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Askbox is officially open! Ask all the native Engloids anything! 

((I’ve had this url saved for so long, it’s great to finally have time to open the blog! I was too lazy to draw everyone, so basically, all the Engloids – Leon to Cyman, until someone else comes out – are open to questions.))

“I-it’s not a tummy, Cas.”

“Mmmh, does that mean you don’t want any further tummy kisses?”

“Ye– No. No, I – I didn’t say that.”

Dean can see him smile, that ass, but when he feels that smile pressed against his skin, kissing softly all over his – tummy and having him hum in gentle satisfaction into it, he can’t even pretend to be mad anymore.

lust-hoch-3  asked:

Hi Miriam, ich mag deinen Blog und die Art, wie du hier kommunizierst. Sehr inspirierend und anregend :-) Leider kann ich weder Anmerkungen zu deinen Beiträgen schreiben noch dir eine Nachricht schicken. Das finde ich sehr schade. Kann es daran liegen, dass du mich irgendwie geblockt hast? Kannst du mir hier helfen? LG, P.

Vielen Dank! 

Zu den Anmerkungen - Ich habe gerade selber Probleme, Anmerkungen zu schreiben. Oft kann ich euch gar nicht antworten und muss erst Tumblr schließen und wieder öffnen (was sich als sehr mühsam herausstellt >.<) Ich kann mir nicht erklären woran es liegt, oder ob es ein akutes Problem von Tumblr ist… Ich hoffe es halt nicht lange an :-( 

Hat sonst noch wer Probleme Anmerkungen zu schreiben? 

Zu den Nachrichten - Den Chat habe ich gerade für alle abgestellt. Da ich mich zur Zeit im Praktikum befinde und mich oft selber an der Nase ziehen muss, dass ich nicht all zu viel Zeit im Tumblr sitze ;D Solltest du allerdings eines meiner Hörbücher haben wollen oder einen anderen konkreten Wunsch, dann kannst du mich via E-Mail miriam1101@web.de erreichen. Dort gehe ich allerdings zur Zeit wirklich nur auf konkrete Wünsche ein ;-) 


I have been pondering for a few days now, about a subject that was brought to my attention via anonymous askers. I’m not going to share names, as I don’t wish to intentionally aid the spread of potential gossip (I don’t even have the full story, to be quite honest), nor partake in ‘dragging’ and any sort of vengeance. Quite honestly, I didn’t and still don’t quite know what to do of it. The issue is: it seems that someone was running multiple blogs claiming to be different people (e.g. a Black Jewish woman, a descendant of b'nei Anusim, an ex-Muslim, among others, all while being a white Catholic girl), the reasons are unclear.  

What I want to say is: please be careful about the people you share information with. Although I have personally made friends through Tumblr, there’s no guarantee concerning the identity of the person on the other side of the screen. This is particularly worrisome for the minors on this (or any other) site. Please be careful. Maybe the person you talk to and confide in is the person you think they are, or maybe it’s someone claiming to be someone and something else out of boredom. But it could also be someone who could be looking to harm you.

Please be careful.


orphanblack NY Clone Club Halloween Potluck Master Post Part 1!

Brought to you by ny-tristatecloneclub (aka eatingpizzawithcophine, helenas-angel, and myself)

We had so much fun today! We carved we snacked, carved pumpkins, played card games, and took tons of photos! Here’s the first batch of photos from the day.

Peeps there: 
archangelsky, @stilinsloki, @supahdupah, @alienwithabowtie, eatingpizzawithcophine, jennifer-fitzsimmons, humanateaparty-in-the-morgue, ddbabygirlpeaceluvmusic, pumpkintwelvehelenas-angelverysmallmonsters, babyitscruel, capaldski, watching-crazy-science-fiction / clonesagainsthumanity 

A few days ago we received an anonymous ask that stated:

“You don’t want to hear my opinion because I’m Orthodox." 

Unfortunately, due to lack of attention, I deleted that one instead of the one that I should’ve deleted (unrelated to the Orthodox anon, to make it clear — returnofthejudai, like many other Jewish blogs, does receive plenty of antisemitic hatemail), which was also deleted once I realized the mistake. I apologize for the mistake, and I still want to answer anon’s message.

The truth is, anon, that none of the mods here have problems with Orthodoxy per se. 

Linda (mod on hiatus) was raised Modern Orthodox and still identifies as such. Chaim went to an Orthodox Day School as a child and, although not frum, he still respects his family, friends, among many other frum people (including followers on this blog). I (Miriam) was not raised Orthodox, but because I am Sephardi I’ve always had Sephardic halacha (which is Orthodox) informing my beliefs and choices. I attend an Orthodox synagogue; my friends (Sephardi and Ashkenazi) are Orthodox (although I also have many non-Orthodox friends and acquaintances, and respect them equally); if you were to ever visit my home, you’d see that 100% of my "Jewish books” (seforim, Jewish education, etc) are Orthodox. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. I don’t identify as Orthodox anymore because I’m no longer strictly shomeret Shabbat/Kashrut, but like for so many Sephardim improved observance is something that I strive for.    

The thing is, anon, what I don’t believe in is bigotry. If you think that racism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, among many other forms of bigotry are an inherent and necessary component of Orthodoxy, then it’s you who have a very dim view of Orthodoxy. I personally am far more hopeful: I believe that we can have Orthodoxy without causing direct harm to others. 

Instead of seeing a criticism of Orthodoxy and being offended that some behaviours (which are clearly a chillul Hashem) are being criticized, I ask myself what can we (Orthodoxy, but I also include myself on this one because despite of my self-identification as not being affiliated, whenever pressed to choose I choose to identify as Orthodox) do to deal with the issue. 

Orthodoxy can exist without the chillul Hashem, anon. I strongly believe that.

So, for everyone who doesn’t know, I’m from the Philippines and today we held our National and Local elections. For others to get what my point is, let’s imagine this as an Obama vs Trump election.

We have a presidential candidate who is similarly alike with Trump. He’s so full of himself and as much as being a Filipino, we give imperative importance for our morals and values but it seems this guy doesn’t have it. He’s brave to criticize others and even might provoke war in our nation. Maybe he could implement MARTIAL LAW again. He is not what I want to be representing the Philippines and our people in other countries.

In the other side of the battle field, there’s this woman-Obama. She has run for the presidency for the third time but still, the people underrate her worth. She is impeccably intelligent and worth the position but I and other supporters of hers cannot and will not ever understand why other Filipinos didn’t vote for her. She is overly qualified for the position and I cannot imagine other people taking the position any better than her. This is something that we’ve been pushing as our principle the whole election season and I am very sad to see it go to waste.

Please help me pray for the Philippines and for our people. We had our chance and that was Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago but once again, the Filipino people have failed her. This is a sad time for us and possibly the most shameful moment in our country’s history. God bless the Philippines!

P.S. The photo is not mine, the owner of that tweet is seen in the photo.