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(OTP meme) Miri Cousland/Alistair Theirin

who wakes the other one up with kisses: Alistair absolutely wakes Miri up with kisses. She’s soft on the inside, but not really good at doing the mushy stuff. And Alistair is a total glowing goofball of affection. Once they start sharing a tent, he’s all about dropping kisses on her shoulder and and cuddling right up behind her.

who cooks for who: They cook for each other, though Alistair is better at it because, and he jokes, “I’m not a high-born princess who was never taught how to feed herself.” (That usually earns him a smack in the shoulder.)

who is the morning person/night person: Miri is a TOTAL morning person. Up right at dawn and even Alistair with all his discipline from the chantry and the grey wardens doesn’t know how she does it. He’s not exactly a night person, but he does love staying up later than she does. Yet even when she goes to bed late with him, she’s still the first to rise - and just as refreshed as ever. It isn’t fair.

who is the romantic one: Alistair, all the way. Organizing the picnics while traveling and making sure they get the alone time they need, picking flowers and buying her the small things no one else thinks of (even her). 

who is the top when it comes to sex: They both like to be on top and sometimes fight for it ;)

who would lead in ballroom dancing: Miri. One, Alistair is positively hopeless at dancing. All the grace in the battlefield goes at the window as soon as someone says dancing and Miri is only to happy to tug him around the floor.

who is the more cuddly one: They both love cuddling, though Alistair loves being the big spon. Miri loves resting her head on his chest, arms wrapped around each other, at the end of a long day.

who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch: They’d fight over it, to be honest. Not like, melodramatic fights, but each would pick a movie and then they’d have to find a compromise. Good thing Thedas doesn’t have television.

who is the one who would pay for dates: Miri is so used to paying for everything that she’d probably charge it to her own account without a second thought. 

who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes: Miri, absolutely. Once they start their relationship, she’s the one pulling him away from practice when they’ve stopped to make camp somewhere. Got some time before they have to meet up with someone? There’s a bush over there that looks like it should mask them from view. Gotta wait while someone does a fade thing? Perfect time to take advantage of that broom closet.

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Peppermint Santa is back, and wants to know a few more things about Miri and Alistair. Since she's a Cousland, did she end up marrying Alistair and taking the throne? Or are they both still Wardens? Another question, what does the Warden think of Nathaniel Howe? Did she forgive him? And if she is Queen, are there any heirs to the throne by the time Inquisition rolls around?

I did neglect those, didn’t I? I also neglected to mention that Miri is short for Miranda.

Miri does marry Alistair and become his queen. She liked Anora enough prior and knew she was the true mind behind the throne when Cailan lived, but considering the political climate and the dire situation, Miri pushed for someone with more of a military mind. Miri felt that Anora had let the situation get out of hand and did too little, too late to try and rectify it. 

Miri spared Nathaniel Howe. He wasn’t the one, after all, who’d murdered her family - nor was he even in the country. She’s not entirely sure of his motivations or whether or not he would have followed his father, but she’s not about doling out punishments on ‘maybes’. She was surprised when he came back and asked to join the wardens. That spoke to who he was for her more than anything else. She grew to like and respect him.

By the time Inquisition rolls around, Miri and Alistair have not had an heir - though not for lack of trying on either part. A few miscarriages, which they both knew to expect since conceiving for grey wardens is rare when only one is involved, but it still hit them hard. They will eventually have a daughter named Lorelai, approximately two years after the Breach is sealed.

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Alistair & female human noble. (also I miss you!)

Yes, I’m so happy this made it in my box! :D These answers are for Miri and Alistair! 

Who’s the dominant one? Miri, definitely. Her whole life she’s been taught how to take charge and lead, and it’s just something that comes naturally to her. It becomes a bit more even over the course of their relationship, as Alistair realizes he has it in him to lead as well, and especially after he becomes king.

Who’s the cuddler? Alistair, without a doubt.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon? Alistair is the big spoon. A big, giant teddy bear of a spoon that Miri loves.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity? Killing darkspawn, cooking around their campfires, caring for their weapons.

A headcanon: Alistair’s a bit put off by Miri at first because she comes off a bit cold. Until he talks with Duncan off to the side when Duncan wants his opinion on the new recruits. When Alistair brings up her sort of standoffish-ness, Duncan informs him that her entire family had just been slaughtered at Arl Howe’s hands. Gives Alistair a bit of perspective, since till then he’d sort of just seen her as this sort of snobbish noble similar to Isolde. 

Miri’s the first one to approach him after Duncan’s death when they’re on the road.

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

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Hello! I'm back! So sorry for the dip in contact, but I've had personal stuff come up. Long story short, I'm back-ish. And I know that I'm going to write Dragon Age stuff for your Christmas gift! Can you tell me more about your Warden who romances Alistair? I'd like to do a little drabble involving them! *leaves gingerbread cookies* - Peppermint Santa

Oh goodness, diving into the head of grumpy Miri Cousland.

I’m not sure how much info you want, so I’m just gonna ramble until I think I’ve covered all the important bits??

She’s a duel-wielding rogue, and took her responsibilities at the castle very seriously - even if she didn’t necessarily like them. Incredible soft spot for children. Seeing the body of her nephew nearly broke her on the spot, and carrying on from that was difficult. That hatred for Arl Howe burned in her veins like a furnace. If it weren’t for Alistair later on constantly trying to bring a smile to her face and Morrigan being so relentlessly sarcastic, that rage and hatred might have consumed her.

Her grief for her family weighs heavy on her heart, and she took charge when it was clear Alistair wouldn’t because she needed to do something. Because she couldn’t let the Blight slide away. She couldn’t let Loghain get away with what he’d done. 

She’d done a lot in her life up till becoming a Grey Warden because she had to. She carried on with the mission because she wanted to.

She’s a bit terse, but only because she doesn’t open up to people easily. Alistair wasn’t her first love (she had a crush on Bann Teagan, pretty intensely, and there was occasionally talk from her parents of a marriage there) but he was her hardest. She loved that Alistair thought of her when others asked about the war efforts. When others inquired after supplies, he gave her a daisy picked off the side of the road. After a battle when she asked if others were alright, he was the one to ask after her.

When her first nightmare of the archdemon hit, she woke up with him holding her hand.

It was hard not to fall in love with him. And not just because he cared for her, but because, despite his outwardly goofy demeanor, she could see his heart for what it really was.

Miri’s a bit like Cassandra in the sense that she has an incredibly soft, romantic side. She believes in the Maker, but she’s not devout. She believes in doing what’s right and just, even when it’s hard. She disdains people who run from their problems and don’t take responsibility. She can be pretty judgmental at times, but is usually willing to correct herself when proven wrong.

She was willing to give Loghain the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, before Arl Eamon. She’s been in enough combat discussions for skirmishes on her lands to know that there’s a lot more that happens on a battlefield than most people know. But once she learns that Arl Howe went after her family with Loghain’s knowledge of the act, she turns to stone and gives Alistair his win.

In the Circle quest, when the sloth demon brings everyone to the fade, she dreams of Highever, being back with her family. A fade version of Alistair is present as her suitor, and he might have been able to keep her there had her nephew not shown up and the piercing memory of his broken body ripped through her mind.

Like in the books, instead of the pedestal, she follows a ‘pull’ and finds Alistair’s dream first.

Leliana is Miri’s best friend, as she feels she can really open up and not present a certain 'face’ to the Bard.

Miri is easily amused by the antics of others, and quick to laugh whenever Morrigan and Alistair start going at it.