miriel is like actually one of my favs i will fight you

Me Rewatching ML: Pixelator

It is so cute seeing everyone so up and eager to try the different jobs as the hotel. And hats. Lots of hats. LIKE PUFFY CHIEF HATS.

IVAN ALIX PILLOW FIGHT. I have been blessed. 

JAGGED STONE. The bae is here. 

…I wonder if it’s pretty Chloe who runs the hotel sometimes since I often see her being the one giving her Papa ideas, plus he’s probably more focused on mayor duties than running the hotel so, yeah, maybe it is Chloe who pretty much runs the hotel. Or at least plays a really huge part in it. 

So sassy and high mighty. And only the best for Fang. 

Jagged will fight for Fang. 


Oh woah, when Vincent takes a selfie with Jag, they mirror Chloe and LB when she’s taking selfies with LB in Evillustrator. If not exactly the same, very close in similarity. 

17, Tikki is hanging just outside the purse again in clear view. And is actually noticed. Lol “Meow.” Plagg definitely gave her that idea. 

Since that’s a public space, I’m going to count it. 18, Tikki hanging out on the open on Marinette’s shoulder. 

And Adrien trumps Jagged Stone… though even then Marinette wasn’t overly excited to see Jagged Stone when he walked into the hotel. Maybe she wasn’t a huge fan of his at this point? 

“You’re flattering me. Keep going.” My 2nd fav quote from Chloe. 

Chloe thinks calling her Papa fixes everything. 

19, Tikki popped out into the open again. 

Daw Fang. You just a sweet, scaly puppy, not scary at all. 

I wonder if it hurts to have your hand pixaled? Or at least feels like pins and needles? For a split second, it did look like it did. 

LB is off to show Jagged Paris!

I wonder if jagged knows, and only figured it out because LB slipped and mentioned the shades, which only Marinette and Penny should know about. Or at least suspects that Marinette is LB. 

LB is uncomfortable. 

Angry booping, chin typing. Bless. 

Lol, Jagged quotes LB. 

Plagg is totally fine chilling out in a world of nothing. 

I wonder if Mirielle and Theo are dating. Or maybe just friends?

I wish we saw Adrien’s reaction to LB hoping Chat Noir was there and already on the case. 

JS has such an ego my gosh. 

Nino is such a good bro. Studying maths while also covering for his bro.

Poor cat son, he just got out too. 


I really like that he did a piano solo for her. Can we hear Adrien play the piano solo sometime?