miriam makowski



“Not really…most of the original vamp kids kinda switched back at the start of the eighth grade… and I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but a lot of the people I once thought were my friends suddenly stopped talking to me. That’s fine though, they’re allowed to do what makes them happy. I’m still doing it because I don’t really feel comfortable in my own skin anymore, and Vampira gives me the confidence I wish I had as Miriam. The vampire life is starting to look like a lonely one.”

anonymous asked:

I love this blog! All the art is so freakin adorable! I especially love the few pics of the goth kids and Vampira. So cute...

Thanks! Vampir/Vampira is actually one of my favorites, like what a dork! The goth kids are also an A+ gang of ragamuffins. I’ll have more stuff with them coming out at some point because they really are a popular bunch, but that’s not hard to believe. U v U -Mod Stormy