thinking, she can start a family of her own?”

Mirijam: “She just had her first kiss. She is so unexperienced.”

Ejnar: “We were also unexperienced. Remember, how I held my breath, when we first kissed?”

Mirijam: “Don’t joke. Marriage is hard work.”

*awkward silence*

Ejnar: “It is not fun and games all the time. But I can’t say our marriage was hard work. It’s been the best thing of all.”

Ejnar: “We should get to know Camren better. He seems to be a nice guy, even when he doesn’t sleep and spends way to much time in the garden.”

“It will be fine, trust me.”

Mirijam: “You can always look on the bright side of things… We will see, what the future holds.”

The date went dreamy. :)

Autumn: Gram XI

Ok, this date was kind of hilarious to me. I swear, I didn’t do anything besides taking pictures. It was all ACR. XD
One moment the two of them were just chatting….

…and then… :O

Thea had her first kiss! The date score raised immensely. After that Camren told her a joke, which fullfilled another wish for both of them. The score raised even further.

Thea was walking inside the house and …

…tried to make the bed… naked… *giggles* Oh, my…! Thea! Why do you rush things? Luckily I forgot to download the ACR addition of the “inaccessible beds mod”. Camren wasn’t able to join the “bedmaking”.

Thea got up and coughed terribly. :/

Camren on the other hand went outside again, smelled the flowers and heart-farted over Mirijam.

Aaaaand a second attempt on naked bed making…