The moment when my favourite pairings eventually become canon (AND end up both living AND together)...this would be my reaction.

My favorite girls from Gundam Seed & Seed Destiny (actually i like Flay too but there’s no space again for her :p)

Aisha : Fate,means she fight because of fate…fate with Andrew.

Cagalli : Power,i think because she’s the most powerfull in GS,she’s a princess yet a strong girl,she got all power she needs like Kira,Athrun,Archangel & ORB.

Stellar : Trust,this girl want to have someone to trust,to stand with her,and she got Shinn Asuka <3

Miriallia : Love,she’s the loveliest girl in GS,she loves her friends,she loves Tolle and she got Dearka’s heart. I mean,Dearka is hot beast <3