miriam hopkins


As Halloween approaches I will be reviewing my top 10 NON-UNIVERSAL Horror Films from the 1930′s.  I was reasonably drunk and picked the list in five minutes.  Be kind.

Number 1 -

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

Fredric March won an Oscar for his work here, and the film was nominated for two others.  Odd for a horror film to garner such award attention, but it is a sign of its literary pedigree.  The original novella by Robert Louis Stevenson is heavily adapted to make a great film here.  March is, in fact, excellent.  But Miriam Hopkins steals the show.  Sexy and vulnerable as Ivy Pearson she created some classic pre-code disrobing while making us all care what happens to her.  Compare this scene with the lame 1941 version with Ingrid Bergman.  I’m surprised that my drunk self rated this as number one as I do not watch it every October, but I do think this is right.  My favorite NON-UNIVERSAL horror film from the 1930′s  is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.